Much like real life, the world of social media is more diverse than you could ever imagine. Whether you are searching for inspiration in fashion and beauty, or simply just seeking people to relate to, there is something for everyone. Platforms like YouTube or Instagram also offer something for people who might not feel like everyone else.

Particularly, social media access makes it easy to find people who might not conform to standards of things like gender. This is also known as non-binary, or people who don’t fit under ideas of what male or female is supposed to look like. Let’s take a look at the some of the best gender neutral or non-binary influencers out there.

Jamie Windust (jamiewindust)

Jamie Windust uses their unique look as a living work of art to dominate the world of Instagram fashion blogging. As a writer, speaker, model for Crumb Modeling and activist, Jamie truly is an inspiration. Not only do they have a wide span of career undertakings, they also run a magazine, Fruitcake Magazine, and contribute to other publications such as Dazed, The Independent and Gay Times. Jamie shines with over 39 million followers on Instagram alone, but also regularly posts to YouTube.

Kai Wes (kai_wes)

If you are looking for positive impact and social change, look no further than Kai Wes. Kai is gender nonconforming, but with a more masculine style. Kai fills their social media with stories from their life, mixed with fashion looks, in order to inspire other youth struggling with gender identity.

Kai’s influence reaches television, too. Their unique style and fan base of over 70,000 earned them a spot on MTV’s popular show “Are You the One?” Not only is Kai a performer, though, they also run and design a clothing brand called Gender Eclectic, filled with casual comfort for all ends of the spectrum.

Rain Dove (raindovemodel)

Much like Kai, model and actor Rain Dove uses social media platforms to encourage others to not commit themselves to gender ideas. Rain is truly versatile, showcasing skills covering everything from firefighting to modeling. Partnering with beauty brands like Dove skincare, Rain reaches an audience of over 400,000.

J Aprilleo (comfyfattravels)

Much like other social media communities, even the gender-fluid influencers tend to conform to some ideas of what beauty means. Due to this, influencers are coming out to say that you don’t have to be thin and androgynous to identify as non-binary. One of the most popular plus-sized and non-binary influencers is J Aprileo, a lifestyle and travel blogger boasting over 27,000 followers. J owns and operates a lifestyle blog,

Alok Vaid-Menon (alokvmenon)

Non-binary poet Alok Vaid Menon has earned international fame for both educational efforts and writing. Alok has been featured in works and programs such as MTV, HBO, The Guardian, The New York Times and National Geographic, with a following of over 290,000.

Mark Daniel Snyder (weirdforbeauty)

Influencer Mark Daniel Snyder founded a beauty company to better serve the needs of people who don’t quite fit into molds of what the beauty industry typically serves. As it says on Mark’s website, Weird for Beauty, “Weird for Beauty celebrates all kinds of gorgeous and is proudly body and ability positive, anti-cultural-appropriation, anti-racist and celebratory of the galaxy of glory we call gender and sexual identities and expression.”

While the brand hasn’t picked up as many followers as other influencers, the work Snyder is doing does reach the community of non-binary and gender nonconforming with their important message: beauty is for everyone.

Adamant Yves (HotTopicYves)

Adamant Yves offers a multitude of minority perspectives being queer, non-binary and African American. Adamant often uses social media, namely Twitter, to explore political issues that queer people face, including sharing experiences about being persecuted for being feminine. With over 19,000 followers, Adamant’s influence is only growing.

Fei Hernandez (HoodCriatura)

Influencers don’t have to be huge to make an impact, as Fei Hernandez proves daily through work and art. Although Fei’s following is still growing, Hernandez offers spiritual healing and tarot readings to clients, earning a name as a Reiki healer on social media.

Feí uses personal experience as an immigrant poet and artist to educate youth. Feí is also an art teacher, performance poetry instructor, organizer and VONA fellow.

Maggie McGill (maggiemcgill)

With over 30,000 supporters following Maggie’s lifestyle, home, fashion, travel and body positivity blogs, this non-binary influencer absolutely rocks the social media game. Maggie dabbles in everything from writing and fashion to body liberation and social politics.

Trinity Bree (trinitytaylorbree)

Trinity is a non-binary model who uses their androgynous look to post about fashion for men and women. Over 30,000 followers keep up with Trinity’s transition into non-binary/male presenting. Trinity is based out of Washington.

Unique, non-binary influencers are sought after by brands because they reach all kinds of audience members. Both men and women and everyone in between can relate to these influencers, giving them a wider audience. As one of the original and leading automated platforms for influencer discovery, IZEAx Discovery is where you can turn to for more influencers like these, or find exactly what influencer you need to expand your brand.