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There’s a growing trend responsible for a whole new marketing niche. The ever-widening base of consumers look to buy eco-friendly products from brands that echo their social and environmental values has given way to green marketing.

A 2019 survey conducted by Accenture revealed that in America and around the globe, consumers are making increasingly green purchases. They’re looking for products made from sustainable, environmentally conscious ingredients. They’re also interested in how those products are made and packaged. Quality and price remain leading factors behind consumer buying decisions, but environmental impact is quickly catching up as a driving force behind those choices.

Looking for bloggers to partner with as part of your influencer marketing strategy? We’ve rounded up seven of the top eco-friendly blogs out there to jumpstart your search.

Tree Hugger

More than just a product swap blog, Tree Hugger provides a comprehensive resource for anyone looking to delve into the ins and outs of going eco-friendly. This popular blog covers a variety of topics ranging from green design to architecture to green living. Writers explore topics, including the benefits of planting wildlife hedges in place of fencing and tips for reducing waste while increasing kitchen functionality. The blog got its start back in 2003 and aims to be among the leading media outlets bringing sustainability to the forefront.

In addition to the blog, which is updated several times daily, the site also provides newsletters and content on social media. It has more than 24,400 Pinterest followers, 353,000 Twitter followers and 600,000 Facebook followers.


Whether readers are looking for an alternative to bottled water or greener toy selections for kids, they’re sure to find them on Earth911. This well-rounded blog covers a variety of topics with a focus on living a low-waste or zero-waste lifestyle. It shares product swap ideas, environmental news and more. In addition to its blog posts, Earth911 also has a community forum for people to come together to share tips and discuss relevant topics.

Visitors to the website can easily access podcasts from the brains behind the blog. It also has a robust social media presence. Earth911 has more than 116,000 followers on Facebook, 75,500 followers on Twitter, 2,400 YouTube subscribers and 2,400,000 monthly viewers on Pinterest.

Sustainably Chic

Eco-conscious fashionistas, parents and shoppers love Sustainably Chic. Readers can pour through blog content on topics like finding eco-friendly brand packaging, baby gear and home goods. Founder, Natalie Kay also highlights sustainable options with lists. Reader favorites include “15 Sustainable Clothing Brands for the Minimalist,” along with lists on topics like sustainable sneakers and eco-bathrooms.

This blog has been mentioned in publications like Glamour, The Good Trade and WWD. Sustainably Chic also has 87,000 followers on Instagram, 4,390 Facebook fans and more than 6,300 followers on Twitter.

Green Living Guy

Founder Seth Leitman has the creds to back up his title as the “Green Living Guy.” In addition to developing the Green Guru book series published by McGraw-Hill, he has worked with New York State as a green expert. He has relationships with Panasonic USA, Tesla and Solar Shingles. The Green Living Guy blog doesn’t just offer product swaps. It offers deep-dive insights into a variety of topics. For example, you might find tips on supporting a greener and more sustainable enterprise published alongside studies on clean energy efforts like wind turbines.

The blog isn’t the only spot to find expert advice from the Green Living Guy. Leitman has several social media platforms. He has more than 45,000 Instagram followers, 5,800 Twitter followers and 20,000 Facebook followers.


EcoCult’s founder, Alden Wicker splits her time between managing the blog and freelancing for big names like NPR, The New York Times and Reuters. That background is part of what makes her well-researched posts and articles so thought provoking. Her research takes her on international adventures where she seeks to uncover truths, highlight big ideas and reveal issues in the global sustainable fashion industry.

Thought provoking posts range from the toxins found in Thinx underwear to the cutest eco-friendly brands for kids. EcoCult has more than 530,000 monthly viewers on Pinterest and 5,600 Facebook followers.


Think going eco-friendly is too expensive? Litterless’s founder, Celia, is here to prove you wrong. This environmental consultant and activist turned blogger strives to not only provide eco-friendly education, but product tips and swaps to help readers live more sustainably while also saving money. In addition to the blog, readers can also find Litterless on social media. It has more than 23,000 followers on Instagram, 2,890 followers on Facebook and 312,000 monthly views on Pinterest.


EarthBits was founded by a family of three living in Yorkshire, England. As their desire to live as a plastic-free family in a move to spark change, founders Fran and Jason had to overcome challenges. They parlayed their own experience to make it easier for others looking for environmentally friendly products too. One popular post highlighted 40 easy eco-friendly products swaps, including lipsticks, soaps and food wraps.

It’s all about sustainable living for this blog’s readers. EarthBits has more than 450 Instagram followers and 1,244 Facebook fans.

These seven top eco-friendly blogs offer product swap ideas and much more. Each has content tailored to its audience and niche. Looking for more? Streamline your search and discover influencers perfect for your brand with IZEAx Discovery, an amazing marketplace just waiting for you.