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Whether you’re an influencer trying to improve visibility or a company in search of new talent, hashtags are powerful influencer discovery tools. Hashtags are available for use on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and many other platforms, providing a way for creators to categorize and promote their work. They have the potential to help content stand out, which is particularly important in highly competitive markets such as business. Here are some of the top business hashtags you should consider using as part of your marketing efforts.

How to Use Hashtags

Entrepreneurs, keynote speakers, business bloggers, finance experts and marketing gurus all use business hashtags. The right hashtags make the difference between content finding an audience or falling into obscurity. To employ hashtags successfully, consider these tips:

  • Research to see which hashtags other businesses in your niche are using and which ones are trending.
  • Use a mixture of general tags with a wide audience and specific tags that relate to your field of expertise.
  • Don’t always use the same hashtags. Change them regularly to tap into new audiences and to see which ones are the most successful.
  • Always use relevant hashtags to ensure you’re hitting your target audience and appealing to the right people.
  • Monitor performance and stop using tags that aren’t getting the results you need.

Business Hashtags for Success

It’s important to do your homework and establish which hashtags are the right ones for your campaign. However, there are some popular and successful business tags that are likely to serve you well, no matter what. This list is a small sample.

  • #business: This is an obvious choice, because it’s (unsurprisingly) the most popular tag relating to business. Choosing popular tags means you’re going to hit a large number of people, but it’s important to be aware that many of those people aren’t going to be interested in your content. That’s why you should pair general hashtags with ones that specifically target your key demographic.
  • #entrepreneur: It’s a good idea to use hashtags that specifically relate to your field of expertise. This makes it clear what subjects you cover and improves the chances of finding the right audience. Furthermore, there are plenty of people out there who want to start their own businesses and need a helping hand. So, if you’ve set up your own company, #entrepreneur, #entrepreneurship and #startup are good hashtag choices.
  • #money: Money makes the world go ’round, and it’s the driving motivation for most businesses. If you have wisdom to share on how to make it, invest it or save it, add #money to your content.
  • #marketing: Marketing is a big part of business, helping companies to spread their brand messages and grow. It’s also an area that has seen rapid change, with a move away from traditional advertising to influencer marketing. That change means more people are looking for information on this important subject. If your content relates to marketing, make sure you include #marketing.
  • #instabusiness: This is a tag specifically for Instagram. Tags for this social media platform often include “insta,” so “instabusiness” is a popular choice.
  • #success: Many people seek information on how to be successful in business. Using #success and #motivation in conjunction with some common business hashtags is a good combo for tapping into that particular audience.
  • #businesstips: Small companies and startups are always looking for valuable advice. If you have tips and tricks to help get a small business where owners want it to be, hashtags like #businesstips and #businesscoach are good options.
  • #yourbrand: If you’re trying to make a name for your own company, consider using a hashtag with your company name in it. A tag exclusively for your brand may not hit a large audience to begin with, but as you gain in prominence it becomes powerful.
  • #businesswoman: The world of business offers fantastic opportunities for anyone dedicated and hardworking, regardless of gender. However, adding gender tags may help if you target a specific demographic. It may also be beneficial if young businesspeople want to find someone they really relate to on multiple levels. For example, if you’re a successful businesswoman and have advice for other women following the same path, you may use #businesswoman. Similar tags include #businesswomen, #businessman and #businessmen.

Influencer Discovery

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