Create buzz around topics, boost engagement and increase visibility – those are just three of reasons to include hashtags as part of your social media content.  of using hashtags. Using hashtags, which is particularly popular on Twitter and Instagram, brings topics to life around a community of topics. It increases the odds of content getting noticed and helps establish brands as leaders in the field.

Using hashtags can help build your brand and even drive traffic to your landing pages. It also provides your audience with another way to interact with you. Experts agree that this is one of the best ways to increase engagement and expand your reach. But only when you use hashtags correctly.

Otherwise, you could actually decrease your engagement. Avoid using anything spammy, avoid overusing hashtags and choose relevant ones wisely. For beauty brands and influencers, this could mean mixing lesser known, targeted hashtags with top performers. We rounded up the most popular beauty hashtags for your consideration.

General Beauty Hashtags

When it comes to choosing any hashtags, including those relevant to beauty, you can choose between two main types: those about general beauty and those that provide more specific targeting. General beauty hashtags cover a broad range of subjects, but typically center around overall beauty, including makeup, transformations and even fashion. Curious about the top examples?


Everyone from pro makeup artists to casual admirers enjoy witnessing the power of makeup to transform the appearance, as the popularity of this hashtag proves. With more than 2,174,000 posts and counting, this topic is a favorite for everyone from celebrities to influencers to amateur makeup artists. Some of the top posts in this category include:

  • YouTube videos from channels like Beauty Tricks (729,000 subscribers)
  • ‘Gram posts from Instagram influencers like 100 Days of Makeup (more than 600,000 followers)
  • Twitter users like karity (1,795 followers)


This might be the most popular beauty hashtag out there. With more than 347,044,000 posts on Instagram, it’s easily among the most frequently used beauty hashtags. There’s power in using uber-popular hashtags like this one, but it’s worth remembering that you’re not the only one using it. Top posts include everything from moody fashion shoots to closeups of makeup or nails.


We can all benefit from learning new tips and tricks, right? That’s why this favorite among influencers posting tutorials and inspirational stories continues its reign as a top performer. It has more than 127,000 posts on Instagram and is a popular Twitter hashtag too.


Like OOTD (outfit of the day), but for your face. This popular hashtag has more than 9.5 million Instagram posts and counting. Ideal for general use, it’s a good fit for anyone looking to show off their best looks. Influencers use it while showing off their favorite products, wild styles and occasion-worthy cosmetic applications.


For those looking for a challenge, this beauty hashtag is a real winner. Watching the best and brightest work their magic in just 60 seconds has inspired more than 687,000 Instagram posts. It’s popular with makeup professionals and anyone looking to try their hand at completing a fast, full-face makeup job. For brands, it’s an opportunity to showcase multitasking products, especially those that are fast and easy to use.

Beauty Hashtags With More Specificity

Even if they don’t have millions of posts behind them, using hashtags that are more specific in nature helps laser in on your audience more effectively. These are worth including in your arsenal because they can offer an improved description of your content and better results with your intended audience. Some top examples include the following:

  • #glowingskin: With more than 3.7 million Instagram posts, this skincare-related hashtag’s posts include popular products and techniques to achieve gorgeous skin.
  • #clearskin: Another skincare-specific choice, this hashtag boasts more than 1.8 million Instagram posts. Popular shots include influencers with glowing, clear complexions and the products and routines that they credit with helping them achieve them.
  • #hairgoals: Beauty isn’t skin deep. It includes hair too. More than 10.6 million Instagram posts are devoted to this topic. Top performers show off wild colors, gorgeous styles and enviable ‘do’s, along with salons and products.
  • #hairproducts: With just over 980,000 posts, this Instagram hashtag is a dream for influencers looking to show off their faves, brands interested in unveiling their products and social media users in search of new products to try.
  • #nailfashion: Beauty gurus rarely overlook the importance of a good manicure. But for those contributing to the 3.2 million+ Instagram posts for this popular hashtag, it’s next level. It covers everything from eye-catching nail art to new trends.
  • #nailedit: Stiletto nails, amazing nail art and more are what you’ll find when you search the 5.2 million+ Instagram posts devoted to this topic. Artists, technicians, amateurs and brands all contribute.

What are some of your favorite top beauty hashtags? When you’re choosing hashtags for your content, remember to pick those most relevant to your brand. Using immensely popular hashtags is great, but it won’t always get you the engagement boost you’re looking for. So, don’t overlook the power of less popular, niche options that effectively target your audience or customers.

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