Our furry friends are very near and dear to our hearts so our Chicago and Orlando offices partnered with two local pet rescue organizations. Many IZEAns have rescue pets of their own at home. 

Pet Rescue by Judy

 Pet Rescue by Judy’s goal is not only to rescue animals in need and find them forever homes but they also focus on the prevention of the need for animal rescue to begin with. The no-kill shelter has been around since 1986 and provides medical treatment to the animals they intake and they also bathe, spay and neuter, provide shots and vaccines and microchips.

Chicago Canine Rescue

 The Chicago Canine Rescue has saved the lives of our 6,000 dogs (and some felines!) since 2001! They were founded to provide loving permanent homes for the city’s homeless canines. The rescue focuses on aiding animals that are the most vulnerable which are dogs and cats that are slated for euthanasia because they’re too old, too young, injured, have disabilities or are overlooked for too long by potential adopters at other shelters. 

IZEA’s Impact

IZEAs offices collectively donated necessary supplies for both organizations. In addition to the supplies donation, the IZEA Chicago and Orlando offices volunteered their time at both organizations.

IZEA Chicago raised over $200 for the Chicago Canine Rescue and six volunteers walked 2-3 dogs each for two hours at the rescue. Across the organization over $500 in supplies was donated to Pet Rescue by Judy. Volunteers in Orlando spent time interacting with the animals and walking dogs. 

How You Can Help


One of the biggest ways you can make an impact with these organizations is through donation. This allows them to utilize the funds as most necessary which can vary at any given time. To donate to the Chicago Canine Rescue visit here. For donations to Pet Rescue by Judy, visit here.


Another way to get involved is through volunteering. Both organizations accept volunteers for a number of activities that support their day-to-day needs. Check out their websites for volunteer resources.