About Laura

Laura is a mom to twin boys, two dogs, and a cat and the creator of Sunny Day Family, where she helps busy moms get organized so they can enjoy their family time. A native of the Washington, DC metro area, she is rarely without a cup of coffee in one hand and her planner in the other.

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How did you start?

I started in 2014, a few months after my dad passed away. As a stay at home mom to not quite 2 year old twins, dealing with his loss was tough, and I felt very disconnected. I started to blog as a way of keeping my mind busy and to also keep his spirit alive.

Where do you find inspiration?

From my family and from my readers! My family because they are the reason that I do what I do. My readers inspired me as well, because they are so open and honest about sharing their challenges that they inspire me to find creative solutions for them.

What do you post about?

I post about getting your mom life organized – tips and tricks to help busy moms organize their homes and lives and ways to enjoy their family time.

What does your audience relate most to?

My audience relates to the practical struggles of mom life: how do we get the laundry done when it never ends, how to connect with our kids, and how to not get overwhelmed by it all.

What has been your favorite experience as an Influencer:

My favorite experience was being invited to the White House to hear Michelle Obama speak about children’s health and nutrition. In terms of a brand partnership, I have to say I’m in love with my current campaign with Husqvarna Automower and our new robot lawnmower!

What 3 things does anyone starting as an Influencer need to know?

1. Be authentic. No one else can tell your story in your words.

2. Be professional. Treat every interaction and every person with respect.

3. It’s not about you. It’s about your readers and how you can help them with their challenges.

What is the best thing about being an influencer?

The best thing is being able to build a community and connect with people from all walks of life, while also building a business all on my own. All while I’m able to still be room mom and home with my kids anytime they need me.

What’s the largest challenge you face as an influencer? How do you overcome it?

Time. Which is also the biggest challenge my readers tell me they face! I have so many ideas for new projects and so many things that I want to do but I need to focus my work time to maximum efficiency.

Tell us about your proudest moment as an influencer?

Probably when I got my first sponsored post! It was the moment that I truly turned my blog from a hobby to a business.

If you could start all over again, what would you do differently?

I had no idea what I was doing when I started! So I probably would have learned more about photography, SEO, and the technical side of blogging from the start.

What factors do you take into account for what you charge with a post?

My time and the effort required (ie, is there an event I need to attend, product I need to find, etc.). I also have to balance my editorial calendar so that I am staying authentic and may need to charge more during peak times.

What is the best practice for Brands looking to work with Influencers?

Communicate your needs and ask us about our audience. We can often work together to find the best way to integrate the two so that you are getting the most for your marketing dollar.

How do you choose which campaigns you will and will not participate in?

My primary criteria is if this campaign will provide value for my audience. If it is not a good fit for them then it is not a good fit for me. Secondary to that is my available time and calendar space. Budget is of course a consideration but I have absolutely taken lower paying campaigns because I believed in the advertiser strongly or knew that it was a great fit.

What do you do to encourage authentic engagements on your sponsored posts?

I think that comes naturally when you create sponsored posts with your audience in mind. I know what my audience responds to and if I give them value, they will engage.

Where do you see the future of influencer marketing?

I think it will continue to grow as long as influencers and brands remain committed to authenticity and providing content that their readers will respond to.

Any open-ended story you’d like us to share:

Becoming an influencer has truly been life changing for me and for my family. I so appreciate the community that I have built and the brands that have helped my business to flourish while allowing me to remain true to myself and my passion.