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If you’ve heard a lot about mobile marketing trends lately, there are plenty of good reasons why. Mobile marketing is when brands target consumers through their mobile devices with ads and content. Smartphone and tablet use is seeing explosive growth as people engage with one another and buy products and services using their mobile devices.

As mobile device usage continues to skyrocket, mobile marketing has become increasingly important for brands. Companies that are racing to keep up with these advancements need to be aware of the top mobile marketing trends of 2019. Here are just a few of those trends:

  • Event- and location-based push notifications, also known as remote or app notifications, are growing in popularity for mobile apps.
  • Live video stream usage on platforms like Twitch and Youtube is growing in popularity because it personalizes the message and engages consumers.
  • Voice search is becoming increasingly important as the mobile market grows. This technology enables consumers to safely search while driving or doing other activities that occupy their hands.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) is helping to personalize experiences for consumers and prevent fraud.
  • In-app advertising is growing as consumers with smartphones spend the majority of their digital time in mobile apps.
  • Messenger ads for popular apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp Messenger are surging as more than 1.5 billion people use the apps.
  • Mobile apps using augmented reality make it easier for consumer to try on makeup and see how furniture will look in their homes.
  • Gaming is on the rise, as mobile marketing will see more immersive games in 2019.
  • Mobile apps are increasing and predicted to generate global revenue of $190 billion by 2020.

Benefits of Mobile Marketing

Companies of all sizes use mobile marketing, from small business owners to large corporations. Mobile apps for small businesses are seeing big growth as small business owners develop them to stay ahead of the competition.

As more and more consumers take their mobile devices with them practically everywhere they go, the benefits of mobile marketing are expanding. They include:

  • Best Response Rates: Mobile marketing text message response rates consistently beat those of other marketing methods like email.
  • Both Broad and Targeted Reach: Brands can choose to reach markets ranging from broad to very targeted.
  • Consumer Accessibility: Regardless of where consumers are, when they have their mobile device with them, they’re reachable via mobile marketing.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Mobile marketing is less expensive than traditional campaigns like print and television.
  • Easy to Share: Consumers can use their smartphones to easily share mobile marketing ads and content.
  • Immediacy: Mobile marketing can reach consumers immediately. There’s no waiting until the consumer gets home and logs onto their desktop computer to get the marketing message.
  • Interactivity: Consumers can interact with mobile marketing on the spot. For example, if a customer decides they want to catch a movie in an hour, they can look up movie schedules and buy tickets.
  • Location-relevant Services: With mobile, brands can market to consumers based on where they are. If a consumer is in or near one of a brand’s stores, the brand can alert them to promotions, like sales.

With these mobile marketing benefits in mind, brands can form more effective strategies for reaching out to customers. The results will show up in increased engagement and revenue.