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So you recycle, bring your reusable bags into the store, and compost. That’s a great start! But for the zero-waste community, it’s only a start. The concept behind zero-waste is to live a lifestyle where you never need a trashcan or recycling bin. By committing to becoming a conscious non-consumer, it is possible to dramatically reduce your footprint and help put a dent in the 262 million tons of trash generated in the U.S. in 2015 alone, according to Like all personal development work, this journey can feel overwhelming when you first start. Thankfully there are many zero-waste influencers on social media who can help you find your path to a waste-free life in a fun, creative way.

This lifestyle isn’t easy, and that’s why it’s important to connect with influencers on social media that post regularly about how to reduce your impact on the environment. Every one of these influencers provides tips on how to find the best place to shop for food, as food waste and packaging is one of the most common ways to fill up a rubbish bin. Shopping at bulk food stores and farmers’ markets are a great way to get all the nutrition you need without all the trash. Wondering about how to buy stuff like toothpaste and deodorant without all that plastic packaging? Many zero-waste influencers share easy recipes so you can make everything you need while caring for the planet.

Here are the top zero-waste influencers to follow:

Rogue Gone Vogue:

Imagine traveling the world while battling a life-threatening disease, all while living a waste-free lifestyle. Now that’s inspiring! With nearly 35,000 followers, Josephine Stagnetto-Vermilye encourages people to live every day to the fullest, and without waste.

Going Zero Waste

Kathryn Kellogg turned her personal health journey into inspiration for more than 15,000 people to give up plastic and all waste for both their own health and that of the planet.


Heidi Violet has nearly 27,000 followers who are interested in her natural remedies and recipes for beauty products that help make waste unnecessary.

Gippsland Unwrapped

Can you go one month without plastic? Tammy Logan did, and she documented her journey. Now she has more than 7,000 followers on Instagram interested in ending consumerist culture.


Stevie Van Horn is a sustainability activist who lives in Brooklyn, New York. She has lived a zero-waste lifestyle for almost 4 years, and offers fun, simple solutions for reducing waste to her 31,000 followers.


Sophi from Toronto gives down-to-earth advice to more than 5,000 followers, like not beating yourself up if you get a plastic fork. If this happens by accident, just use it a few times and know that you’ve extended its life.

Zero-Waste Chef

If you’ve ever been in the middle of a supermarket, you know how hard it is to create delicious dishes without filling up your trash bin. Anne-Marie Bonneau is here to help. She offers a starter guide for waste-free living that has helped more than 87,000 followers.


Naginya means “mermaid” in Sanskrit, and it’s what Asher has aspired to be as a waste-free person for the past 8 years. She recently spoke at the Newkind Festival in Tasmania, Australia, and she happily shares her knowledge with her nearly 400 followers. She has proven that even beginner influencers can make a difference.

Plastic-Free Mermaid

Looking for easy steps to quit single-use plastics so that the ocean and earth can start to heal? Kate Nelson, who lives in Hawaii, is happy to help. She inspires thousands to take the first step and stop using plastic, which never decomposes.

Jess With Less

Minimalism is a catchphrase that might seem overwhelming, but Jess helps 42,000 Instagram followers look stylish and feel good without missing anything. Dig her simple style — and her cat — as a zero-waste influencer.


Rocket_Science has almost 39,000 followers who tune in for good tips about reducing food waste, which is a major reason why landfills are maxing out.

Heather White

Heather White of Intentionalism has almost 14,000 followers, and keeps them busy with minimalism posts that will help you find the best presents for kids and the best ways to preserve food.

Zero Waste Home

Zero Waste Home, curated by Bea Johnson, teaches the five R’s — refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, and rot — to more than 100,000 Facebook followers.

Treading My Own Path

Treading My Own Path, from Perth, Australia, offers recipes and tips for buying less stuff.

The Zero-Waste Memoirs

The Zero-Waste Memoirs, is run by Lauren, who encourages her hundreds of followers to go paperless in the kitchen and watch inspirational documentaries on Netflix.

Trash is for Tossers

Think you can’t be trash-free in NYC? Trash Is for Tossers disagrees. Check out Lauren Singer’s zero-waste life on her blog, which has almost 100,000 Facebook fans.

The Zero Waste Nerd

The Zero Waste Nerd is another great zero-waste influencer named Megean, who gives tips for traveling without hurting the environment to almost 11,000 followers.

Skip the Bag

Skip the Bag keeps it simple with recipes for shampoos, beauty product reviews and coffee ideas that don’t involve waste.

Wasteless Pantry

Wasteless Pantry offers more great tips to eat great without the waste.

You may also want to follow hashtags, like #zerowaste. By following these and the top zero-waste influencers, you’ll see that it isn’t necessary to buy packaging and pre-made products to live well and eat great every day.