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There’s long been a disconnect between reality and the fashion world. In the U.S., nearly 70 percent of women wear a size 14 and above. Despite that, many clothing lines only go up to a size 12.

But things are changing. The rise of popular plus-size fashion influencers and bloggers is playing a role in helping the fashion industry see that many of their fans aren’t built like the size 0 models most companies use in their runway shows or print ads.

Get to know some of the top plus-size fashion influencers and what they’re doing to change the industry and shine a light on body positivity.

Lauren Nicole

Lauren Nicole is a UK-based fashion blogger with nearly 17,000 followers. She’s the creator of the blog Fashion Killer and a model signed with IMM.

Jessica Torres

Jessica Torres is a plus-size fashion and style influencer with more than 104,000 followers. She’s the creator of the Fat Girls Club podcast and the blog Its Jessica Torres. She’s unapologetic about her size and isn’t afraid to dish out advice or offer her opinion.

Charlotte Bella Fab

Charlotte Bella Fab has just over 10,000 followers and a blog. She describes herself as a plus-size style and beauty blogger who’s all about body positivity. Most recently, she’s launched into the keto diet, which she says helps her keep her healthy curves.

Molly Clutts

Molly Clutts has 12,000 followers and is currently based in Dallas, but was born and raised in California. Her style is feminine and she’s not afraid to play around with bold prints and patterns, including the occasional cheetah print.

Sierra Holmes

Sierra Holmes is the plus-size fashion influencer behind Eclectic Kurves, a curvy fashion blog. She’s got more than 11,000 Instagram followers and has a reputation for offering quirky and fun outfit ideas.

Stefani Nicole

It’s easy to see why Stefani Nicole has more than 36,000 followers. She’s got a super-friendly online vibe, calling herself your “virtual BFF” and a “body pos babe.” You can totally sit with her. Besides her Instagram, she also has a blog where she posts outfit ideas and inspiration.

Chloe Elliott

Chloe Elliott, aka Chloe in Curve, has more than 52,000 followers. She’s been named fashion influencer of the year by Blogosphere magazine and has a side gig creating fashion content for the BBC.

Ragini R

Ragini R has nearly 20,000 followers and is the creator of the vintage-influenced, plus-size fashion blog A Curious Fancy. Along with sharing outfit ideas, her blog also offers the occasional DIY or crafty idea.

Raeann Langas

Raeann Langas is a body activist, curve model and lifestyle blogger behind Rae Everyday. She has more than 29,000 followers who tune in to hear the important message that “loving yourself is the greatest revolution.”

Mona Seddeek

Mona Seddeek, aka the Smiling Sweetheart, has just over 8,000 followers. Her blog offers a mix of outfit ideas and life lessons as well as the occasional Spotify playlist.

Liz Black

Liz Black is the creator of the blog PS It’s Fashion and also editor of the plus-size fashion section for the website Refinery29. Her 25,000+ followers are there for her no-holds-barred take on body positivity.

Kellie Brown

Kellie Brown has more than 68,000 followers and is the creator of And I Get Dressed. Her blog covers a variety of topics, from plus-size fashion and beauty to travel and lifestyle. On her Instagram and her blog she exudes self-confidence and self-love.

Margie Ashcroft

Margie Ashcroft is the creator of Margie Plus and describes herself as an ”ARTIST, Stylist, Model, Fashion Editor, and On-Air Personality.” She has more than 50,000 followers and has recently worked with the likes of Fenty (Rihanna’s super inclusive, body positive brand) and FashionNova.

Nicolette Mason

Plus-size fashion influencer and blogger Nicolette Mason has 174,000 followers. Although she regularly partners with other brands, such as Loft, on her blog, she’s also launched her own body-positive, plus-size line, Premme, which she co-founded with fellow fashion influencer Gabi Gregg.

Marie Denee

Marie Denee created the Curvy Fashionista a blog that’s all about curvy style and fashion. Her personal Instagram account has more than 62,000 followers while the Curvy Fashionista’s account has more than 92,000 followers.

Chastity Garner Valentine

Chastity Garner Valentine has 277,000 followers on Instagram and is the creator of the Curvy Con, which takes place Sept. 3-5, 2019. She’s also the blogger behind GarnerStyle and the podcast Cocktails and Confidence.

Caralyn Mirand Koch

Caralyn Mirand Koch has more than 76,000 followers and is a plus model and confidence crusader. She’s based in N.Y. and splits her time between Buffalo and New York City. Her blog is full of fashion tips, try on advice, and style ideas.

Nadia Aboulhosn

Nadia Aboulhosn is a model signed with Wilhelmina. She has more than half a million followers and a blog where she shares style tips. She’s also started her own clothing line, but it is currently on hiatus.

Kelly Augustine

Kelly Augustine has nearly 75,000 followers and a blog that focuses on plus-size fashion, New York City lifestyle, and brown beauty and cosmetics. She’s put together a curated collection of independent designers offering clothing in size 10 and above through the August Raye Boutique.

Hayet Rida

Hayet Rida is a Chicago-based plus-size fashion influencer with more than 63,000 followers. She’s got a blog where she talks about fashion as well as millennial-centered topics such as the side hustle and self care.

Jay Miranda

Jay Miranda is a mom, a blogger, and a plus-size fashion influencer with more than 31,000 followers. She shares her outfit ideas on her blog, where she has an outfit index that’s searchable by category, garment type, and date.

Callie Thorpe

Callie Thorpe is a plus-size fashion influencer and model who’s graced the pages of Vogue, Cosmo, and Elle. She has more than 200,000 followers and a blog, where she posts about style, travel, and confidence.

Alex Michael May

Alex Michael May is from Nebraska, but now calls California home. She’s got nearly 73,000 followers on Instagram and has a YouTube channel where she posts plus-size fashion videos and lifestyle videos.

Assa Cisse

Assa Cisse is the creator of My Curves and Curls and calls herself a tall, curly-haired body positivity activist. She’s got 29,000 followers on Instagram, where she regularly posts about fashion, family life, and fitness.

Gabi Gregg

Gabi Gregg calls herself an “OG fat girl.” She’s the creator of the blog GabiFresh and the co-founder of the brand Premme, with Nicolette Mason. She’s also collaborated with the lingerie line Playful Promises and with Swimsuits for All. She’s got 675,000 followers on Instagram.