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Social media represents a fantastic opportunity to inspire and uplift others. There are countless influencers spreading positivity by sharing heartwarming and breathtaking photographs, motivational quotes, educational tips, personal stories, white papers, or even hilarious memes. But with so many people using social media, it’s all too easy for an important message to go unheard. Hashtags are a useful tool for indexing posts, grouping similar content so that it’s easier for interested users to find and follow it. If you’re in the business of helping people unlock their potential, or you want to improve the quality of life for your audience, then using some well-chosen success hashtags is a good way to improve the chances of your message getting through.

Who Uses Success Hashtags?

A core part of content marketing is providing answers to questions people ask on a regular basis, thereby encouraging them to search for you — and in a large number of cases, those questions revolve around learning how to do something (or learning how to do something better). Examples include:

  • How can I get a promotion?
  • What can I do to make the most of my savings?
  • How can I organize the perfect wedding?
  • What’s the trick to get more followers on Facebook?
  • How do I make more money for my business?
  • What does it take to lose weight?

At the heart of all these questions is the concept of success. Everybody wants to be successful in any endeavor they undertake, and as a content creator you have an opportunity to provide the answers they need to obtain that success. As such, success hashtags are a useful addition to any content creator’s arsenal. They are of particular use to success influencers, motivational and keynote speakers, self-help gurus, or anybody whose business involves helping others to do better and feel better.

Why Are Hashtags Important?

Social media platforms offer fantastic opportunities for improving brand reach, due to the vast number of users:

  • Facebook has over 2.2 billion active users.
  • Instagram has over 813 million active users.
  • Twitter has 330 million active users.

But the huge number of users is a double-edged sword. While many of those people are your potential audience, many are competitors fighting for a share of a lucrative market. This means it takes time and effort to develop an audience and make sure your message finds its mark. For example, studies suggest that 70 percent of Instagram posts go unseen. If you’ve gone to the effort of crafting top-quality content, it’s essential to do everything possible to make sure people see it.

Hashtags help to make your content visible, as it’s possible for users to search with them. Tags are especially useful on Instagram, where users have the option to follow specific hashtags. Using the right, popular hashtags not only means your content gets seen by more people, it also helps to ensure it gets seen by the people who are actually interested in the type of content you produce.

What Are the Best Success Hashtags?

Before selecting the best success hashtags, it’s important to understand how you’re defining “best.” You may decide the best hashtags are those with the largest number of followers, or you may decide they’re the ones that have the best engagement figures. You also need to consider whether you’re looking at the popularity of the hashtag over a fixed period, as some hashtags are seasonal, or trend for a few weeks before losing popularity. Finally, you need to think about the various social media platforms you’re using, as the popularity of tags may not be universal across platforms.

Some success hashtags include the word “success,” while others are useful because they’re subjects or terms that have a strong link with success. For example, the hashtag #entrepreneurship is a good success hashtag because most people looking for that subject are going to be interested in finding out how to be a successful entrepreneur.

25 Success Hashtags

There are hundreds of success hashtags to consider, and the best ones for you depend on the platform you’re using and the business you’re in. The following 25 success hashtags cover a wide range of situations.

These first five tags contain the word “success.” They’re good, generic tags suitable for any platform and a wide range of topics:

#Success Hashtags
1. #success

2. #successful

3. #successquotes

4. #successstory

5. #successtips

The next group of tags are useful for spreading positivity and sharing the uplifting messages that encourage people to achieve success:

6. #aspirations

7. #ambition

8. #successcoach

9. #selfbelief

10. #motivation

11. #achievetheimpossible

These tags are useful for sharing advice with people looking for success:

12. #successtips

13. #tip

14. #lifehacks

People are often looking for success in particular areas, such as developing their businesses or improving their personal health. These tags relate to some of the most popular subjects:

15. #entrepreneur

16. #entrepreneurship

17. #business

18. #wealth

19. #happiness

20. #marketing

21. #life

22. #love

Many hashtags on Instagram begin with “insta.” Obviously, these tags aren’t useful for tagging content on other social media platforms:

23. #instasuccess

24. #instamotivation

25. #instaentrepreneur

Final Thought: Finding Success

With so many hashtags opening up your work to specific demographics, it’s tempting to use as many as possible. But don’t use a scattershot approach. Do your research and pick your hashtags with care. It’s important to focus on quality rather than quantity. In fact, using too many hashtags may result in a loss of engagement. On Facebook and Twitter, engagement dips on posts using more than two hashtags, while on Instagram you may notice a drop in engagement if you use more than 10 hashtags. Use the native Twitter and Instagram search functions to find popular hashtags, check which tags popular influencers and rival companies are using, keep abreast of trending subjects, and consider a computer program to aid your analysis and success hashtag selection. If you adopt a thorough approach, success awaits.