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In the hustle and bustle of running a small business, some things can fall through the cracks. Occasionally, some of those things might be your brand’s content marketing efforts. Taking the time to create and distribute content on a consistent basis can be a challenge for many smaller companies. While 62 percent of larger businesses (5,000+ employees) produce content daily, only 39 percent of smaller (101-500 employees) do. As a result, many companies outsource content creation — 47 percent of B2B companies and 49 percent of B2C companies. One way to successfully outsource content creation and other aspects of your brand’s content marketing is to work with content subscription services.

Read on to learn what content subscription services do, and why you should use one.

What Content Subscription Services Can Do

The key task that content subscription services perform is the production of original content. This content is delivered to you on a schedule you choose.

The content is created just for your company. You don’t end up with cookie-cutter pieces that are being used by other brands in your same niche.

Benefits of a Content Subscription Service

Working with a content subscription service takes the pressure off of your team members. No longer are you burdened with the task to produce fresh, engaging content on a regular basis. One of the biggest challenges faced by content marketers is consistently coming up with high-quality content. Yet it’s the brands that are able to create and publish fantastic content regularly that have the most success with content marketing.

Another benefit of working with a content subscription service is that it can help to improve your brand’s ranking in the search engine results, and the overall page rank of your website. High-quality content that puts the needs of the user first is crucial for good SEO. Also important is a steady stream of content.

When you work with a content subscription service, you end up getting both excellent, relevant content that seeks to solve a user’s problem and content that’s published on a consistent schedule (based on your business’s needs and preferences).

What to Look for in a Content Subscription Service

As with any service provider, not all content subscription services are the same. Some services offer a higher quality of product and are more willing to bend and flex to meet your needs than others.

Here are just a few things to pay attention to when choosing a content subscription service to work with:

Quality of creators

Ideally, the content service will work with a stable of content creators, each of whom has experience producing content (writing, graphics, videos), and each of whom specializes in specific subject areas or niches. It’s also important that the service vet each of its creators before assigning them content. You want to be sure you’re getting the best of the best.

Custom options

What type of content do you need, and how frequently do you need it? It’s better to work with a service that offers some customization so that your brand’s specific content marketing needs are met. Most importantly, you want to ensure that the service produces content that’s unique to your business. How embarrassing it would be to hire a service, only to learn that they offer the same content to similar brands or companies?


As your business grows and changes, so will your content needs. You might start out wanting one piece of content daily, only to find that two pieces a day best meet your needs down the line. No matter what, you want a service that will adapt to your needs throughout the life of your business.

The more high-quality content your brand publishes, the more likely it is that people will take notice of you. If getting content created and out into the world has been a challenge for you, a content subscription service might be the solution to your problem.