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Augmented reality is changing the game for marketers. The ability to put digital images in physical spaces opens up a whole new playing field for advertisers and brands to create content engagement experiences for consumers no matter where they are. This new reality is also fueling a new breed of influencer: augmented reality influencers. They’re pioneers in this space and work with brands to showcase the new medium and grow the industry. Is your brand ready to dive into augmented reality and the metaverse? Check out the top augmented reality influencers that you need to know.

Augmented/virtual reality influencers to watch

Here are 25 of the top AR/VR influencers sharing the games they play, thoughts on the metaverse and virtual worlds, and much more.

Sanem Avcil

Sanem Avcil is a top augmented reality influencer with more than 55,500 Twitter followers. Sanem tweets about augmented and virtual reality, as well as NFTs and other things he’s interested in.

Chris Madsen

Chris Madsen is in business development at Engage VR. As one of the top augmented reality influencers with over 7,500 Twitter followers, Chris seems to have his finger on the pulse of all that’s going on in the augmented and virtual reality sectors.

Robert Scoble

Robert Scoble is another Twitter influencer in the augmented reality space. He wrote a book all about AR: “The Fourth Transformation: How Augmented Reality & Artificial Intelligence Will Change Everything.” He has over 395K followers on Twitter where he regularly posts AR news.

Rob Crasco

Rob Crasco has almost 60,000 Twitter followers and tweets about news and developments in the augmented reality field. He’s a thought leader in the virtual reality space and calls himself a virtual world, virtual reality and mixed reality advocate and entrepreneur.

Tom Emrich

According to Tom Emrich’s Twitter bio, he is on a mission to make augmented reality for everyone. He’s also the VP of product at 8th Wall, an augmented reality company. Tim has just over 26,000 Twitter followers and shares more augmented reality info in his AR Roundup Newsletter.

Helen Papagiannis

Helen Papagiannis has been specializing in AR since 2005. She’s written a book on the subject, “The Augmented Human,” and has developed two TED talks. She’s also one of the top augmented reality influencers and an in-demand keynote speaker. She has 15,500 followers on Twitter, where she regularly tweets interesting articles about science and tech, as well as personal photos from her life.

Cathy Hackl

Cathy Hackl is a metaverse strategist working with brands on virtual worlds fashion and NFTs. She regularly tweets updates and predictions about what’s next for AR. She’s also a podcast host for AdWeek and highlights augmented and virtual reality news to her 61K followers on Twitter. 

Tamara McCleary

Tamara McCleary’s 305,000 Twitter followers look to her because she’s a top AI thought leader and influencer with a great reputation among in the martech and futurist circles. Her tweets run the gamut from the future of AI to what’s going on in marketing today. She’s also the CEO of Thulium.

Daniel Newman

Daniel Newman has nearly 50K Twitter followers and is the principal analyst at Futurum Research and CEO of Broadsuite. His tweets cover a range of topics, from tech predictions for the future to issues facing the tech and AR industries today.

Ambarish Mitra

Ambarish Mitra is the co-founder of Blippar and Greyparrot. He has over 30K followers on Twitter where he tweets about all things happening at the two AI/AR companies he cofounded, as well as other augmented reality news.

Dr. Rafael Grossman

R. Grossmann, MD, FACS was the first Google Glass-wearing surgeon. He’s got more than 12,500 followers on Twitter, where he often tweets about advancements in tech and augmented reality in the health-care field.

Trevor Jones

Trevor Jones demonstrates the ways that technology and art can intersect. He has more than 60,500 followers who tune in to see the types of paintings he creates with the help of augmented reality.

Piper ZY

With TikTok becoming more and more popular, augmented and virtual reality TikTokers keep popping up. Piper ZY, who has just over 18,000 followers, is among them. Piper ZY is an award-winning augmented reality artist and shows her art in her videos.

David O’Reilly

David O’Reilly shares his augmented reality animations to his 322,000 followers on Instagram. He shares both new posts and stories, with a big focus on AR and VR.

Catalina Villegas

While Catalina Villegas has a smaller following on TikTok of about 3,445 so far, her augmented reality art is sure to bring in more followers. She shares what she calls ARt Magic — emphasis on the AR.


New augmented reality mini-canvases dropping soon. Sub to my newsletter for news of launch date ⬆️ #arart #augmentedreality #augmentedrealityart #art

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The Blue Gorilla

On the TikTok account The Blue Gorilla, more than 73K followers learn all things new age technology in a simplified way. While he doesn’t only talk about augmented reality, those interested in new age technology would love learning from his videos.

Simply Chris

The Simply Chris channel on YouTube shares virtual reality gaming with his almost 300,000 following. You can even expect some bits of comedy thrown into the gaming as you’re watching these virtual reality games.

Dave Ashby

Dave Ashby shares his 3D art as well as other augmented reality posts on his TikTok where he has almost 760,000 followers. He also does weekly live streams on Twitch.

Heather Dunaway Smith

With over 22,000 followers on TikTok, Heather Dunaway Smith shares her augmented reality art. She shares everything from David Bowie inspiration to how she creates her art, and followers are sure to find fun pieces to keep them coming back for more.

Reality School

If you’re looking to learn more about augmented reality, Reality School on YouTube is the place to be. With almost 11k subscribers, Reality School provides consistent videos explaining “The Opportunities of Virtual Reality vs. Augmented Reality”  and “The Past, Present, and Future of Augmented Reality Glasses.”

Max Deacon VR

With 256,000 subscribers on YouTube, Max Deacon VR shares virtual reality videos while playing games. He describes his channel as sharing Undertale panoramic 360s and other funny stuff.


EddieVR’s popular YouTube channel has over 6 million followers who watch along as he plays virtual reality games, mostly in the horror space. He uploads plenty of videos for any virtual reality game enthusiasts.


UploadVR on YouTube has almost 77,000 subscribers. According to its description, UploadVR is the No. 1 VR news source bringing you reviews, gameplay, streams and more.

Ben Lang

Co-founder of Road to VR, the world’s leading independent news publication dedicated to the consumer VR industry, Ben Lang shares all about virtual reality to his more than 27,000 followers on Twitter.

Your Narrator

With 2.37 million subscribers on YouTube, the Your Narrator channel shares videos of the host playing virtual reality games. It promises funny and random moments. The channel is among virtual reality gaming channels that are becoming more popular on YouTube.


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