Augmented reality is changing the game for marketers. The ability to put digital images in physical spaces opens up a whole new playing field for advertisers and brands to create content engagement experiences for consumers no matter where they are. This new reality is also fueling a new breed of influencer: augmented reality influencers. They’re pioneers in this space and work with brands to showcase the new medium and grow the industry. Is your brand ready to dive into augmented reality? Check out the top augmented reality influencers that you need to know.

25 Top Augmented Reality Influencers

Keith Curtin Top Augmented Reality Influencers

Keith Curtin

The founder of See Digital, Keith Curtin has more than 46,000 Twitter followers. As one of the top augmented reality influencers, he regularly tweets news and updates about mixed reality and augmented reality. Plus, he’s a regular contributor to The Next Web and Venture Beat.

Sanem Avcil #Arkit Top Augmented Reality Influencer

Sanem Avcil

Sanem Avcil is one of the top 10 augmented reality influencers with more than 82,500 Twitter followers. He’s the founder of several AR startups and gaming companies and regularly features her work on her YouTube Channel.

Neal Stephenson Top Augmented Reality Influencers

Neal Stephenson

Neal Stephenson is a fiction writer, but a fiction writer who’s had a big influence in the AR/VR field. He’s the chief futurist at Magic Leap, a mixed reality company. On Twitter he’s one of the top augmented reality influencers. , he typically tweets about his own work, but you can find a good mix of AR and future technology tweets thrown in. He’s got more than 55,000 followers.

Chris Madsen Top Augmented Reality Influencers

Chris Madsen

Chris Madsen is the director of AR/VR for Morph3d. As one of the top augmented reality influencers, in spite of his meager 3,300 Twitter followers, and seems to have his finger on the pulse of all that’s going on in the augmented and virtual reality sectors.

Robert Scoble: VR/AR Influencer

Robert Scoble

Robert Scoble’s Twitter profile describes him as an authority on the future. So, he’s certainly one of the top augmented reality influencers. He’s recently written a book all about AR (“The Fourth Transformation: How Augmented Reality & Artificial Intelligence Will Change Everything”) and regularly tweets about it, plus other future tech, to his 511,000+ followers.

Vanessa Radd VRAR:XR Influencer

Vanessa Radd

Vanessa Radd used to be at AOL, but is now doing her own thing. As one of the top augmented reality influencers, she spends her time consulting on AR/VR and leading several AR companies. She founded XR Alliance and is the president of VRARA Singapore. On Twitter, she has almost 6,500 followers and is regularly tweeting about AR, big data, and virtual reality.

Rob Crasco #VR #AI Influencer

Rob Crasco

Rob Crasco has more than 20,000 Twitter followers, to whom he tweets about news and developments in the AR/VR field. His day job is working as a consultant with VR AR Consulting, a virtual reality and augmented reality consulting firm.

Tom Emrich Top Augmented Reality Influencers

Tom Emrich

Tom Emrich is a VC at Super Ventures, a venture capital firm devoted to AR/VR projects. He’s also the founder of We Are Wearables and a producer of the Augmented World Expo. He’s a top augmented reality influencer with 17,100 followers and often tweets news about what’s going on with AR/VR products and ideas.

Helen Papagiannis Top Augmented Reality Influencers

Helen Papagiannis

Helen Papagiannis has been specializing in AR for more than a decade. She’s written a book on the subject, “The Augmented Human,” and has developed two TED talks. She’s also one of the top augmented reality influencers and an in-demand keynote speaker. On Twitter, she regularly tweets interesting articles about science and tech, as well as personal photos from her life. She has more than 7,700 followers.

Cathy Hackl #VR #AR Influencer

Cathy Hackl

Cathy Hackl is a AR/VR influencer and a marketing futurist with 26,000 Twitter followers. She regularly tweets updates and predictions about what’s next for AR.

Brad Waid AR Influencer

Brad Waid

Brad Waid is a futurist and entrepreneur with almost 40,000 Twitter followers. He regularly acts as a keynote speaker for AR conferences and offers a list of recommended AR apps on his website. His Twitter feed is full of tweets about the use of AR in education.

Eric Mizufuka TOp Augmented Reality Influencer

Eric Mizufuka

Eric Mizufuka has a relatively small Twitter following — just 3,175 people. But he’s the product manager for Epson’s Moverio AR glasses, which have evolved considerably over the past few years. On Twitter, he’s both an evangelist for AR and a bit of a historian.

Tamara McCleary Top Augmented Reality Influencer

Tamara McCleary

Tamara McCleary has more than 220,000 Twitter followers and a great reputation among in the martech and futurist circles. Her tweets run the gamut from the future of AI to what’s going on in marketing today.

Monica Burns Top AR Influencer

Monica Burns

That’s Dr. Monica Burns to you. Dr. Burns is an ed-tech and curriculum consultant with almost 45,000 Twitter followers. Her Twitter feed is full of posts on how to use AR and advanced technology in the classroom.

Timothy Gentry AR Influencer

Timothy Gentry

Timothy Gentry’s Twitter profile doesn’t give much away about itself. He’s described as a “Global Contributor – Lifelong Student – Adventure Seeker,” and has more than 11,000 followers. He regularly tweets about how companies are using AR and the future of tech.

Daniel Newman Top AR Influencer

Daniel Newman

Daniel Newman has nearly 49,000 Twitter followers, is an analyst with FuturumXYZ, and is CEO of V3B and Broadsuite. His tweets cover a range of topics, from tech predictions for the future to issues facing the tech and AR industries today.

Tim Hughes AR Influencer

Tim Hughes

The co-founder of Digital Leadership Associates, Tim Hughes has 38,000 Twitter followers. He regularly tweets about the challenges facing AR, as well as the ups and downs of marketing and social selling.

Alice Bonasio AR Influencer

Alice Bonasio

Alice Bonasio is a regular contributor to publications such as “Wired” and the editor of “Tech Trends.” She’s also a VR consultant. On Twitter, she has 46,700 followers, and often tweets about the AR and VR fields.

Ambarish MitraVerified AR Influencer

Ambarish Mitra

Ambarish Mitra is the founder of Blippar, an AR app. He has nearly 71,000 followers and is often tweeting about Blippar and other AR topics.

Khalid Hamdan Top AR Influencer

Khalid Hamdan

If you want to get a glimpse of the future, check out Khalid Hamdan’s Twitter feed. The self-described future thinker keeps his nearly 9,500 followers in the loop by regularly tweeting about new and innovative AI, AR, and cryptocurrency projects.

Andrew McLean AR Influencer

Andrew McLean

Andrew McLean is all about disruption in tech, including AI and AR. He’s got nearly 20,000 Twitter followers, and often tweets about cool new product developments and ideas.

R.Grossmann,MD, FACS AR Influencer

Dr. Rafael Grossman

R. Grossmann, MD, FACS was the first Google Glass-wearing surgeon. He’s got more than 8,300 followers on Twitter, where he often tweets about advancements in tech and AR in the health care field.

Trevor Jones AR Influencer

Trevor Jones

Trevor Jones demonstrates the ways that technology and art can intersect. He has more than 8,300 followers who tune in to see the types of paintings he creates with the help of augmented reality.

Brian Mullins AR Influencer

Brian Mullins

Brian Mullins is the founder of DAQRI, a platform designed specifically for industrial AR. He has 4,404 followers on Twitter, and often tweets about the influence AR is having on the world in general.

Arshya Vahabzadeh MD AR Influencer

Arshya Vahabzadeh MD

Arshya Vahabzadeh, MD is the chief medical officer at Brain Power, a company that produces AR and AI devices to help people with brain-related challenges such as autism or traumatic brain injury. He has nearly 9,000 Twitter followers, to whom he regular tweets about the collision of tech and medicine.

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