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Social media apps like Instagram have revolutionized the fitness and wellness industry, making the lifestyle more accessible and appealing. Instagram fitness models and influencers are contributing to this phenomenon by providing resources and guidance that inspire people to get started on their fitness journeys or stay on track. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best Instagram fitness influencers pumping out loads of fitness inspiration every day.

Some of the best Instagram fitness influencers to follow

Jen Selter 

Jen is a fitness trainer and one of Instagram’s most popular fitness influencers. She encourages her audience with workout plans and unique nutritional recipes, such as cucumber boats. Jen also shares lifestyle content, where her audience can watch her get ready or check out her favorite products. 

Kayla Itsines

Kayla’s audience is obsessed with her BBG — bikini body guides — which push women to their optimal physical fitness abilities. Kayla posts workout plans, recipes and quality time spent with her family. She also frequently promotes her fitness app, where users can get monthly access to her workouts on their mobile devices. She is currently pregnant, so her recent content focuses on exercise and stretches for pregnancy. 

Cassey Ho — Blogilates

The internet’s Pilates Princess started her influential fitness journey on YouTube and has now expanded to several platforms. Cassey shares her fitness plans, challenges, healthy recipes and stylish workout gear via beautiful images and videos. She also owns her line of activewear and works as the head designer. 

Anna Victoria 

Anna is a certified personal trainer and fitness blogger. Her audience adores her for the way she lightens the workout load with her sense of humor and transparency. She is most known for her practical Fit Body Guides and #FBGgirls community. Anna shares clean-eating recipes and before-and-after photos of clients and herself. 

Jillian Michaels

Known as the Lb Annihilator, Jillian is a personal training and TV fitness guru who moved her talents online to become one of the most popular fitness influencers on Instagram. Her podcasts, DVDs, books and programs are beloved by her huge following. She also shares workout videos and other healthy lifestyle content. 

Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott

Also known as the Tone It Up Girls, Karena and Katrina are personal trainers and BFFs who sought to change the nature of the fitness community for women. In 2009, they created a community that embraces positivity and empowers women. They started by sharing fitness tips and routines on their YouTube channel. Now, they have an established lifestyle brand and share healthy recipes, bikini-body workouts, beauty products, and more on their website and various social platforms, including Instagram.

Natalie Jill 

Natalie’s introduction to motherhood and subsequent divorce inspired her fitness journey. Her audience admires her authentic and relatable content. Aside from her workout and nutrition videos, she also shares content about overcoming the pain and potential injuries that arise as we age.  

Caitlin Turner 

Caitlin has built a sizable Instagram following thanks to the endless inspiration she shares. Her profile features photos and videos of her doing yoga poses in some of the most breathtaking locations from her worldwide excursions. Also known as “The Gypset Goddess,” Caitlin has a blog that covers fitness, travel, food and healthy lifestyle topics.

Peter Mac

Peter Mac is a personal trainer, health coach, and one of the top male influencers on Instagram. With years of experience, he knows all about health and fitness and constantly shares his expertise with his audience through workout routines, tips, recipes, before-and-after pictures, and more. He also shares motivational content to inspire others to train harder and achieve better overall health. 

Simeon Panda

Simeon has been impacting the health and fitness world since 2013 and is now one of Instagram’s top male fitness influencers. He offers training programs and challenges, workout videos and his line of activewear and fitness accessories.

Jeanette Jenkins

Jeanette is a blogger and personal trainer with clients ranging from singers and actors to professional athletes. Regardless, she still shares workout and nutrition content that the everyday individual can follow.  She is also the founder of The Hollywood Trainer and the Healthy Living Club platform, where she offers programs, equipment and a supportive community. 

Melissa Alcantara

Melissa is passionate about helping people achieve and sustain their goals. With a specialty in weight training, cardio and nutrition, she guides her audience to the proper workout and diet in a few different ways. Her website contains various training programs, merchandise, her published book, and nutrition information, along with her app, which has similar content. Melissa also shares workout videos and other advice with her followers. 

Joe Wicks

Also known as the Body Coach, Joe is “on a mission to make the world fitter, healthier, and happier,” according to his Instagram. He became a well-known figure in the health and fitness world after publishing his “Lean 15” cookbook series. Since then, he has also developed a 90-day program with nutrition plans and workout routines to help his followers reach their goals. His blog frequently features guest bloggers with expertise in the health and fitness industry. His social platforms consist of workouts, recipes, discussions on various wellness topics and quality family time.

Latoya Shauntay Snell

For raw transparency and inspiration, Latoya’s Instagram is a must-follow. This ultra-pro marathon runner shares the exercises used to prepare for her races. Latoya also shows the times when she doesn’t feel her best and how she fixes that. Her blog includes recipes, her line of merchandise and more information about her brand.

Corey Calliet

Corey is not only a fitness trainer but an actor, so he is no stranger to the Hollywood fitness scene. Corey’s workout videos usually come with a motivational quote of some kind. He strives to let his clients and audience know that everyone can control their outcomes. 

No matter what your goals may be, Instagram is packed with fitness influencers of all types who can provide the necessary guidance. 


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