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Sponsored Social has redefined what digital word-of-mouth can do for brands. Crossing over into the “Native Advertising,” “Content Marketing,” and “Influencer Marketing” categories, Sponsored Social is a rapidly growing marketing practice. It has created a way for brands to not only connect with their target audiences, but also for consumers and influencers to form compensated business relationships with the brands they love, while creating and sharing brand-sponsored content with their online followings.

As Sponsored Social continues to grow, the demand for independent metrics to guide the industry’s future continues to increase. Sponsored Social pioneer IZEA commissions an annual study to uncover insights on the knowledge, experience, and overall sentiment of marketers and creators around Sponsored Social, as well as their input on budgets, price perceptions, and FTC compliance. For the first time this year, the study also surveyed consumers to see how they feel about Sponsored Social—a sentiment that has never been measured in the industry.

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