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Volleyball has an interesting past. It was invented in 1895 by William G. Morgan as a way for businessmen to play an indoor sport that wasn’t as vigorous as basketball. Now volleyball has evolved into an indoor and outdoor sport, played in large and small teams by both men and women. Like many influencers interested in sharing their passions, sports and hobbies, volleyball influencers have taken to social media to share their love for the sport.

Volleyball will also be a part of the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. Some of these athletes are looking to make the teams and compete in the biggest games in the world.

Volleyball influencers to cheer for

Holly — hykchora

Holly is a volleyball manager on TikTok who has grown to just over 254K followers with her volleyball videos. Holly shares tons of short videos showing amazing volleyball plays.

Kathryn Plummer

Kathryn is a professional volleyball player and shares a bit of her journey with the game on Instagram with her 43K followers. While she’s not active consistently, she shares volleyball updates.

Kiyhanna Dade

Kiyhanna is from Dallas and is a sports performance coach and Madfrog volleyball coach who joined TikTok to share her volleyball tips. She’s gained just over 93K followers with her training tips and the best things to practice.


“Watch the bottom of the ball” is one of my favorite fixes” What are you watching on a hard driven ball?

♬ original sound - Kiyhanna Dade

Kaleo Maclay

Kaleo is a three-time Paralympian and plays on USA Volleyball’s Women’s National Sitting Team. She’s also a businesswoman and a mom and shares her journey on TikTok. If you’ve never heard of sitting volleyball, look at Kaleo’s page to learn more about the sport. She’s hoping to be a part of Team USA in 2024 at the Paris Olympics.

Avery Skinner

Avery is another professional volleyball player and on Team USA as an outside hitter. She shares her journey as a volleyball player with almost 17K followers on Instagram

Annie Drews

Annie is an Olympic Gold Medalist from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics’ women’s volleyball team and a player for Team USA. She has 102K Instagram followers who love checking out her volleyball content. She’s recently signed to League One Volleyball.

Micha Hancock

Micha is on the Women’s Volleyball Team for USA and was part of the 2020 team that won the gold medal. She plays setter on the team and loves sharing her volleyball games. She has just under 40K followers on Instagram.

Jordan Larson

Jordan is an American volleyball player, three-time Olympic medalist (winning one of each throughout three games) and world champion. She is an outside hitter and shares her professional volleyball career with her 157K followers. She’s also on the 2024 Olympic Team.

Taylor Averill

Taylor is a professional male volleyball player who plays Middle Blocker. With almost 68K followers on Instagram, he shares volleyball highlights and his volleyball podcast, Volley Hotline.

Mason Briggs

Mason is on the Men’s National Team and plays Libero. He shares his volleyball journey on Instagram and has gained 125K followers doing so. He also works as an influencer for some of his favorite brands that keep him going on and off the volleyball court.

Alexandria Jean Glover

Alexandria (or Alex) has just under 49K followers on Instagram, where she shares her love for volleyball and other fun activities that keep her happy and healthy. She occasionally works with brands that she loves and supports her active lifestyle. Alex also has a funny series on Instagram Reels called, “Day in the Life of a Washed Up D1 Volleyballer.”


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