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Finding influencers to work with to share your vegan products can be challenging. With the vegan community continuing to grow, more and more vegan influencers are popping up online. Communities sharing plant-based foods, lifestyle products or clean beauty are becoming more important to non-vegans as well.

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Vegan influencers in IZEA’s Marketplace

Lina Mayorga

Lina is a sustainable fashion designer who has started gaining traction on TikTok and Instagram. With over 20K followers on TikTok and almost 50K on Instagram, Lina shares videos about fashion, makeup, skincare, fitness, sustainability, clean products, and veganism. Lina is happy to create videos for brands around those topics and has worked with brands such as Reformation, Derma-E, Warner Brothers, Lique Lips and Pixi by Petra on her verified TikTok account.

Nancy Montuori

Nancy is a vegan blogger on the Ordinary Vegan website and a podcast host. She is passionate about creating healthy, delicious recipes and sharing tips and advice on leading a sustainable, plant-based lifestyle. She shares recipes, podcast episodes and other vegan information on her blog, where she also works with brands.

Francesca is a vegan influencer with over 187K followers on Instagram, where she shares plant-based recipes and places that she loves. She shares yummy recipes like tomato soup or vegan-friendly recipes around the world. She’s created content for brands including Whole Foods, PopWorks, and Wuka.

Michelle Van Dyke

Houston-based vegan blogger Michelle loves sharing her family’s lifestyle on Instagram. Her vegan posts have brought in almost 100K followers. Besides vegan content, she shares family and cultural content. This Ghanaian-Dutch family of nine has tons of photos and videos and is open to working with plant-based brands on sponsored posts.

Ana Pauls

With 152K followers, Ana is another vegan influencer who also loves to talk about lifestyle, beauty and travel. She is a proud vegan and often shares her plant-based recipes with her followers. She advocates for a healthy lifestyle, and her posts are a testament to her commitment to fitness and well-being.

Jenna Edwards

Jenna is a mostly veggie-based YouTube channel, although she occasionally has non-vegan items in her videos. She considers her channel a part cooking demo, part cooking class and part recipe discovery.

Tabatha Guzmán

Tabatha is a Columbian entrepreneur who loves sharing her life with her 126K followers on Instagram. She’s also a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom and a vegan couple. They are authentic and love living a clean, low-tox life.

Faith Hill

Faith loves all things vegan, fitness, travel, comedy and coffee, which she shares on Instagram with 246K followers. She loves sharing her shopping finds and her work with ORCAA.

Sabs Katz

Sabs is an Instagram influencer who focuses on low-wasted, vegan content and living intentionally. She shares essential topics like climate change, sustainable outfits and clean products. She’d love to work with brands that believe in a more ethical and conscious lifestyle. 

Rebecca Pytell

Rebecca is a vegan influencer on Instagram who also shares gluten-free recipes due to her celiac disease. Her page is filled with delicious vegan and gluten-free foods that you can easily make on your own. Rebecca’s organic, plant-based recipes and tips have been featured in numerous national publications and have earned her a large and loyal following.

Maud Cherrier

Maud is a plant-based influencer from Montreal, Canada, who shares her beautiful, vegan recipes with 16K followers on Instagram. Most of her content is in French, so if you have a French brand, that could be a great partnership as well. She also shares local vegan foods that she finds.

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Find your next great collab.

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Find your next great collab.

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Find your next great collab.

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Find your next great collab.

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