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How would you like to show an ad to customers who have already visited your website? You know these customers are aware of your brand and have shown interest in your product, so they’re the most likely group to convert.

Enter Twitter remarketing ads.

“Twitter remarketing is absolute gold for small business owners, especially if you have the ability for folks to buy on your website,” says Mike Kawula, CEO of Social Quant.

How Twitter remarketing works

How does it work? A business creates a Twitter ad along with a website tag in its Twitter account. The website tag is added to the company’s website, and when a customer visits the website he or she will see your specific ad on Twitter later on. Because the audience is narrowed to only recent website visitors, you’re creating a tailored audience.

“Think about how sweet this is,” Kawula says. “Visitors leave your website because the phone rings or they get distracted. Later in the day while on Twitter they now see your product again in their newsfeed because of remarketing and make the purchase right while on Twitter.”

Alternative to create tailored audiences

Of course, some marketers aren’t comfortable adding code to a website. Fortunately, there are handy tools like Google Tag Manager that can make this process easy.

However, there are alternative ways to create a tailored audience. Rather than using the code and limiting your audience to those who have recently visited your site, you can also upload a list to your Twitter account that contains customer email addresses, or better yet, Twitter handles.

You can also tailor your audience to customers who have taken a specific action on your company’s app.

Advantages to remarketing

How beneficial are remarketing ads? Here are a few reasons why so many marketers love this ad option:

  • Lower acquisition costs

By targeting engaged customers, you’re upping the likelihood of conversion. That means it costs you less money to get customers to follow through with an action.

Twitter has a case study from online retailer Betabrand to illustrate its effectiveness. The company used Twitter remarketing ads to promote its dress yoga pants and saw a 130 percent higher conversion rate and a 63 percent decrease in cost per acquisition.

  • Higher conversions

As we just mentioned, conversion rates are often higher with remarketing because you’re only showing your ad to potential customers. You’re not introducing your product to new people and hoping they’ll click the ad; you already know these customers are interested so your register will be ringing.

  • Generate some buzz

Customers can respond to your ad, which gives your business some “social street cred.” If you can get people talking about your product and engaging with your brand online, you’ll build a buzz.

If you’re ready to give Twitter remarketing ads a try, here are some additional resources to get you started: How to Set Up Twitter Remarketing Ads, and More Information About Tags for Remarketing on Twitter.