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Is your brand leveraging Twitch as a marketing tool? Gamers widely use the video streaming platform to broadcast their games, provide commentary and interact with viewers. 

While that might not sound like a viable marketing opportunity for brands, it is – even for brands with no affiliation with gaming. 

Many brands use Twitch advertising to reach a younger, engaged audience. We’ll explore how these brands on Twitch connect with users in a sec, but first, let’s explore the methods brands can use to market their products on the channel. 

Ways to market on Twitch

There are three ways to engage in Twitch marketing, which include: 

Twitch influencer marketing

By collaborating with a well-known streamer, you can ask him or her to endorse your product during a live stream. Influencers might offer a demonstration, discuss how they use your product in a live Q&A, or brands can ask an influencer to place their product in plain view during a stream strategically.

Paying for ads

Twitch, like any other social media platform, sells ads. You can choose from several different formats, including a homepage carousel or a stream display ad, for instance. More information can be found on the Twitch Advertising page.

Creating your own branded channel

As a brand, you can start your own branded channel and organically interact with streamers. While most content focuses on gaming, you can live stream just about anything. You’ll need someone who’s Twitch-savvy and willing to produce content. There are no pre-made videos or schedulers available on the platform.

Twitch marketing campaign examples

As mentioned, some brands have quite a bit of experience in the Twitch arena. Take a look at how these brands use the platform to engage customers:


Elgato, a leader in audio-visual technology, partnered with a popular Brazilian Twitcher, Alanzoka. The 32-year-old gamer has amassed 6.2M followers on Twitch. 

Usually, streamers provide commentary as they play a game. Viewers can see both the game and the gamer. Since the platform thrives on providing commentary, Elgato asked Alanzoka to do something similar. Rather than providing commentary about a game, Alanzoka provided commentary as he watched the company’s commercial for the camera, Facecam, and other tech products.  

After broadcasting live on Twitch, the video was later uploaded to YouTube.

G Fuel

To reach a new audience, G Fuel, an energy drink brand, teamed up with gaming sensation Tyler “Ninja” Blevins in a multiyear partnership.

G Fuel asked the influencer to host a Twitter takeover and giveaway a new PS5 to get people excited about the new partnership. 

Recently, the company released a special cotton candy-flavored energy drink with a cartoon version of the gamer pictured on a collector’s box

When he’s gaming on Twitch, Ninja now has a strategically placed refrigerator full of G Fuel in the background, which his 18M followers can plainly see. 


When Lexus released its new Lexus IS, the brand teamed up with gamer fuslie to showcase the new luxury vehicle. On Twitch, fuslie showcased the car but asked her followers what the sleek vehicle would look like if it were designed by gamers. 

Utilizing an in-stream poll, subscribers voted on customizations they’d like to see. One month later, Lexus made the modifications and asked fuslie to show off the updated version of the Lexus IS to fans who helped create it. 

The campaign was so successful, Twitch created a case study around the advertising event. The campaign created 57M impressions with more than 4.8M total minutes of content viewed. 

Cash App 

Cash App, a mobile payment service, has made a name for itself on Twitch. Gamers can sign up for the app and connect it to their Twitch account to accept donations.

To reach gamers, the brand created a Twitch channel of their own and teamed up with big-name players to host tournaments and subtly promote its cash-exchanging app. 

The brand makes attention-grabbing moves, like partnering with a handful of gamers, including pokimanelol, to give away $125,000.


When a meal-kit company wanted to reach a new audience, it turned its sights to Twitch. HelloFresh partners with thousands of small and midsize streamers to promote its home delivery kits. 

Twitch streamer badpikapi, who has just 684 followers, offers live streaming cooking tutorials alongside her gaming content. Her subscribers can access the sponsored videos from HelloFresh on her channel, but here’s a quick glimpse of the content cross-promoted on TikTok. 

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