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Top travel boards on Pinterest are captivating, well-trafficked and pique the interest of viewers. They showcase locations from around the world that range from breathtaking and sublime to relaxing. Pinterest viewers turn to these boards for travel advice, inspiration on where to take their next adventure and how to prepare to get there. Peruse five of the top travel/lifestyle Pinterest boards for inspiration on locales for your bucket list — or an influencer to use for your next campaign.

The Globe

  • Followers: 3,807,605
  • Pins: 1,492
  • Board Owner: rosscassidy. Ross Cassidy is an accomplished interior designer based in Los Angeles. He’s considered a designer to the celebrities. Cassidy uses primarily Pinterest and Instagram as his social media tools and posts photos of his designs, renovations and travels on both platforms. Cassidy also collaborates with brands including Christopher Farr, CB2 and de Le Cuona to create exclusive home decor products.
  • What You’ll Find Here: Cassidy pins beautiful photos of travel destinations around the world. The photos are professional quality and gleaned from other websites across the Internet. He also includes photos he’s uploaded himself from his travels around the globe.

Favorite Places & Spaces

  • Followers: 3,773,639
  • Pins: 962
  • Board Owner: azbugkiller. Georgia Morrow is the owner of this account. The user’s identity is a bit of a mystery, but the description of the Pinterest bio gives some clues into the person’s interests. It reads, “I am enchanted with nature, sunrises and sunsets, pets and all things adventurous.” Boards include a variety of topics, which in total amass nearly 3.8 million followers to the account. Along with Favorite Places & Spaces, additional travel boards to check out include Outside Trails & Adventures, and Travel and Places.
  • What You’ll Find Here: Morrow pins interesting photos of architecture and locations around the world saved from other sites. The photos often show intriguing designs of the interior or exterior of buildings, castles, hotels and cityscapes. Nature photos also often focus on majestic landscapes, such as towering mountains, intricate sculpture gardens and underwater shots.

Central Asia

  • Followers: 3,753,920
  • Pins: 1,391
  • Board Owner: igori. Igor Mamantov loves to travel. In his Pinterest bio, he says, “I am well-traveled, but there are still many places I would like to experience. I have been to all continents except Antarctica.” He’s from Chicago, IL, and has a total of 4.1 million followers on his Pinterest account. He organizes over 200 boards into continents, countries, states and cities, and adds several boards on art and food. Mamantov also actively maintains a personal Facebook account.
  • What You’ll Find Here: Central Asia showcases beautiful imagery from across the continent including landscapes, cityscapes and architecture. Examples include a mountainous highway in Pakistan, spring flowers amid the Karakorum Mountains in Mongolia and a marketplace in Uzbekistan.

Roads I’ve Ridden and Roads I’d Like To

  • Followers: 3,761,859
  • Pins: 3,395
  • Board Owner: bbucklin. Bob Bucklin is a Pinterest influencer from Lake Elsinore, CA, who loves motorcycles and riding the open road. In his Pinterest bio, Bucklin explains, “Motorcycles are my passion. Ten miles or 10,000, it’s what I live for.” Not surprisingly, his several boards focus on all things bikes including racing, gear and traveling. Additional travel boards include two entitled Favorite Places & Spaces and Lighthouses. Bucklin also regularly uses his personal Facebook account where he has 500 friends.
  • What You’ll Find Here: The title of Roads I’ve Ridden and Roads I’d Like To is apropos as it describes the board perfectly. Bucklin pins shots of roads of all kinds. You’ll see winding mountain roads, unpaved country roads, roads along coastal bridges, desolate desert highways and more.

Places I’d Like to Go

  • Followers: 2,144,299
  • Pins: 465
  • Board Owner: janew. Jane Wang is a power pinner, accumulating over 7.7 billion Pinterest followers through her interesting collection of boards. She’s the mother of one of Pinterest’s co-founder Ben Silbermann, and she pins often, comments frequently and uses hashtags regularly. Wang has also has over 100 boards, including one called Travel where she pins packing tips.
  • What You’ll Find Here: Places I’d Like to Go is an accumulation of interior and exterior shots of places within the US and worldwide that Wang would like to visit. You’ll see photos of museums, maps and zoos as well as famous cities, seascapes and forests. Wang also includes photos of foods that express the culture of the places she’d like to visit.

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