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It’s a big world out there. And even the most ambitious travelers are bound to miss out on some incredible sights. Fortunately, travel influencers are eager to share their exotic adventures with millions of followers on Instagram, YouTube and other social media platforms. Their content offers a glimpse into some of the most gorgeous destinations around the globe. Here are 10 travel influencers to keep your eyes on in 2019.

Top 8 Travel Influencers for 2019

Murad and Nataly Osmann

Russian photographer Murad Osmann teams with his wife, travel blogger Nataly Osmann, to share stunning images of their adventures around the world. Most fans know them best for the #FollowMeTo series, in which Nataly pulls Murad by the hand through various landscapes. In 2016, one of their photos served as the cover of an issue of National Geographic magazine. Then, in 2017, Forbes put the Osmanns on its list of top travel influencers.

Despite those past successes, the couple hasn’t slowed down. Murad Osmann’s Instagram account has over 4 million followers, and he continues to post images and videos in the iconic #FollowMeTo style. Nataly Osmann also has an Instagram account. Although it’s not as popular as her husband’s account, she still reaches an impressive audience of over 1 million followers.

Chris Burkard

American photographer Chris Burkard loves to share majestic views of the surf, snow and sand with his 3.4 million followers. Although he’s a California native, his Instagram photos document adventures in far-off places such as Iceland and Argentina. The collection reveals a particular fondness for snowy and icy landscapes.

Burkard is also the author of several books, including the children’s book “The Boy Who Spoke to the Earth.” The book was a collaborative effort with Disney artist David McClellan.

Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen

Jack Morris uses his Instagram account to share images of exotic locations. Although he eventually moved into a house in Bali, this travel influencer lived out of his backpack for several years. He estimates he’s been to over 50 countries since he began his globetrotting in 2012.

Morris is rarely alone on his travels. His girlfriend and fellow travel influencer Lauren Bullen often appears with him in photos. She’s a self-taught photographer from Australia and has a love for fashion, along with travel.

Morris has 2.7 million followers on Instagram. Bullen has around 2.1 million. That level of fame has scored them partnerships with big brands like Airbnb and Royal Caribbean.

Louis Cole

Travel vlogger Louis Cole uses photos and videos of his travels to inspire social change. His adventures began when he documented a UK-based road trip in 2012. The British blogger made the journey in a double-decker bus, and then he moved onto exploring the rest of the globe.

In 2019, Cole announced he would bring an end to his typical vlog content. He plans to direct his energy toward his new organization, the Social Good Club, which supports other influencers and focuses on social projects. While he has an impressive audience of 1.3 million followers on Instagram, his YouTube channel has over 2 million

Jennifer Tuffen

Jennifer Tuffen discovered her passion for photography when she bought an iPhone 3GS and began using it to capture images of her frequent travels. This British influencer’s photos are colorful and full of life. Whether she’s in Santorini or Dubai, each image brings out the vibrancy of her surroundings.

She has over 2.8 million followers on Instagram and partnerships with brands. That’s not the extent of her success story though. With the help of her app-developing partner, she created two photo-editing apps: DeluxeFX and izkiz Cam.


TFIL is a group of travelers who share their hilarious adventures with over 2.5 million YouTube subscribers. From swimming with sharks to exploring abandoned skyscrapers, these guys enjoy daring escapades that viewers shouldn’t attempt to replicate.

Despite their focus on comedic content, TFIL has also raised money for various non-profits. In 2019, the group started a non-profit of its own called the For Sparta Organization. This organization partners with a number of charities and creates short documentaries to raise awareness about global issues.

Wil Dasovich

Although he’s a California native, Wil Dasovich’s interest in his Filipino roots led him to the Philippines after he graduated from college. Once overseas, he broke into the entertainment business, appearing in commercials and television shows. Dasovich also became a hit on YouTube, where his travel channel now has over 2 million subscribers.

Despite a battle with colon cancer, Dasovich continued to share his experiences with his fans. In 2018, he won Vlogger of the Year at the Shorty Awards. That same year, he also tearfully announced he was cancer free after nine cycles of chemotherapy.

The Bucket List Family

In 2015, Garrett and Jessica Gee began a six-month adventure to the see the world. But that six-month journey expanded into something much bigger. They soon decided to sell their belongings and commit to the travel lifestyle. The couple, alongside their three children, documented their travels on a blog and on Instagram, where they now have 1.8 million followers.

In 2018, the family of influencers bought a house in Hawaii. However, that doesn’t mean their adventures have completely come to an end.

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