Photography channels abound on YouTube, and they cover all aspects of this rich visual art. Most channels have some type of educational aspect, sharing tutorials and tips, while others focus on equipment comparisons and reviews. Some channels are brim-full of eye candy, as the photographers vlog about their travels to exotic locations to capture stunning landscapes.

Photographers of all skill levels and interests can find a channel that speaks to them. Here’s our list of top photography YouTubers, from the big names to the lesser known artists who are creating outstanding video content.

The Superstars

These YouTubers have earned themselves enough subscribers to hit the top of their niche. Interestingly enough, individuals (rather than corporations) are behind nearly all of these channels. And these photography influencers share just as much of their personalities as they do their professional knowledge.

  • Peter McKinnon (3.5M followers, as of April 2019): Edgy thrill-seeker turned photographer and filmographer
  • DigitalRevTV (1.9M): Sponsored by the Hong Kong-based photography website, DigitalRev; presenters bring lots of personality and humor to each video
  • Tony & Chelsea Northrup (1.2M): Husband-and-wife team who are highly engaged with and responsive to their audience
  • Jessica Kobeissi (1.3M): Glossy fashion and portrait photography tutorials with new content added weekly
  • Jared Polin (1M): Photojournalist who provides tips and information for new and old photographers

The Big-Time Corporate Channels

These company- and community-sponsored channels bring a wealth of educational content to the table, especially when it comes to technique and industry products.

  • AdoramaTV (898K): This photography company profiles professionals in the industry and is a one-stop shop for stellar tips and tricks
  • Cooperative of Photography (773K): Makes inspiring videos ranging from tutorials to interviews and promotes an inspiring community vibe
  • Fstoppers (736K): Provides inspiration, tutorials and industry news
  • B&H (684K): Popular NYC-based equipment retailer offering hardware-centric videos

Channels for Photo Retouching and Effects

These YouTube channels don’t focus on the art of taking photographs as much as they do the art of manipulating them after a shoot. With such huge followings, they deserve a mention on this list.

  • PHLEARN (1.7M): Ultimate source for Photoshop tutorials
  • PiXimperfect (1.1M): Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials hosted by Unmesh Dinda
  • Tutvid (854K): Nathaniel Dodson’s photo retouching tutorials on a variety of platforms
  • Blue Lightning TV Photoshop (754K): Emmy Award winner Marty Geller focuses on photography for screen and print entertainment
  • Arunz Creation (518K): Manipulation, effects and retouching by Arun Kumar
  • Rafy A (405K): Popular effects tutorials by an Indonesian hobbyist

Channels With Inspiring and Influential Personalities

These photography influencers on YouTube are working professionals who bring their experience and expertise to their individual channels. Chances are you can find someone on this list who is a match for your creative style.

With so many photographers willing to share their knowledge, it’s easy to find inspiration online.