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While longer-form content and influencer marketing formats have seen a decline in recent years, according to the 2017 State of the Creator Economy Study (SOCE), short-form platforms such as Snapchat are on the rise. According to the SOCE, 18 percent of content creators used Snapchat in 2016, up from 16 percent in 2015. But who are these top snapchat influencers?

Snapchat is different from the other social media sites, and not just in terms of the format of its posts. Snapchat Influencer Marketing can be tricky to figure out. For instance, how do you determine the number of people following a Snapchat influencer or what their reach is. To help you see who’s who on the platform, and how they use it, here’s a list of the 25 top Snapchat Influencers:

25 Top Snapchat Influencers

DJ Khaled Top Snapchat InfluencerDJ Khaled (@djkhaled305)

When people think of Snapchat, DJ Khaled often comes to mind. He’s been called the “King of Snapchat” and the top Snapchat Influencer, thanks to his multiple daily posts that showcase highlights and the minutia of his life.

Kylie Jenner Top Snapchat InfluencerKylie Jenner (@kylizzlmynizzl)

The Snapchats of top Snapchat Influencer Kylie Jenner, the youngest member of the Jenner/Kardashian clan might vanish within seconds like everyone else’s, but they also end being the stuff of tabloid fodder, and even have their own Instagram account.

Gigi Hadid Top Snapchat InfluencerGigi Hadid (@itsgigihadid)

Fashion model Gigi Hadid is big news on Snapchat. Her snaps regularly include selfies, photos with her model sister Bella, and the occasional pics of members of One Direction.

Blac Chyna Top Snapchat InfluencerBlac Chyna (@BlacChynaLA)

Given Blac Chyna’s connection to the Kardashians, is it any surprise she’s one of the top Snapchat Influencers? Popular Snaps include back-and-forths with Kylie Jenner, and with her fiancé, Rob Kardashian.

Chrissy Teigen Top Snapchat InfluencerChrissy Teigen (@chrissyteigen)

Model Chrissy Teigen has taken over Twitter and Instagram, and now Snapchat as well. She snaps pics of her dog, her mom, her cute baby, and food.

Frankie Greek Top Snapchat InfluencerFrankie Greek (@WTFRANKIE)

Frankie Greek labels herself as a “Snapchat Journalist,” making her one of the top Snapchat influencers around. You know she takes the platform seriously. She’s worked numerous brands on the platform, and was the first person to host a weekly Snapchat talk show.

Logan Paul Top Snapchat InfluencersLogan Paul (@LoganPaul)

Lots of former Vine users migrated over to Snapchat once Vine shut down. Logan Paul is one of them and one of the top Snapchat influencers. His funny, short videos have led to lots of internet fame, plus his own merchandise line.

Amanda Cerny Top Snapchat InfluencerAmanda Cerny (@AmandaCerny)

Amanda Cerny is another Vine star who brought her fame and followers over to Snapchat. She also has a considerable following (15.8 million) on Instagram. A former Playmate, she’s been able to transition her social media fame into a viable acting career.

Cyren Q Top Snapchat InfluencerCyrene Quiamcoa (@Cyreneq)

Cyrene is a graphic designer and artist who’s happy to label herself as a top Snapchat influencer. Her drawings and sketches of celebrities such as Ellen Degeneres and Bruno Mars got her a lot of attention on Snapchat. To date, she’s worked with a wide range of brands, including Opi nail polish, Burger King, and Pixar.

Christian Collins Top Snapchat InfluencerChristian Collins (@Weekly-Chris)

Christian Collins built his following on Snapchat and other social media sites by posting weekly videos. An aspiring musician and one of the top Snapchat Influencers, his most recent project is the launch of a new music video on the platform.

Geeohsnap Top Snapchat InfluencerGeir Ove Pedersen @geeohsnap

Geir Ove Pedersen shows off the goofy side of Snapchat quite well. His claim to fame is taking pictures of random, unsuspecting people, then enhancing the pictures with drawings. As one of the top Snapchat influencers, he’s put his talent to use for brands like Gucci and Air France.

Brittany Furlan Top Snapchat InfluencerBrittany Furlan @brittanyjfurlan

Brittany Furlan was the most-followed female on Vine until 2015, when she left the platform. But her fans didn’t have to worry, because she joined Snapchat in 2014, where she sits as one of the top Snapchat influencers and continues to post funny videos.

Jerome Jarre Top Snapchat InfluencerJerome Jarre (@JeromeJarre)

French entrepreneur Jerome Jarre is another former Vine star who made the transition to top Snapchat influencer. He’s done well on the site, sharing funny and engaging stories and creating snaps featuring the founder and CEO of the platform.

Jenna Marbles Top Snapchat InfluencerJenna Marbles (@Jennakermarbles)

Jenna Marbles rose to fame on YouTube by keeping it real and being funny. She’s also got a big following on Snapchat, despite getting off to a rocky start on the platform.

King Bach Top Snapchat InfluencerKing Bach (@kingbach)

When it was still a thing, King Bach was the king of Vine. Now he’s one of the top Snapchat influencers, and his short-form video format works just as well. He’s also started exploring a career as an actor, and has appeared on “The Mindy Project” and in “50 Shades of Black.”

Shaun McBride Top Snapchat InfluencerShaun McBride (@Shonduras)

Shaun McBride was one of the first “normal people” to build up a massive following on Snapchat. It was his finger drawings that helped him get fame on the platform, and that led to lots of brand partnerships. You might even say that McBride is the OG top Snapchat influencer.

Christine Mi Top Snapchat InfluencerChristine Mi (@Miologie)

Christine Mi is another one of the top Snapchat influencers who has become very popular thanks to her art. She’s so popular, in fact, that when she graduated from Yale in 2015, she was able to make being a Snapchat influencer a full-time career.

Evan Garber Top Snapchat InfluencerEvan Garber (@emgarber)

Evan Garber is another full-time Snapchat influencer. Like Christine Mi and Shaun McBride, he’s an artist who creates intricate drawings on the platform. So far, his biggest claim to fame is working with McBride to re-create the video game Goldeneye on Snapchat.

Michael Platco Top Snapchat InfluencersMichael Platco (@mplatco)

In 2015, Snapchat artist Michael Platco won the Shorty Award for Snapchatter of the year. As one of the top Snapchat Influencers, he received a lot of attention for his Snapchat stories, which he’s made for the likes of T-Mobile and other brands.

Branden Harvey Top Snapchat InfluencerBranden Harvey (@BrandenHarvey)

Branden Harvey is a pro photographer who got his start on Instagram but transitioned to Snapchat, where he has one of the largest followings for a photographer.

Emily Ratajkowski Top Snapchat InfluencerEmily Ratajkowski (@emrata)

Model/actor Emily Ratajkowski is all over social media and is one of the top Snapchat influencers. Recently, she provided an insider’s look at Fashion Week to all her followers.

Casey Neistat Top Snapchat InfluencerCasey Neistat (@caseyneistat)

Casey Neistat is part of that rare breed of YouTubers and top Snapchat influencers who make it really big. He ended up forming his own social media company and eventually landed a show on HBO.

Lilly Singh Top Snapchat InfluencerLilly Singh (@iisuperwomanii)

Lilly Singh is a Canadian vlogger and rapper who’s one of the top earners on YouTube. Her short and funny videos also helped make her one of the top Snapchat influencers.

Karlie Kloss Top Snapchat InfluencerKarlie Kloss (@karliekloss)

Model, science correspondent (on Bill Nye’s new show), and founder of the all-girls code school Kode with Klossy, Karlie Kloss has a huge following on her social media profiles, including Snapchat.

John Stamos Top Snapchat InfluencerJohn Stamos (@stamosofficial)

You can thank “Fuller House” for giving John Stamos’ Snapchat new life and lots of followers. He regularly posts stories with cast members from the show, as well as snaps to and with the stars of his other shows, such as “Scream Queens,” solidifying his rank as one of the top 25 Snapchat influencers.

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