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Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States today and rightfully so. It is an easy and fun game to learn that, in fact, has nothing to do with pickles. If you want to learn how to master the dink or pickleball hits, these influencers have you covered. From stylish gear to all the basic ins and outs of the game, these influencers are here to share their knowledge of the sport across all social media platforms. Take a look as we share some of the most popular pickleball influencers and their passions for the game.

Pickleball influencers to follow

Sydney Stienaker

As the host of the Basic Dink Podcast and referred to as “Pickleball Barbie” Sydney is at the top of our list. With more than 55K followers on TikTok, Sydney uses her platform to teach her followers all things pickleball. Her TikTok feed is humorous as she shares relatable pickleball experiences and content. In addition to her funny posts, Sydney also fills her feed with her stylish pickleball attire and gear.

Michele — thepickleyogi

Known for being an award-winning pickleball player and coach, Michele is easily one of the most popular pickleball influencers on Instagram. In addition to owning her pickleball coaching and training company, Michele also owns a high-performance pickleball paddle brand and encourages her followers to try out some of her gear through her Instagram posts. She fills her feed with posts of her executing great hits and advice for beginners.

Kim and Penn Holderness

Kim and Penn are popular lifestyle influencers on TikTok that have used their platform to not only share their sweet family, but to also share fun activities and hobbies they participate in, like pickleball. With more than 1.1M followers on TikTok, the couple share their passion for the sport and often share comical experiences they have while playing the game. Their love for the game and for their family is apartment through all of their TikTok posts.

@theholdernessfamily We are ready to dedicate our lives to pickleball starting now. #pickleball #pickleballislife ♬ original sound - The Holderness Fam

Shea Underwood

Shea is one of the most popular male pickleball influencers and he encourages his followers to hop on the wave as he navigates through the pickleball world. He shares his love for the sport with more than 25K followers on TikTok. He fills his feed with relatable content as a pickleball player as well as new hits he encourages people to learn and try out. In addition to his TikTok platform, Shea also has a popular pickleball YouTube channel where he shares more advice and tutorials that are helpful to learning the sport.

Danea — All things pickleball

As a certified coach and pickleball enthusiast, Danea joins the social media world as one of the most popular pickleball influencers. Danea takes to TikTok to share court laughs and all the best tips when it comes to learning the game. She is one of the most entertaining pickleball coaches serving it up and constantly shares her love for the sport with her followers. She fills her feed with posts that answer beginners’ questions and videos that share her own experiences.

Chris Olson — The Pickleball Studio

Chris joins our list as a multi-talented influencer that loves sharing his passions with his followers, especially when it comes to pickleball. He is a video creator based in Minnesota that uses his Instagram platform to also show his best hits and tricks on the court. His posts often include videos of him competing against other pickleball players and enjoying the game at tournaments as well.

Frankie and Natalie — Picklebabes

This two girls team up as a dynamic duo and take to Instagram to share their friendship and love for the sport. The “coballers” share their stylish pickleball attire and athletic gear with their followers as they travel around playing matches across the world. Their Instagram feed is full of all the trendy athleisure they love wearing and pictures of them winning different medals. They also use their Instagram to share the best workout tips and tricks to help others learn more about the sport.

Tyler — Pickleball with Tyler

Tyler joins our list as one of the most popular male pickleball influencers on Instagram. As a coach and owner of another popular Instagram account, Tennis with Tyler, Tyler shares his passion and knowledge for the game of pickleball. The coach and athlete teams up with Michele from thepickleyogi,  to share with his followers the best advice when learning the game and attempting new hits. His feed is full of tutorials that are useful to beginners and current players.

Tyson McGuffin

Tyson has been ranked #1 in the world for both Men’s Professional Singles and Men’s Professional Doubles and has created his YouTube channel to share his knowledge of the game with all of his subscribers and viewers. The pickleball competitor shares how his life was impacted by the game and he aims to teach his viewers the fun that the game possesses. His platform is one of the best pickleball channels that explains different moves and the best drills to practice. In addition to his tutorials, he often shares posts from his podcast that also explains the game and provides useful advice.

CJ Johnson — Better Pickleball

CJ uses her popular YouTube channel to not only explain the in’s and out’s of the game but to also target an audience that is over the age of fifty and show them that this sport is simply for everyone. She uses her channel to teach the fundamentals of the game as well as stretches to practice before and after playing. She uploads many videos on techniques to practice to achieve better balance, stronger hits and a better overall understanding of the game.

Kyle — thatpickleballguy

Kyle shows off his pickleball skills on Instagram, where he has 30.5K followers who tune in for funny videos — like him imitating famous pickleball players — and to learn how to play the popular game. More advanced players can get tips for playing doubles, while newbies learn how to avoid mistakes like having the wrong paddle position. Kyle is a pickleball enthusiast who also shares his journey from beginner to professional player.


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