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Audience is important when it comes to influencer marketing. If your brand is targeting just one demographic or just one language, you might be missing out. If you’d like to reach Spanish-language speakers, it pays to connect with Hispanic influencers. Here are the top Hispanic influencers on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Top Hispanic influencers to follow

German Garmendia

German, aka YoSoyGerman, is a singer, gamer and comedian. As one of the top Hispanic influencers on social media, his channel has 46.2 million subscribers, along with an Instagram following of 14.7 million and a TikTok following of 18.3 million people. Followers tune in to hear his latest songs and to see his comedic sketches and gaming streams.


Mariale is a beauty vlogger and one of the top YouTube Hispanic influencers with nearly 15 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, 6 million followers on Instagram, and almost 5 million on TikTok. Her videos include beauty tutorials, hacks and DIY tips. She also posts reaction videos on YouTube.

Maiah Ocando

Maiah is an actor, vlogger and one of the top Hispanic influencers on YouTube with almost 800K subscribers and more than 300K followers on Instagram. Her videos range from weekly talk shows and podcasts to instructional and lifestyle videos. 

Kathy Cano Murillo – Crafty Chica

Kathy, aka the Crafty Chica, has a knack for arts and crafts — and her followers love it. As a DIY and crafts-focused influencer, she’s pretty popular on Pinterest, with more than 30K followers. She also has a YouTube channel with 34.8K subscribers, an Instagram account with 58.6K followers and a Tiktok profile with 35.5K followers. She also runs a ceramics business and has published several books.

Olalla Lopez

Olalla’s YouTube channel, Caeli YT, has more than 15 million subscribers, her Instagram has 9 million followers, and her Tiktok has 6 million followers. Although she’s also a beauty vlogger, people are drawn to her sense of humor, and she makes music, too. 

Bethany Mota

Bethany started her YouTube channel in 2009 as a way to escape the pressures of being bullied, and she rapidly gained a following that loved her upbeat messaging. She’s best known for her “haul” videos, showing off her stylish online purchases, but she also uploads DIY fashion ideas, makeup and hair tutorials, recipes and more. These days, her YouTube channel has 9.5 million subscribers, her Instagram has 4.6 million followers, and her Tiktok has 180K followers.

Tiffany Garcia – iHasCupquake

Nearly 7 million people have subscribed to Tiffany’s (aka iHasCupcake) YouTube channel to catch her latest gaming, art, baking, and beauty videos. As a new mom, she also shares a lot about her journey

Ruben Doblas Gundersen – elrubiusOMG

Ruben has more than 24 million YouTube subscribers, 17 million Instagram followers, and 6 million TikTok followers. He’s primarily a gaming influencer, although he does keep fans laughing with some comedy videos and takes time to answer fans’ questions. 


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LeJuan James

Former Vine star LeJuan James got his name from a certain NBA star, and he rose to fame thanks to short videos that he claims “represent Hispanics around the world.” Although Vine is no more, this top Hispanic influencer has more than 2 million followers on Instagram, more than 3 million followers on Facebook, 551K followers on Tiktok, and 301K subscribers on YouTube. He also published a book about what it’s like to be Hispanic.

Tejeda Ruiz – Dulce Candy 

Tejeda, aka Dulce Candy, started as a beauty vlogger and had a YouTube channel of over 2 million subscribers. However, she stopped posting on that channel and created a new one titled “Sweet Soul by Dulce Candy” which focuses on self-care, self-love and healing. She mainly makes content about manifestation, journaling, yoga, healthy recipes, and more, but also occasionally posts beauty and fashion videos. 

Enchufe TV

Enchufe TV is the work of a group of Ecuadorian influencers and comedians. The YouTube channel has over 26 million subscribers and an Instagram following of 4 million. Their channel features a series of comedy sketch videos in Spanish.

Guillermo Diaz

Guillermo, also known as Willyrex, started as one of the biggest gaming influencers on YouTube. Now, he also creates content about NFTs and life as a husband and father. His Minecraft videos have earned him 18.5 million YouTube subscribers. He also has large followings on Instagram, TikTok and Twitter.

Jorge Narvaez

Jorge is a single dad who first caught people’s attention with his cover of the song “Home” (originally by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros). His parenting-focused channel has more than 600K subscribers. Along with covers of popular songs (many of which feature his daughters singing), he also has videos that offer parenting tips and advice and hosts a podcast.

Luan Palomera

More than 10 million subscribers tune in to Luan’s YouTube channel, the Sticky Tech. Although he’s mostly known for prank videos, the Sticky Tech also features some cartoons and reviews of discontinued junk foods.

Samuel De Luque

Samuel is a gamer and BFF to Willyrex, whom he has published several books with. He also occasionally makes content about technology.

Mariand Castrejon Castañeda

Mariand is a beauty vlogger. Her YouTube channel, Yuya, has nearly 25 million subscribers, along with 17.1 million Instagram followers. She also launched a cosmetics line and shares recipes, fashion and DIY videos. 

Nicole Guerriero

Beauty vlogger and influencer Nicole has over 2 million YouTube subscribers, nearly 2 million followers on Instagram, and almost 300K followers on TikTok. She shares everyday beauty and skin-care tips, as well as more complicated, full-face makeup tutorials for Halloween. As a new mom, she often talks about her parenting journey as well. 

Gabriel Montiel Gutierrez

Gabriel is the creator behind Werever2morro, one of the most popular YouTube channels in Mexico. It has more than 16 million subscribers and over 5 million Instagram and TikTok followers who highly enjoy his sense of humor and on-camera reactions. 

Rocío Mora

Rocío is the blogger and vlogger behind Rocio Isabel, a bilingual YouTube channel and blog dedicated to curly hair care, lifestyle and family content. 

Maya in the Moment

Like mother, like daughter: Maya in the Moment is the YouTube channel created by Crafty Chica’s daughter. It covers plus-size fashion, lifestyle and beauty topics, and it has more than 44K subscribers. She is also an actress, singer and podcast host with almost 300K Instagram followers and 220K TikTok followers

David Lopez

David Lopez is another Latino Vine star who turned to Instagram and YouTube sensation after the site’s demise. He has 968K followers on Instagram, more than 1 million subscribers on YouTube, and 3.6 million on TikTok, thanks to his short films, skits and scene reenactments. He also shares family content.

Mama Contemporanea

Mama Contemporanea is a bilingual mommy blogger and vlogger with more than 37K YouTube subscribers and 17K Instagram followers. Her blog and videos feature recipes, restaurant reviews, parenting tips, travel guides, the occasional haul video, and other lifestyle content.

Adam Ray Okay

Once Adam Ray puts on the makeup and wigs, Rosa takes over, and the results are hilarious. Rosa’s ginormous eyelashes, clawlike nails, and non-stop humor have pushed the San Antonio-born comedian’s following to 6.9 million on TikTok, with 599K subscribers on Youtube and another 1 million followers on his Instagram page. He also talks about his health and self-care journey and other aspects of his life. 

Amara Que Linda

This social media star hails from Colombia and has built a considerable following, including 17.5 million followers on TikTok and 4.8 million on Instagram. Wildly entertaining, she uses her sharp sense of humor to act out awkward situations, create funny hypothetical situations and find new ways to entertain followers. She also shares her lifestyle and fashion.

Alejandro Rosario

It seems that there’s no challenge that Alejandro won’t take on. With help from his friends, he fills his Youtube and TikTok posts with comedy skits, challenges and dancing, while his Instagram account is filled with fashion and selfies. 


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