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Whether you call Europe home, plan to visit, or simply share the interests of these spirited creators, check out these 15 European Instagram influencers with engaging content to follow. From travel influencers to fashionistas, this list has something for everyone. 

European Instagram influencers to follow

Conor O’Donnell

After neuropathy in both feet changed his life, digital creator Conor O’Donnell found that motorcycles gave him his freedom and independence. Now the British motorbiker posts content about his rides, travel, and menswear for his 16.8K followers.


Having met his partner Rissi in a cafe in London in 2008, Petros discovered that the two shared a love of travel. Today, his Instagram is a showcase of stunning visuals that highlight their global travels. With content covering their adventures—from concerts and sporting events to oceanside infinity pools and anniversary celebrations with expansive views that would make any travel writer envious—his 217K followers know they can count on him for beautiful visuals and authentic commentary.

Max Haase

German travel blogger Max Haase has dedicated his Instagram page to his full-time exploration of the world. Watch him paramotoring over valleys, horseback riding on the beach, or picking mangoes in Cuba. Don’t miss his trekking experience in the breathtaking mountains of Peru.

Janet Dannehl

With more than 909K followers on Instagram, Janet Dannehl uses a combination of travel and lifestyle content to keep her fans engaged. The beautiful photos and videos of her many trips truly encapsulate the sense of place, whether it’s Abu Dhabi, Serbia, Colombia, Sicily, or India. 

Viktorija Peciulyte

Edinburgh-based photographer Viktorija Peciulyte’s Charming Wanders account is a visual account of her stops around the UK. Her images transport her 117K Instagram followers to another time and space, whether she’s at an old bookstore, a quaint coffee shop, or an architecturally stunning museum

Camille Charriere

Model, fashionista, and contributing editor for “Elle UK,” Camille keeps her 1.3M Instagram followers up to date on the latest looks and her travels. There are also behind-the-scenes shots with media giants like “Vogue France” and clips from elite weddings.

Habiba Da Silva 

London-based Habiba Da Silva creates content around beauty, fashion, travel, and lifestyle for her 847K followers on Instagram. Her photos and videos showcase pieces from her line of hijabs and she sometimes offers discount codes for brands she highlights on her channel.

Joe Whale

Young British artist Joe Whale, also known as Doodle Boy, has amassed 166K followers on his Instagram channel for his visually engaging cartoons and designs. He’s done collaborations with Nike and Pixar and did a live art mural installation for England before the World Cup. 

Nicanor Garcia

Barcelona travel and architecture photographer Nicanor loves to work behind the camera. When he’s not teaching a photography class, he’s traveling the globe to capture beautiful buildings, people of the region, or culturally significant structures and symbols. 

Megan Power

British nano influencer Megan Power brings fierce fashion and beauty content to her followers with unique fabrics, bold colors, and outside-of-the-box style pairings. Whether she’s showing off her latest nail choices, sharing her favorite skin care products, or spotlighting her favorite accessories, Megan’s content always represents her authentic style.

Jessica Garcia

Despite trips to Turkey, Egypt, the United States, Sri Lanka, and Bali among just a handful of adventures she’s enjoyed, French travel influencer Jessica Garcia found time to write a book about motherhood, her family, and her hardships. Although she still travels frequently, Jessica’s content is now more family focused.

James Wright

Scottish photographer James Wright has a gift for capturing places, moods, and the natural beauty of objects. His 107K Instagram followers are treated to his talent with content that makes every product—whether it be a bottle of perfume, alcohol, or a vehicle—look extraordinary. 

Miriam Mullins

Irish influencer Miriam Mullins can make any outfit look stunning, as her 135K Instagram followers know. In addition to promoting fashion brands, she has created content for seasonal menus at eating establishments, charities, watches, and flavored drink mixes.

Martina Timpano

Sicilian influencer Martina Timpano is all about highlighting amazing dishes for her 14.2K Instagram followers. From pistachio pizza and carbonara to calamara pesto and gooey filled crepes, her close-up photos and video will leave your mouth watering.

Auxy Ordonez

Barcelona cookbook author, mom, and content creator Auxy Ordonez has acquired 551K followers on her Instagram account with her close-up photos of delicious sweets, snacks, and other delectables. With healthier offerings that present as beautiful as any edible jewel—like these sugar-free doughnuts—her confections almost look too pretty to eat.


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