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There’s nothing like a pup that knows how to strut its stuff, and there’s no place like Instagram to keep up with the latest canine fashion trends. Dressing our pets has become increasingly popular in recent years, but last year’s lockdowns saw pup owners plunking down more cash than ever to make sure their four-legged family members were dressed to the nines.  

And, just as with human fashions, many turned to Instagram to find our fashion clues and learn what the best-dressed dogs were wearing. When you’re looking for the right pet to make a (fashion) statement for your brand, look no farther than these dapper dogs.

Top Dog Fashion Influencers

Here are the top 10 dog influencers that are all about fashion on Instagram

jiffpom (@jiffpom) – 10m followers

This well-coiffed Pomeranian might be the most adorable animal on the internet, and he has the numbers to back that up. Jiff is the very definition of small but mighty, and his successful career includes his own calendar and a cameo in a Katy Perry video. His style will make you smile; looking comfy and casual has never been this cute!

tika the iggy (@tikatheiggy) – 1.1m followers

Here’s a sleek fashion maven who seems to have it all! She’s a fashion model, a gay icon and a powerhouse when it comes to posting. Expect to see this gorgeous gal doing exactly what you’d expect a supermodel to be doing: showing off the sleekest, sexiest fashions and looking entirely at ease no matter what she’s wearing. Not everyone can pull off an animal-print cape, but then again, not everyone is Tika the Iggy.

Menswear Dog (@mensweardog) – 400k followers

Earning the title of Most Stylish Dog in the World, this Shibu Inu named Bodhi lives up to his reputation with every post. You’ll find him dressed to thrill for whatever adventure awaits him, and his style has become so legendary that he even has his own book, “Menswear Dog Presents the New Classics, Fresh Looks for the Modern Man.” Maybe it’s the broad shoulders; maybe it’s the way he rocks those sunglasses; but whatever it is, there’s no arguing with his popularity. And when Bodhi has a fashion tip, listen up — because 400,000 followers can’t be wrong!

Boobie (@boobie_billie) – 279k followers

Like many fashion icons, the trendsetter is based in New York and has an impressive wardrobe. (As if that’s not enough, she’s launched her own fashion line, too!) Whether she’s showing off some new threads, sharing her beauty secrets or just taking it easy, Boobie Billie doesn’t just wear fashion; she IS fashion.

Remix The Dog (@remixthedog) – 148k followers

It simply doesn’t get any cooler than this. RemixTheDog is a stylin’ Schnauzer who’s been featured in ELLE, Glamour Italy, Buzzfeed and more. Whether he’s cruising in a convertible or picking a guitar, Remix does it in the most fashionable way imaginable. He’s partial to travel, treats and rock ‘n’ roll — and he’s also a stickler for making sure he’s properly coiffed at all times. That’s helped land him some big-name brand partnerships and his Remix the Dog blog is packed with fun product reviews as well as gift guides and giveaways.

Iggy Joey (@iggyjoey) – 107k followers

This Italian supermodel turns heads everywhere she goes. Maybe it’s the long legs or the slim build, or maybe it’s those exquisite fashions she’s so fond of. Whatever it is, Iggy Joey has what it takes to earn partnerships with such brands as Amazon, Netflix and Skechers.

Dog Threads (@shopdogthreads) – 100k followers

Clothes might make the dog… but who makes the dog clothes? Someone has to put these threads together, and Shop Dog Threads does it better than most. In fact, they won’t just make your pup look good; they’ll make sure you’re arriving in style, too. Their mix and match pups ‘n’ people outfits mean that you can share their look. From T-shirts and Hawaiian shirts to pajama sets, flannel and hoodies, now your pet won’t be left out when it’s time for those family photos. And, even better, every outfit sold helps feed a shelter dog. So now you can do good while you look good!

Piper The Pin (@piperthepin) – 77.3k followers

Talk about small but mighty! This minpin with the big personality loves fashion, food and fun — but not necessarily in that order. She loves sharing her adventurous life online and, while she’s partial to rainbow-colored attire, she’s bold enough to try just about anything at least once.

GoldenWoofs (@goldenwoofs) – 30.3k followers

What does the discriminating Golden Retriever wear these days? Look no further than Golden Woofs to find out! These dapper dogs can be found wearing the latest fashions while enjoying some fun in the sun or just relaxing at home. The whole pack gets in on the action, which means they can deliver more woofs per post than most.

Rambo the Puppy (@rambothepuppy) – 30k followers

This playful little guy has more than a quarter of a million followers on Facebook, and now he’s bringing that same charm and style to Instagram. He’s fond of sunglasses, chilling outside with a glass of wine and even donning the occasional wig “just for fun.” Oh, and don’t let the name scare you. RamboThePuppy is no tough guy. Just a guy who’s tough not to love. 

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