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Denver is commonly known for its amazing natural beauty and adventurous vibes, but the city has also become a hub for influencers. These influencers have begun to share their lives in the Mile High City through all social media platforms. From great food to beautiful hiking trails, these Denver influencers have you covered. Take a look at our list of creators who share their love for the great city of Denver.

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Denver influencers to follow

Jennifer Mackenchery

Jennifer, popular for her account All the Sweets and Other Eats on Instagram, is the owner and creator of a dessert shop in Denver. She fills her Instagram with delicious baked goods that more than 21K followers enjoy on Instagram. You’ll find fun weekly menus of all the new sweet treats she creates on her feed.

Alisha Alexandra

With more than 45K followers, Alisha uses her Instagram as an outlet to share her life in Denver. Her Instagram feed consists of photos of everything from her Denver lifestyle to her favorite outfits and hotspots in the city.

Mor Zucker

Mor is the digital creator behind the well-known Instagram account named The Denver Ear. She has been a Denver resident for more than 13 years and is also a real estate agent. She is familiar with Denver’s best neighborhoods and restaurants and created this account to show the world the secret hole-in-the-wall businesses around the city. Her account is full of fun restaurants, bars and family-friendly establishments throughout the city.

Larry Herz

Larry is known as one of the most popular foodies within the Mile High City. He has owned and opened many restaurants in Denver and shows his love for great food through his TikTok account. With more than 27k followers, Larry posts restaurant tours and where you need to eat lunch if you’re in the city. His TikTok feed is bound to leave you hungry.


5 restaurants in 5 hours in Denver. To watch the full episode and 46 more click my link in bio. @bluepanpizza @fotmdenver @brothersbbq #coloradofoods #foryoupage #k18results #foodtiktok #coloradofoodscene #foodblogger #colorado #denvercolorado #denverfoodscene

♬ original sound - OCN Eats

Rayna Kingston

Rayna joins our most popular Denver influencers as she takes to TikTok to share her favorite shops, hiking trails, and bars throughout the city. This Colorado native considers herself not to be a foodie but a “drinkie.” The young TikToker shows the fun things the city has to do and her ideal days living in Denver.

Andrew Vascassenno

Andrew joins our list of the most popular Denver influencers by showing his love for the great city and his knowledge of real estate around the area. He is a Colorado real estate agent and a CPA who enjoys filling his TikTok feed with the best neighborhoods and things to do in Denver. When he isn’t showing properties, he enjoys Colorado’s great outdoors and shares that with more than 31K followers.

Anna Zervos

Anna, originally from California, created this popular Denver account to become a guide to those new to the city. The account is considered the “Yelp for Gen Z” and provides Denver locals with the best attractions, restaurants, hair salons, and even piercing shops around the area. Her TikTok feed is full of reviews of all these businesses and has become a solid reference for more than 49K followers.


This just healed our inner child - don’t miss ‘Pixar Putt’ in @McGregor Square 🎈 Save it on @thepaoapp now! #denverco #denver #denvercolorado #pixar #disney

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Steven Dominici 

As a Denver resident, Steven wanted to give the world a different Denver platform to refer to and decided to create a TikTok platform that shows the great outdoors of Colorado instead of the popular city life. He uses his account to show popular hiking trails around the city and encourages his 129.3K followers to experience Colorado’s natural beauty for themselves.


Colorado Mines Peak Trail: 3.8 miles - 1,128’ elevation gain - rated moderate #colorado #coloradohikes #coloradocheck #hiking #mountains #leavenotrace #fyp

♬ #3 - Aphex Twin

Jonathan Davis

Jonathan joins our popular Dever food influencers as he shows the most well-known and delicious restaurants in the Mile High City. He is known for sharing everything from popular food trucks to seasonal pop-up restaurants worth a try. His TikTok feed is full of friendly and resourceful videos that more than 147K followers enjoy. The sweet and savory treats he posts leave his followers hungry and eager to visit local Denver restaurants.


There’s a new restaurant at the Monarch Casino in Black Hawk Colorado. They make Baja style food. This place is amazing! #denver #colorado #casino #restaurant #sponsored

♬ original sound - The Denver Foodie

Cody Roark

The Denver Broncos are one of the city’s most exciting teams, and Cody is here to keep you updated. As a senior analyst for Mile High Sports and the lead voice of Locked on Broncos, Cody keeps more than 8K subscribers up to date on the team. From daily news about the team to player interviews, Cody has got you covered. 

Zuri Wright

Zuri is a Denver micro-influencer who is also a fitness advocate for the Mile High City and shares her favorite workouts and personal fitness journey with more than 5K followers. As the owner of Building Beauty Fitness, Zuri is all about sharing posts to help her followers on their fitness journeys.

Tyler Ward

With more than 1.98M subscribers, Tyler is known for being a great musician. He started his career in music back in 2008. He is known for recording covers of popular songs and writing his own.


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