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Diversity is critical to not only understand but to create successful influencer marketing strategies and successful brand deals. We’re sharing some of the most empowering and successful Black female influencers that use their Instagram platforms to share their voices and incredible talents with the world.

Top Black female influencers to follow on Instagram

Ava DuVernay

Ava is one of the most inspiring women dedicated to narrative change. Ava is the first Black woman to win a Sundance Film Festival Best Director award and is popular for directing movies like “Selma.” In addition to her successful career as a director, Ava is an advocate for diversity and narrative change. With more than 2.2M Instagram followers and the multiplatform arts and social impact organization she has created called AARAY, Ava is one of the most influential Black women on Instagram.

Miracle Watts

As one of Instagram’s most popular “It” girls, Miracle Watts joins our list of the top Black influencers on Instagram. Miracle is a former model who has taken to Instagram to share her favorite beauty products, fashion trends and her sweet family. As a mom and CEO of her clothing brand,  Miracle Lifestyle, Miracle does it all. She is a body positivity advocate and has an Instagram following of more than 2.8M.

Rachel Ricketts

Rachel is a successful author and attorney who uses social media platforms to share the importance of diversity and awareness. As a queer and multiracial Black woman, Rachel is an empowering example to more than 226K Instagram followers. Through her Instagram and a best-selling book called “Do Better: Spiritual Activism for Fighting and Healing From White Supremacy, Rachel is spreading awareness about important issues.

Tamika D. Mallory

With more than 1.1M followers, Tamika is an entrepreneur, social justice leader, movement strategist and well-known author. She was the youngest to ever serve as executive director of the National Action Network and continues to share her voice through her Instagram platform. Her feed is full of her own inspiring words and others that stand behind spreading awareness about social justice.

Jessica Nabongo

Jessica is an entrepreneur, best-selling author and travel enthusiast. Jessica is of Ugandan descent and a dreamer down to her core. She is most commonly known for being the first Black woman to visit every country in the world and uses her Instagram account to share those experiences with more than 242K followers. In addition to seeing the world, Jessica is also known for speaking 80 different languages.

Jackie Aina

With more than 1.8M followers, Jackie is most commonly known for bringing awareness about racism and the lack of inclusivity within the beauty industry and is the first influencer to ever achieve the NAACP Image Award. She uses her Instagram platform to share her talent for all things makeup. She serves as a beautiful and talented inspiration to followers on Instagram and subscribers on YouTube.

Elaine Welteroth

Elaine is the former editor in chief of Vogue, a successful best-selling author of More Than Enough, a masterclass teacher, Project Runwayjudge and mom. Elaine is a successful businesswoman with incredible motivation and the best sense of style. She takes to Instagram to share her life and talents with more than 722K followers.

Asiyami Gold

Asiyami is a digital creator, producer and curator of the clothing brand A.AU. As a successful business women and entrepreneur, she shares a perfect blend of design, fashion and life that emphasizes her talent. Her feed is full of her favorite styles, travels and motivational quotes that inspire more than 308K Instagram followers.

Coco Bassey

As a Nigerian native and active member of the corporate marketing world, Coco is a successful business woman who is also a well-known influencer. Coco is the creator of the blog Millenielle and shares her dream of exploring the world through her Instagram platform. She is a cancer survivor who talks about her life experiences with more than 260K followers. This millennial’s love for style and travel is apparent through her Instagram photos.

Adwoa Aboah

Adwoa is not only one of the most popular faces in the fashion industry, but is also a well-known influencer who uses her platform to share her many talents. Adwoa is most commonly known for being a supermodel and shows off her sense of style with more than 1.4M followers. She is often seen in beauty advertisements and is one of the industry’s most popular models. She shares her beauty through her Instagram feed and also shows what it is like to live a supermodel lifestyle.

Temiloluwa Otedola

Temiloluwa is a talented and inspiring woman. Temi is of Nigerian descent and currently lives in London where she shares her sense of style with more than 1.6M followers on Instagram. She uses her platform to share her life and stylish outfits with the world and often is known for posting encouraging words for her followers.

Yara Shahidi

With the motto “We don’t integrate, we create” Yara joins our list as one of the most inspirational female influencers. Popular for her acting career, Yara has formed a successful platform that allows her to spread awareness and advocate for women of color within the industry. She serves as an inspiration to more than 7.9M followers and people all over the world. As a NAACP Image Award recipient, she is an empowering example of a successful influencer.


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