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Do you want to know about the latest iPhone release? Are you intrigued by tech gadgets, gaming consoles, and the latest wireless device? Is your tech brand looking to connect with a tech-savvy influencer? No matter what your interest in tech, these top tech Instagram influencers will quench your tech thirst.

Top tech Instagram influencers to follow

Delia aka Tech Unicorn

Delia, a “digital nomad,” invites followers to join her in the magical world of tech. She’s a Google Engineer by day, but when she’s off the clock she blends her love of travel with working remotely, as seen in her video on the top highest paid remote tech jobs. Delia offers followers her tips for website building, reasons to learn coding, and more.

Tyler McElhaney

Tyler is a content creator who posts on all things gadgets, games, photography, and tech. Tyler is a micro-influencer on Instagram who regularly spotlights his favorite finds, like wireless earbuds, desktop displays, and gaming devices, to name a few.

Marques Brownlee

Marques has a knack for researching and reviewing the hottest tech tools and gadgets on the market. His informational videos, product reviews, and interviews with the who’s who in the industry have garnered Marques an astounding 3.6 million Instagram followers.

Judner Aura

Judner is a top video and tech creator who specializes in the gaming niche, but posts on an array of tech topics and products. His 303K Instagram followers watch as Judner covers everything from vintage gaming devices and state-of-the-art robotics to developments in enhanced internet speed.

Lewis Hilsenteger

Lewis loves getting his hands on the latest, most sought-after high-tech finds and revealing them to his followers. Lewis is a macro-influencer whose followers eagerly anticipate each new installment of his “unboxing therapy,” like a health-tracking ring, futuristic oven, and Robo Vacs, along with his opinions on the products.

Joshua Vergara

Joshua is a tech video creator whose content is both informative and interactive for his followers. Joshua unboxes the newest gadgets and asks for consumer feedback, like with this sleek new digital camera or special edition smartphones.

Austin Evans

Austin is a tech video creator who makes content that’s simultaneously useful and entertaining. With 507K Instagram followers, the California resident introduces his fellow tech enthusiasts to the hottest new computer systems, builds gaming PCs in a fully 3D printed cube, and shares competition opportunities for students to check out.

Jessica Naziri

Jessica is a video creator and on-air expert who provides tech and gadget reviews for “non techie” types, especially smart home products. Whether micro-influencer Jessica is sharing her content creation essentials, photo and video uploading tips, or a “smart” indoor garden find, she makes technology exciting and accessible for the everyday consumer.

Sara Dietschy

Sara is a Dallas-based podcaster who thrives on blending tech with creativity. She has 191K Instagram followers who tune in for her reviews on gadgets like the latest premium streaming light, rangefinder cameras, streaming microphone, and much more.

Safwan Ahmedmia aka SuperSaf

Safwan is a video creator specializing in tech, travel and memes. He is a Premium Instagram influencer who unboxes a state-of-the-art Cyberwhistle, the most advanced studio display systems, and newest smartphones on the market for his long list of followers.

Matthew Moniz

Matthew creates informational, tech-related videos that help consumers understand and use gadgets like laptops, smartphones, and TVs with confidence. He’s an Instagram micro-influencer whose video content includes insightful tablet reviews, performance comparisons between desktop displays, and useful tips for shopping certified pre-owned cellphones.

Marie-Philippe Gill aka Girl Knows Tech

True to her IG handle, Marie really knows her stuff — she’s a tech blogger with a background in software engineering, machine learning, and research development. Marie gives her 63.9K Instagram followers the scoop on things like trying out a mechanical keyboard, job search tips and smartphone upgrades.

Sasha Tran

As a Las Vegas digital creator, Sasha posts all about the tech lifestyle, with a particular focus on gaming and desktop setups. She’s a mid-tier Instagram influencer who features lighting product picks to illuminate your gaming setup, 3D modeling software alternatives, and her favorite new camera models for her followers.

Justine Ezarik aka iJustine

Justine is a tech reviewer, content creator, and podcaster with an infectious, outgoing personality. She currently has 1.6 million Instagram followers and counting. Justine unboxes and reviews the latest desktops, smartphones, and talks tech on her podcast.

Arun Maini

Arun is a tech influencer from the U.K. who hopes to “build the greatest tech community on the planet,” according to his bio. Arun is well on his way, with 1.4 million Instagram followers who flock to see Arun’s thoughts on the world’s thinnest Android device, smartphone camera comparisons, and a rundown of the world’s most supersized tech products.


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