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Creative people in the world of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are ready to share what they love about their industries. With Earth Day kicking off the STEMtok competition, students and influencers shared their passion for STEM-related topics. These STEM influencers show off daily routines and teach their audiences new things.

Top STEMTok influencers

Natalia — quadzillas

Natalia is an accomplished engineer with a Ph.D. and a quirky personality, which helps her connect with 277.8K followers. Natalia shares lessons from her experiences, life as an engineer, and lifestyle content.

Jasmine — jasminesawaged

Jasmine is an engineer who shines a light on what she loves about her profession. She encourages her 78.6K followers to pursue a STEM-related career. Jasmine shares encouraging words for engineering students and sprinkles in some humor while on the job. 

Tamer Shaheen

Tamer is a mechanical design engineer on TikTok who connects with his 267.3K followers by explaining what his job really entails. He also explains how to become a mechanical engineer and more about computer sciences.


also working for start-ups has been super fun but not the most stable

♬ original sound - Tamer

Aziza Dearra

Aziza is a proud woman in STEM. The full-stack software engineer’s TikTok content captures her daily routines and interests outside of work. Her vlogs highlight software engineering as a profession and motivate her followers to take an interest in jobs like hers. Her 84.8K followers tune in to see her life in STEM, plus her interests in fashion and lifestyle content.

Alexis Walker

Alexis works in biotech and is an outstanding example of a woman working in STEM. With a community of more than 67.1K followers, Alexis shares her advice and what day-to-day coding is like. She often shares videos highlighting how fun coding can be, like this one where she makes music in code 

Alley — alley_rmt

Alley is one of the most well-known med-techs on TikTok with a community of 1.3M followers who tune in for her advice on joining the medical industry. As a medical technician, Alley creates vlogs depicting her daily work and encourages others to learn more about STEM.

Andre Isaacs

Andre is an accomplished associate professor of chemistry with a Ph.D. On TikTok, more than 502.7K followers view his latest lab shenanigans and experiments.


Wine - Queen of the Pastures, Mother of Pasteurization

♬ original sound - Andre Isaacs

Carissa — carissaandclimate

Carissa is a marine biologist sharing her love for her job and helping followers learn how they can save the oceans. Carissa keeps her TikTok followers up to date on issues related to ocean conservation. She also creates vlogs capturing how she studies marine life underwater.


Did you know we passed the strongest climate bill in history in 2022?? This is how it's helping planet ocean now! 🌍 thank you to @NRDC for helping pass this game changing legislation! #stokedonsolutions #fightingchange #inflationreductionact #coastalcommunities #oceanjustice

♬ White Winter Hymnal - Fleet Foxes

Anaa — aplantbiologist

Anaa says her “biggest weakness is not being able to stop photosynthesis” as a plant biologist and woman in STEM. Anaa highlights her studies and lab experiences with more than 51.1K TikTok followers. Her content includes all her daily lab studies and plant biology.

Nandi — nandixtalin

Nandi is a proud woman in STEM who shines a light on her work as an electrical engineer. She answers common questions about her line of work and draws in her 12.9K followers by showing her daily work and fashion and lifestyle content.

Brianna Medina

Brianna is a meteorologist on TikTok with 18K followers. Brianna provides her followers with behind-the-scenes looks at being a meteorologist and explains weather in funny ways. 

Dr. Rachel Barr

Dr. Rachel is a neuroscientist who teaches her 525.2K followers about brain science in engaging, educational ways. She dives into everything from dreams and consciousness to ADHD.


Replying to @redhrz how does the brain generate thoughts? #neuroscience #neurobiology #science #conciousness

♬ original sound - DrRachelBarr

Griffin Furlong

Griffin is a successful author and civil engineer who encourages his 44.4K followers to learn more about land development. From sharing day-in-the-life vlogs to explaining civil engineering math, Griffin takes viewers inside the life of a STEM professional.

Amanda Lam

Amanda is not just your typical chemist but a cosmetic chemist who teaches her 32.9K followers about healthy ingredients and what to avoid when purchasing beauty products.


we love biotech and we love @Kate Somerville Skincare #cosmeticchemist #katesomerville #supercell

♬ original sound - Amanda Lam


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