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As the social media landscape continues to evolve, trends come and go. However, brands and marketers always have new opportunities to connect with audiences. Social media strategists highlight their knowledge of an ever-changing industry, educating users in an authentic manner. With newer platforms released in 2024, such as TikTok Notes, it is important to stay on top of the shifting landscape. These influencers have a way of keeping their followers in the loop.

Top 14 social media strategy influencers

Shannon McKinstrie

Shannon is a social media marketing bestie to her community of 214K followers on Instagram as she shares her strategies. Shannon has been managing social platforms since 2013. She shares her advice on things such as gaining more followers and creating strategies that make social media fun for creators.

Alyssa Chan

Alyssa encourages her TikTok and Instagram followers to enter their “it girl era” on social media with her carefully crafted social media marketing strategies. Alyssa emphasizes the importance of creating your own personal style and shares her secrets to success with her followers.


why your lifestyle content is ✨flopping✨ 1. you're showing me what you're doing and telling me what you're doing, but not giving me context as to how or why 2. it's selfish invite me to be a part of your story (🎙️full pod in my stanstore) 3. you may actually not be flopping!!!😌when you have a concise social media strategy, you will have content with different goals so if you're only goes to go viral, i suggest that you stop listening to ppl that push this. im gonna start posting vlogs and the goal isn't to go viral. i want to create something that will allow me to get closer to my community and also wait for me to express myself creatively💅🏻 #socialmediamanager #personalbrandingtips #personalbrand #lifestylecontent #vlogs #unselfishvlogas

♬ original sound - Alyssa | brand builder✨

Breana Hampton

Breana is a content strategist showcasing the keys to success on social media. She aims to teach her 236K TikTok followers how they can grow by sharing advice on landing brand deals, editing tips, and more.

Paige Burton

Paige, known as The Social Paige on Instagram, uses her platforms to help others build authentic brands and stronger presence on social media. Her clients have been featured in Teen Vogue and Netflix. Paige shares how brands can elevate their business in ways that resonate with users better.

Kar Brulhart

Kar aims to share the “how” and “why” of Instagram growth, success and sales with her followers. She shares a variety of things to avoid when creating content on Instagram, engagement statistics of note, popular hooks on TikTok and Instagram, and much more.

Marlo — marlostudios

Marlo helps creators learn about strategy-driven brand designs and digital presence elevation. Her platform shows how she uses her strategies to help brands leverage their positions on social media through creative designs and modern content concepts.


Let’s talk brand style guides! It is an important tool for design and marketers. Here is a breakdown of a recent style guide we created. #branddesign #branddesigner #brandstyle #styleguide #brandguidelines #brandidentity #brandidentitykit

♬ original sound - Marlo | Brand design & social

Hrabren Bankov

Hrabren is a social media marketing influencer who has cultivated 7M followers for personal brands. He strives to help his own community of 476K followers how they can enhance their own platforms. Through his creative strategies and unique content calendars, Hrabren provides a fresh perspective on modern social media marketing.

Brittany — sociallyher

Brittany considers herself the “wise marketing sister who’s been there and done that” to her 14.5K followers who tune in to view what she has to say about keeping content current and engaging. Brittany talks everything from ensuring payments before delivering content to elevating old marketing strategies to make them work for your brand.

Jaye — milajaye

Jaye is all about helping creators learn how to grow as an influencer. She gained the attention of 171K followers by sharing trending series ideas and advice on how to use the algorithm to their advantage.


Replying to @JAYE | social media 5 *NOT* boring content ideas to help grow tour tiktok account 🫶🏼👀 #contentideas #tiktokgrowth #contentcreatortips #tiktoktips

♬ original sound - JAYE | social media

Michelle Gifford

Michelle strives to make social media simple for her 225K Instagram followers as she shares her insight as an Instagram business strategist. Michelle takes you through exactly how to repost and create unique content for Instagram that leads to high engagement rates.

Emma —

Emma taps into modern aesthetics throughout her own platform, which has led her to gain 103K followers who tune in for her advice on how to connect with audiences and build strong social media presences. She shares stylish ways to boost engagement rates and sprinkles in her own sense of fashion along the way.

Whitney Barlette

Whitney helps businesses grow on social media and increase overall sales with her insightful advice and detailed marketing posts. Her strategies have helped her reach 759K followers, as she provides tips on creating viral posts and her story to her personal social media success.

Amber Henry — thesocial.bff

Amber has reached 44.1K followers on TikTok by preaching social media strategies and encouraging entrepreneurship. Today she shares the keys to successful content and hacks that can lead to the improvement of social media platforms.

Enrico Incarnati

Enrico is a social media strategist and audience growth pro who uses his personal Instagram to educate more than 135K followers. He shares his own hooks that he encourages his followers to use and provides them with professional advice on improving engagement rates and drawing in new traffic.


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