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An estimated 43,000 people die in traffic accidents each year. To help decrease that number, many people have turned to social media to offer safety tips and driving advice. We’ve compiled a list of 15 road safety influencers and advocates, which is timely as World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims occurs on November 20.

Take a look at these roadway safety influencers and advocates


Based in the United Kingdom, George is passionate about educating people on road safety and updates on the car scene. On TikTok, where he’s better known as georgescarmedia, George is a premium influencer who breaks down the basics of roadside safety and driving etiquette for everyday use. Whether he’s discussing the risks associated with noise canceling devices (like earbuds), car features for increased safety, or the legality of using your mobile phone for navigation while driving, George has you covered.


Mobile phone and seatbelt cameras - New to the U.K - We made a full video over on yootoobz if you wanna know more about them! #roadsafety #seatbelts #mobilephones #carscene #ukroads #traffic #speeding #police #speedcameras

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Shane O’Connor  

Shane is an advocate of safe, sustainable transportation. For his Twitter followers, Shane shares insight on road safety topics like the problem with using a hands-free device while driving, the importance of buckling your seatbelt, and the dangers of texting while driving.


Aman is a driving instructor based in West London who aims to help drivers stay safe on the road with sage advice and real-life examples. For her 414.4K TikTok followers, to whom she’s known as clearviewdriving, Aman gives practical pointers like why you shouldn’t blindly follow the traffic ahead, how to drive safely in flooded conditions, and the proper way to make an emergency stop.

Mr. Batey 

Becoming a skilled, safe driver isn’t as easy as it looks, and that’s something Mr. Batey readily recognizes. As a driving instructor, he shares safety tips for different driving situations to his TikTok followers, who know him as mr_roadready. Mr. Batey teaches drivers of all experience levels things like how to handle sharp freeway exit ramps, driving on the freeway in foggy conditions, and a perfectly executed hand-over-hand steering technique.

Stan Cravens 

Stan is a safe driving enthusiast who shares driving tips and “how to” tech advice. On YouTube, Stan shows his subscribers the right way to shoulder-check before changing lanes, how to be properly prepared if you get a flat tire out on the road, and what to do when your turn signal starts flashing and blinking rapidly.

Bo Petterson 

Bo calls himself a regular dad, but to his daughter, Emily, and 2.1 million TikTok followers, he is anything but average. After Emily suffered a traumatic brain injury, he nursed her back to health. Emily encouraged him to share his knowledge and words of encouragement to those who may not be as lucky as she is in the dad department. Followers tune in to dadadvicefrombo for guidance on how to winterize your vehicle, how to safely open your car’s hood, and the right way to check your oil.


Winter driving tip because SOMEONE CARES ABOUT YOU. Love, Dad

♬ original sound - DadAdviceFromBo

Michelle Pratt 

When Michelle couldn’t find the car seat resources she needed to ensure her child was properly protected in the car, she decided to help other parents in the same predicament. Her efforts to increase car seat safety awareness have even been featured on The Today Show. On Instagram, where she’s known as safeintheseat, Michelle is a premium influencer who shows caregivers how to keep newborns safe in their car seat, how to prep your car for on-the-go potty training needs, and the dangers of bulky winter wear while strapped in the seat.

Kelly Stumpe 

Kelly is a mom and self-professed car-buying expert who shares car reviews and car-buying tips for families. For the 348K Instagram followers who know her as the_car_mom, Kelly demonstrates how to prepare a used car for a teen driver, the proper way to buckle up when you’re pregnant, and updates on important manufacturer seat belt recall information

The Funny Guy 

The Funny Guy is a high-energy driving instructor who loves living life and helping people stay safe behind the wheel, all while keeping a sense of humor. For his TikTok followers, the mid-tier influencer shares how to identify great tires, car mirror usage for beginners, and hacks for new drivers

Dave Harford  

Dave is a traffic officer and road safety advocate based in Worcester, England. On Twitter, Dave warns drivers about the dangers of the expressway’s hard shoulder, what to do if your car breaks down in traffic, and promotes the hints, tips, and driver resources available during upcoming Road Safety Week.

David Wallace 

David is an international expert on traffic safety based in Michigan whose goal is to make roads safer for everyone. David shares his words of wisdom with all of his Twitter followers, including topics like the importance of stopping for trains, speaking out about distracted driving awareness, and shares how we can make a difference by preventing drunk driving

Mi Ae Lipe 

Seattle-based Mi is an award-winning citizen advocate who uses research-backed data to push for changes to driver training requirements and the public’s perception of traffic safety issues. On Twitter, where she’s better known as DrivingReal, Mi discusses drunk driving prevention during the upcoming holiday season, the positive impact permanent Daylight Savings Time would have on roadside safety, and the steps to determine if your neighborhood needs a walk-audit for added safety.

Jennifer Smith 

Jennifer is a passionate safety advocate who seeks to end distracted driving practices. On Twitter, where her followers know her as hangupjustdrive, Jennifer shares research supporting Georgia’s Hands-Free Driving law, the importance of setting your mobile device settings to Do Not Disturb while behind the wheel, and speaks at a national conference about the importance of staying off of your phone while driving


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