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Portland, Oregon, is one of the most up-and-coming cities in the United States. It is known for having some of the prettiest urban forests in the country and is a hub for true talent. It is home to many creators who share their love for the Rose City, nature and food with their followers. Here are some top Portland influencers that you need to follow.

10 Portland influencers to follow

Marcus Harvey

Marcus Harvey is a well-known entrepreneur that shares his love for his home town with his Instagram followers. He was born and raised in Rose City and is the founder of the popular Instagram account Portland and the clothing brand Portland Gear. He continues to share his love for the city on his page, where he posts pictures of his family and favorite local foods

Jacob Keller

This Portland-born and raised influencer is considered “Portland’s fashion prodigal superstar.” The creator uses his YouTube platform to share his trendy looks with his 152K subscribers. His channel, Always Fresh Apparel, shows his vintage collections, what he is wearing this year and his clothing advice.

Riley Hubatka

Riley is a popular influencer born in Portland who is commonly known for her TikTok platform. The 21-year-old shares her life experiences with her 8.9M TikTok followers. She enjoys sharing videos of her daily life, Halloween costumes and family experiences.

Hailey Tucker

Hailey is a social media influencer who was born in Portland. This TikTok star rose to fame in 2019 when she began posting TikTok dances. Commonly known for her “Friday vibes” posts, this Portland influencer posts uplifting and fun videos of her dancing with friends and enjoying her daily routines.


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Alex Hasenohr

Alex is a sports nutritionist and athlete who enjoys the Pacific Northwest. This Portland influencer shares photos of her experiencing the city’s beauty to the fullest. Alex is known for sharing her marathon training, adventure dog named Otto and love for Oregon with her Instagram followers.

Rodrigo Trevino

Rodrigo joins the most popular Portland influencers as he uniquely shares his life. The photographer was born in Portland and shares many great photos of Oregon’s natural beauty. However, he is currently exploring the rest of the world and sharing his snaps with his Instagram followers.

Jen Stevenson

Jen is one of the most popular food and travel authors on Instagram. The Portland native often shares many of her favorite meals and restaurants around the city for her Instagram followers to visit and enjoy. Jen is also known for her published book, “Portland’s 100 Best Places to Stuff Your Face.”

Brian Cripe

Brian joins the Portland influencers list as he shares pictures around the city on his Instagram. Brian’s Instagram is unique because it captures all different versions of the city of Portland. He often posts photos of the city at night, the forest and places around the city most haven’t seen yet

Zach King

Zach is one of Portland’s most well-known influencers who started his social media presence in 2013. The YouTuber is known for posting short videos on magic and illusions. He posts videos on his channel showing his passion for magic challenges. His talent has led him to win awards and run a successful YouTube channel with 15.2M subscribers.

Natalie Rose

Natalie is one of the most interesting social media influencers from Portland. This TikToker is known for always keeping her audience on their toes. She is popular for trying out new jobs on TikTok and sharing what each work experience is like as she does it. She interacts with her 2.7M TikTok followers and uses their work suggestions to create new videos.


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