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Pokémon has been around since 1996, starting out on Gameboy and quickly taking off in popularity. Since then, it’s morphed into a manga series, a trading card game, a mobile game and anime series and films. Nowadays, Pokémon lovers have turned to social media to share their love for whichever part of the Pokémon dynasty they love.

11 Popular Pokémon Influencers


With 2.5M subscribers, the YouTube channel PokéRev is the perfect place for all Pokémon lovers. He focuses on Pokémon cards and does card openings weekly.


The Instagram account Pokémonshell has 224K followers who stick around for the Pokémon content. The account features Pokémon art, daily posts and funny memes.


Michael is the face behind the popular Pokémon YouTube channel, MandJTv. With 2.19M subscribers, the channel shares his love for the franchise including his take on Pokémon memes and talking about the Top 10 Gym Leaders.

Pokémon LatAm

Pokémon LatAm has 38K followers on Instagram and shares frequent posts all about the Pokémon universe. There are animations and even meetup information.


John runs the channel PM7 on YouTube and has grown it to 918K subscribers with his Pokémon videos.  He shares himself playing Pokémon games and even some elite trading boxes.

Real King Pokémon

Gary is the man behind Real King Pokémon on Instagram. The account has 50K followers and shares Gary’s passion for Pokémon. He posts about Pokémon events he goes to and his love for trading cards.

Chilln Play 

The channel Chilln Play is focused on two Pokémon fanatics who share a look into their video game skills. They do different challenges that people are asking for and their favorites. They have 296K subscribers on YouTube.

Trading Card Investments

This account on TikTok is focused solely on the Pokémon trading card universe. It has 80.6K followers who come back time and time again to see if they can find their favorite pack and purchase it.

PKN Master

With just over 80K followers on Instagram, PKN Master is a Pokémon influencer whose love is focused on Pokémon anime. The creator shares clips from anime that they love and Pokémon followers keep coming back for more.


TikTok’s Pokezenn has 278K followers that keep coming back for family-friendly Pokémon content. You’ll find content about trading cards and he even gives ideas for gifts for those who love the Pokémon universe.


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♬ original sound - Pokezenn


The female creator behind Officiallywhelmed on TikTok is a Pokémon master and has gained almost 98K followers with her videos. She does episodes called “Cry Me a Pokémon” and other videos of her playing Pokémon games.


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