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The feed of a pilot influencer can be quite fascinating. Seeing the world from the pilot’s seat is not an opportunity that just anyone gets. From snowy mountaintops to beaches, the world’s expansive beauty can be witnessed right at your fingertips. These pilot influencers take you along on their adventures.

Pilot influencers to follow

Karim Nafatni 

Karim was drawn to aviation at an early age and attended an aviation high school. He quickly knew the pilot life was right for him and went on to co-found a flight school where he also works as an instructor. Aside from sharing his many encounters from the pilot seat, he is a Bose brand ambassador and shares content relating to that as well.

Mann Ed Demalata

“Eat, sleep, fly” is Mann Ed’s motto. As a pilot of more than 10 years, he’s seen and heard it all and regularly gives advice and tips to not only fellow pilots but passengers too. When he is not airborne, he likes to explore destinations or spend quality time with family and friends.

Steveo Kineevo

On any given day, you can find Steveo flying a plane or riding a motorcycle. He typically flies thunderbirds and jets and shares his experiences, even when things go wrong. He demonstrates how to fly the planes and the necessary steps to take, along with what to do when problems occur, like landing gear failure.

Deon Mitton

Deon is a seaplane pilot, travel photographer and blogger. He shares the ins and outs of flying seaplanes, going in-depth about why they operate the way they do and the purposes the different parts serve. He also showcases the enchanting views of the exotic islands he lands on and even offers ideas for things to do.

Jess — crapwhereaminow

Jess has a passion for flying. So much so that she even flew into her wedding with her dress on and hair and makeup ready. She mostly flies jets and single-engined planes and enjoys sharing her views from each adventure. Her friends and family are often featured as well, sometimes with her in the air and sometimes on the good ol’ ground.

Kirby Chambliss

Kirby has some pretty impressive accolades in the world of aviation. He is a five-time United States National Aerobatic champion and a two-time Red Bull Air Race World champion. He watched his dad as a skydiver, which inspired his pilot path. His feed is full of clips from competitions, races and airshows he has participated in, along with the incredible views he sees. More recently, said he wants to try flying helicopters.

Mindy Lindheim

Mindy is a woman of many trades. Aside from being a pilot, she sells aircraft, hosts an aviation travel series and posts vlogs on YouTube. Her content covers many topics, including snippets of her flights, traffic jams and aircraft maintenance

Erik Lake

Erik started his career in aviation in the Air Force. Afterward, he appeared on a reality TV show and became a commercial pilot. Most of his content adds a humorous spin to the pilot’s life, and he even shows an encounter with a potential UFO.

Scooter Yoak

Scooter is an airshow pilot and aircraft mechanic. He spends most of his time employing meticulous methods in the airshows he participates in when they’re in season. When they’re not in season, he is either preparing for next season, maintaining his airshow aircraft, or restoring old and rundown aircraft. 

Eric Jordan

When Eric is not soaking up the sunshine in Florida, he loves to fly. He’s an airline pilot who is technically retired but just couldn’t stay away. He is now semi-retired and finds much joy in being airborne and sharing his experiences.

Michael Goulian

There’s just something about the thrill of aerobatics that keeps Mike coming back. He began learning how to fly at 16 years old, and it’s safe to say he loves every bit of it. He started with corporate jets and now spends most of his time with his team preparing for and participating in airshows.


Cold and snowy here in New England this past weekend and that just gets us more and more amped for those ohh so sweet summer days during the show season. #flywat #fyp #flying #aerobatics #airshows #airshowstuff #aviation

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Max Weldon

Max entered the world of aviation at 18 years old. He would stream his simulator flights on Twitch, then eventually decided it was time for the real deal and never looked back. He has an aviation blog and several vlogs showcasing his life in the pilot seat. These days, he mostly flies private jets but has experience with all aircraft types

Amy White

Amy started off flying single-engined planes and continued to grow from there. She eventually completed training to pilot multi-engined commercial planes. Most of Amy’s content showcases a gorgeous aircraft model, breathtaking views from above, or the sharpening of her skills.

Jim Stevenson

Jim is adamant that owning an aircraft is therapeutic, acknowledging the mood-boosting benefits that most owners experience. Jim is a retired airshow performer and now spends most of his time photographing other pilots or working with beginners when he’s not in the pilot seat himself.


Tobias is always up for a good challenge or adventure, especially when it has to do with aircraft. His interest in aviation was sparked when he experienced bush flying in Alaska. Shortly after, he went on to build his dream plane with the help of his partner, Jackie. He even started an aviation blog and documents his journeys and all the cool tricks he does.


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