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Gen Z is the first generation that has never experienced the world without the internet. The young group born between 1997-2012 loves tech, values diversity, and invests heavily in self-exploration, so it’s not surprising to learn that this generation also loves to travel. Follow along as these Gen Z travel influencers take you on their adventures.

15 Gen Z travel influencers who explore new sights

Sarah Minghini

Sarah is a Gen Z college student who loves shaking up her surroundings as often as possible. Her Instagram followers tag along for the ride as she hits the beach in Ocean City, Maryland, takes a trip to Chinatown in D.C., and visits a pretty pumpkin patch in Pennsylvania

Wyatt Moss 

Wyatt is a GenZer who never shies away from a challenge. Having already visited 50 states in 50 days, Wyatt’s now on a mission to break the world record for the fastest trip to every country — 200 countries in less than a year. On TikTok, the mid-tier influencer shares travel budget tips, updates his followers on his latest challenge achievements, and recaps his timely trek across the United States with his friends. 

Alex Ojeda 

Alex considers himself to be a professional thrill seeker. For his 8.2M TikTok followers, Alex seeks out the most exhilarating amusement park rides and slides in the world. Whether he’s freefall rope swinging in El Salvador, bungee jumping above a desert canyon in Mexico, or ziplining across the world’s longest cruise ship, Alex is always up for an adrenaline-pumping adventure. 


Ziplining over 10 stories across the world’s largest cruise ship, #WonderoftheSeas 🤯 Would you Zipline here? @Royal Caribbean #zipline #cruiseship #travel

♬ Paradise - Bazzi


Nathalie is a German traveler. Known to her TikTok followers as @voyagefox, the influencer shares plenty of stunning scenery, including swinging from a palm tree on the beach in the Maldives, catching a gorgeous sunset on safari in South Africa, and running across a beautiful black sand beach (complete with a waterfall) in Tenerife, Spain.  


Getting all the Lion King Vibes in the savanna of South Africa 😍 How is this place even real? #southafrica #südafrika #safari #africatravel #adventuretravel

♬ Circle of Life - Furnace and the Fundamentals

Briana M.  — justgowithbrii

Briana takes her love of hiking, gymnastics, and beaches all across the globe. On TikTok, she’s known to her followers as justgowithbrii. Whether she’s doing handstands in Egypt, spending an action-packed day in Rome with her friends, or doing backflips in Arizona’s breathtaking Monument Valley, Briana’s checking off her bucket list one adventure at a time. 


Egypt has so much to offer and we barely scraped the surface!

♬ original sound - cench

Lauren Bullen 

Gen Zer Lauren is an Australian photographer and entrepreneur who has been bitten by the travel bug. Lauren is a celebrity influencer on Instagram, better known as gypsea_lust. Her followers can find her stopping to smell the roses (literally) in Estonia, beaching in Bali, and living it up with friends in magical Mykonos

Annette — fromannettewithlove

Annette is a writer, activist and public speaker. The Gen Zer is also a plus-sized fashion and travel enthusiast, known to her Instagram followers as fromannettewithlove. She shares helpful travel tips and dishes on all her globe-trotting experiences, like receiving an ancient cleanse in Mexico, taking a safari tour in Tanzania, and riding a cable car in San Francisco.  

Barry — asianmapleleaf 

Barry is a writer, host and self-proclaimed professional travel content creator. Barry can be found seeing NYC from new heights, drinking in the surreal beauty of Banff National Park in Canada, and strolling on the beach in Hawaii.     

Abena — travellingtuesdays

Abena is a London-based traveler who shares her solo trips with the masses. On TikTok, where she’s a mid-tier influencer, Abena embarks on a European adventure with a single train pass, soaks up the island sun in Zanzibar, and recaps two weeks in blissful Bali for her fellow travel fanatics. 


Save this for your trip🤙🏾 have fun💕 #bali #itinerary #travel

♬ Run Boy Run - Woodkid

Alva Vaz — alvatheexplorer

As a recent college graduate, Alva is now on a journey to see the world on a budget. He invites his TikTok followers to join him on all his cost-conscious expeditions. Alva gets up close and personal with the Dead Sea in Israel, explores Albania with friends, and shares his picks for the top sites to visit in Mexico.  

Nikki — nikkionherway

Nikki’s always looking to up her travel game, and she helps other globe-trotters do the same by sharing helpful travel tips, guides, and videos she’s compiled along the way. For her TikTok followers, she shares her favorite travel backpacks, how to pack like a pro, and four must-see European cities for first-time visitors to enjoy.  


4 cities to put on your list for your first trip to Europe. We loved all of these cities for how easy they were to navigate, how affordable they were, and how much amazing food and activities they offered! So if you’re trying to figure out where to visit in Europe, add these 4 destinations to your list #europetraveltips #europedestinations #europetravel #traveltoeurope #europeancitiestovisit

♬ original sound - Tik Toker

Joe Martin 

Joe wants to see the world without breaking the bank and aims to help others do the same. On TikTok, where his followers know him as joemartintravel, he shares his favorite things to do in Morocco, three can’t-miss activities in Southeast Asia, and a roundup of the most valuable lessons he’s learned throughout five years of solo travel.   

Savannah — storyofsavannah

London-based Savannah is all about seeing new sights and living her life to the fullest. On TikTok, where she’s a mid-tier influencer, she takes a nerve-wracking walk across the ocean from the 16th floor of a cruise ship, goes backpacking in Australia with her significant other, and spends two weeks on a fun-filled Canadian road trip

Emma K. Pinkerton — avocadoobaby

Emma is a mountain-climbing, thrill-seeking adventurer based in Austin. For her TikTok followers, she spills on the best places to meet people on a solo trip, recaps her favorite foodie finds on a trip to NYC and reflects on what she wishes she’d packed for a whirlwind 30-day trip to six cities and three countries.


30 Days, 6 Cities, 3 Countries. Here are 4 things I wish I packed ✈️ #traveltips #traveltok #costarica

♬ L$d - Luclover

Gabby B. — packslight

Gabby is a self-proclaimed Gen Z travel expert and “Solo Travel Queen.” On TikTok, where her 332.2K followers know her as packslight, the digital nomad gets the lay of the land in sunny Cape Town, heads to Cabo San Lucas for an activity-packed weekend, and shares her favorite camera for shooting travel vlogs


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