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Pilates influencers show their impressive skills, physiques and techniques on social media. They’re not just flexing their muscles; they’re flexing their creativity, ingenuity, and expertise, inspiring their followers to embrace the workout. Whether you’re a marketer looking to tap into this niche or a social media user seeking inspiration, check out these top Pilates influencers and enthusiasts.

Top Pilates influencers

Madeleine — luvmadeleine

Madeleine shares Pilates workouts as a certified instructor who encourages her 1.1M followers on TikTok to move with love. Her platform showcases Pilates for beginners and captures her favorite “busy girl workouts.”

Morgan — whatmojoloves

Morgan shares her passion for Pilates, wellness, fitness and more. With content including her tips for fellow Pilates instructors and a series on improving reformer moves Morgan has gained over 61.3K followers on TikTok.


Group Pilates classes are great for many reason including making Pilates more financially accessible to more people. The one down side is that you typically get less attention on form (depending on the class size) and sometimes that can lead to picking up some bad habits for certain moves. My goal for this page is to be your virtual private Pilates bestie to help you get the best form possible for your group classes! Every week I’ll break down a move and show some of the common mistakes I see and how to improve. I’ll also take requests for moves that you need help with! Comment below or send me a message, and you want a more detail consult add a video! #pilates #pilatesinstructor #pilatestok

♬ original sound - MoJo | Wellness + Fitness

Mia Shpirer

As one of the most followed Pilates influencers on social media, Mia has gained an audience by filling her feed with insightful content that captures the benefits of the specific workout style. Over 1.2M followers are treated to her advice when working out on reformers to tips for gaining better movement.

Georgie — georgieedgar

Not only is Georgie a Pilates enthusiast and instructor, but also a university student who teaches balance for both working out and going to school. Georgie shares with her 13.1K followers what she enjoys about Pilates the most and posts her daily vlogs as an instructor.


this one hurt 🫣 @MoveActive socks MOVEXGEORGIE15

♬ Glimpse of Your Reflection - Nadya

Raven Ross — pilatesbodyhotties

You may remember her from her time on the hit Netflix show “Love Is Blind,” but Raven Ross was well-known among the Pilates community before that. As an accomplished instructor, Raven leads 416K followers on Instagram with her encouraging tips for beginners and motivational advice.

Alyssa Skye

When it comes to keeping working out fun, Alyssa is at the top of the list. She shares Pilates workouts featuring machines and her fitness experiences for over 23.4K followers on Instagram.

Nicole — Move With Nicole

Nicole is a certified Pilates and yoga instructor on YouTube who helps others become the best versions of themselves. Her channel features a variety of quick Pilates tutorials that anyone can complete in the comfort of their own homes.

Lilly Sabri

Lilly is a popular Pilates influencer on YouTube with over 5.27M subscribers who tune in to view her weekly full-body workout tutorials. Lilly shares everything from intense ab tutorials to her classic hourglass waist workouts.

Lidia Mera

Lidia encourages her 8993K subscribers to learn what makes them feel our best and she helps them through her informative workout content. She shares her Pilates 35-minute to 10-minute workouts that do everything from building strength to burning fat.

Margaret— margaretelizabeth__

Margaret educates 267.8K followers on TikTok about her Feel Good Pilates. She shares strength and stamina-focused workouts and encouraging words for those getting started.


the app is live!!! Cant wait for you to see it 😉

♬ original sound - Margaret // Pilates Instructor

Ashton — ashtonvonkessler

Ashton is a Pilates lover with 17.3K followers. She highlights what makes workouts special to her. She takes her followers with her as she tries new moves and talks about what Pilates can do for one’s health.


It’s offical, I cannot get this song out of my head #pilates #reformerpilates #pilatesworkout

♬ I Had Some Help - Post Malone

Olga Roberts

Olga is an accomplished International Master Pilates teacher who shares her fitness knowledge and inspires 106K followers. She posts Pilates routines and the benefits of Pilates.


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