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Pickleball is a unique sport combining elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong. It has found a thriving community on social media, where influential personalities post a mix of expert gameplay, tips, and engaging content that appeals to players, influencers, and marketers alike. Whether you’re a player looking to improve your game, an influencer seeking inspiration, or a marketer aiming to tap into trending communities, these pickleball influencers on TikTok offer a wealth of opportunities.

Top pickleball influencers on TikTok

Sydney Steinaker

Sydney is one of the most followed female pickleballers on TikTok, with over 54.6K fans tuning in to view her time on the court, trendy athletic outfits and funny content about the sport.


This may be the best piece of pickleball advice I’ve ever received 🤍 I was given this piece of advice on an all women’s pickleball trip called empowHER and let me tell you, I have been having so much more fun on the courts since then. #pickleball #fypage #pickleballtiktok

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Shea Underwood

Shea left his job as an engineer to fully dive into pickleball and hasn’t looked back. He dives into everything he knows about the sport, educating his 36.2K followers and keeping them updated with the latest sports news.


Pickleball Game Of P.I.G

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Tanner — tanner.pickleball

Tanner shares instructional posts on how to become an expert player and enjoy your time on the court. His knowledge of the game has earned him 15.1K followers on TikTok and he has a well-followed YouTube channel as well.


Stop doing THIS! 🛑✋ The drop-shot volley will NOT work, more times than it will.🧠 You’re giving up the advantage you have with being at the kitchen line. 🏆 ✅ ONLY use it when the opponent is hitting a ball off their BACK FOOT. #pickleball #pickleballislife #pickleballrocks #pickleballaddict #pickleballtournament #pickleballhighlights #pickleballtiktok

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Kyle Koszuta — thatpickleballguy

Kyle has created an engaging platform by showcasing his passion for the sport and teaching his 31.5K followers to “beat bangers in pickleball.” He posts his game experiences and tutorials.


(VIDEO 10/10) Just by choosing more intentional dink locations, you’ll start to win more points! Try it out. #pickleball

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Evan Slaughter — fit2serve1

Evan takes to TikTok to create a unique pickleball platform that uses humor to highlight his favorite aspects of the game. Over 171.7K followers have tuned in to see what hilarious pickleball-themed skits he will share next.


With the @Brrrn board, ill be ready for the midwest regional picklebal blast tournament by summer time for sure! #pickleball #pickleballtiktok #pickleballhumor #mobilitytraining

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Michele Stroyek — thepickleyogi

Michele is a pickleball player on TikTok who shares her love for the game with her followers. In addition to being a player herself, Michele owns a pickleball business that offers lessons and clinics.


Pickleball tips and outfits — check out the full lesson at link in bio #pickleball

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Tyson McGuffin

Tyson is a professional pickleball player and coach who encourages his followers on TikTok to follow his journey as he offers sports-related advice and dives into his experiences on the court.


Most players are relatively comfortable attacking popped up dinks out of the air, especially when they are contacting the ball above the height of the net. Learning to attack dinks off the bounce, though more difficult to do, will allow us to generate more of our own offense as needed. If you’re new to attacking off the bounce, I’ve come up with four steps to set you up for success! 1️⃣ Identify The first thing you should do is identify if the dink is even attackable. Remember to have your S.L.Y. (stable, location, yellow). If you can go through this mental checklist and determine that you are balanced and the ball bounces up high enough, then you have full license to start the attack. 2️⃣ Disguise The next thing you should focus on is disguising your attack. Though you may be able to overpower your opponents without disguising your attacks once in a while, your successful attack percentage will surely go up if the element of surprise is also on your side. By making your attacks look like dinks until the last possible moment, you can make your opponents late on their counter attacks. Make sure to avoid closing your stance or having any backswing on your attacks! 3️⃣ Location Even under perfect conditions, attacking can be unsuccessful if we don’t hit a good location. Though we won’t attack every player in the same spot, our intent should be to either “jam” our opponents or get them overreaching for their initial counter attack. If we can throw off the timing of their initial counter attack even a little bit, we may give ourselves the advantage on our re-counter. 4️⃣ Anticipate Our intention when we attack a dink off the bounce should never be to win the point immediately. We should always be thinking of our initial attack as a setup. If we can make an educated guess as to the location of the counter attack, we can already be waiting with our paddle ready to strike before the ball arrives. Improving our anticipation skills and IQ is a great way to get better in fast exchanges without having to increase our hand speed directly. #mcguffincoaching #comegetmcguffind #pickleballinstruction #pickleball #tysonmcguffinpickleball #coaching #sports @Tyson McGuffin PB

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Abbey Butterfield — thepickleballgirl

Abbey brightens up the feeds of her followers with her positive attitude, colorful pickleball paddle and love for the game. She shares her latest games and insights into the gear that leads her to being a champ.

Ed Ju — edjupickleball

Ed takes his 11.9K TikTok followers and 29.4K YouTube subscribers along with him on his journey to learning everything there is to know about pickleball. He shares tips and tricks for practicing to help elevate your game.


All the Asian parents gonna be disappointed in me wearing shoes indoors, but 10/10 worth it 😂 No furniture in the house yet, so I wanted to see if I can fit the mini court in our dining room… Shoot I think imma keep this here and lay down some @_pickleroll_ 👀 🔗 The Mini Court in my bio — . . . . #pickleball #pickleballaddiction #edjupickleball

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Mark Price — markpricepickleball

Mark is a professional pickleball coach helping others find the excitement pickleball brings him. He shares his expert insights into hits and moves that help his followers gain a win on the court.


A lob can cause chaos at the kitchen!! It not only pushes your opponents off the line, but can cause confusion and lead to mistakes, if your opponents aren’t prepared to deal with this shot. Several top Pros have mastered this technique, disguising it well and use it to great effect against their opponents. Here are a few tips to perfect your lob at the NVL. Make sure you SAVE this post for later and SHARE with your friends! #pickleball #coach #pickle #learn

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Tyler Stroyek — pickleballwithtyler

You may recognize him by his last name as Tyler is married to Michele, another pickleball influencer. They share their unique perspective on the game. Tyler offers his favorite tips as a coach.


5 Pickleball Return Tips That Will INSTANTLY TRANSFORM Your Game

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