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How many pets do you follow on TikTok? Everyone loves to watch animal videos, whether it’s a cat doing tricks or a turtle showing affection. Pet videos have become somewhat cathartic for viewers who need a pick-me-up. These pets on TikTok provide the content to life your spirits.

10 TikTok pet stars bringing smiles

Otis the Box Turtle

Although the Garden State Tortoise account on TikTok showcases other turtles and tortoises, it’s Otis who steals the spotlight. One minute he’ll be seeking out affection from his favorite human over morning coffee and the next he’ll be biting his nose. He loves to have his chin rubbed and he’s developed a reputation for being not only the world’s most famous turtle, but also one of the most intelligent!

Peanut the Squirrel

With 982.8K followers on TikTok, Peanut is hardly your average squirrel. He can open packages, jump onto his human, and unscrew the lid from cashew milk cartons. Along with his “sibling” cat, Peanut is sometimes incorporated into his human’s workouts and he frequently holds up signs. He’s even been known to promote squirrel NFTs!  

Dunkin Ducks

Collectively known as “The Quack House,” the Dunkin Ducks live a life of luxury that rivals that of most humans. Just check out Munchkin sipping a drink in the drive-through or feasting on strawberries gifted by the Dunkin crew. Sometimes the ducks will be dressed up in seasonal costumes or will indulge in homemade duck-friendly wild-blueberry pies. They’ve even appeared on TV in Australia!

Blueberry and Toast

The variety of birds, including parrots Blueberry and Toast, aren’t just entertaining and adorable — they’re also smart. They can remove the lids from jars, put items into containers, and dance to music. If you’re fascinated by birds that can talk, check out this video of Blueberry asking, “What are you doing?” Don’t miss the other birds, including Bun Bun the cockatoo and Kaine, the vibrant and funny showstopper who isn’t camera shy.

Big Boy Bru Bru

Affectionately known as “Bru Bru” by his 181.6K TikTok followers, Brutus the French mastiff leads a charming and spoiled life. He dines on steak, lounges by the pool, and lies on the furniture. He grew up playing with best bud Ava, but sometimes just prefers to chill out to watch some football (in costume, of course). You’ll frequently see him carrying around his toy hedgehog, which he doesn’t like to share.    

Cool Cat Lou

No list of animal stars would be complete without a cat, and Louie is all about fame and intrigue. Louie enjoys long walks on the beach, riding the merry-go-round, and chilling out in the swing. Turnoffs include driving in rush-hour traffic and getting pulled over by the police. Follow Louie’s TikTok account to marvel over his unique costumes and outfits.  

Guinea Pig Rosie

Pampered pets may want to up their game to compete with Rosie the guinea pig. She’s got her own mini tent for playing hide-and-seek, adorable little accessories and even a Halloween costume. The spoiled fur ball loves human fruit and dines on watermelon, pomegranates, and bananas. As evidenced by the squeals in Rosie’s most viral video of 2021, she’s not a fan of baths.

Spider Monkey Winston

Launched to stardom to raise awareness about a small-primate rescue, Winston and his friends have pulled in nearly 846K followers on TikTok. From his adorable ensembles and drinking from a bottle to snuggling with one of his dads or swinging on his indoor play equipment, Winston’s antics will have you hooked. If your heart melts at uncommon bonds between animals, don’t miss the video of ever-patient Cane the canine letting Winston climb all over him.

Pinky the Pig

Pinky might be a member of the Polo family but she steals the show on TikTok. Some of her favorite activities are similar to those a canine might enjoy: playing at the dog park, going for car rides and swimming. Her 146K fans on TikTok take delight in watching her scarf down cucumbers, get belly rubs before bed, and raid the refrigerator all by herself. 


If I give 🥒 to Baylee she won’t eat it but since Pinky is enjoying why not lol 😆 #animallover #pigsoftiktok #pigoftiktok #thepolofamily #dogsofttiktok

♬ Change My Mind - Clutch

Noodle the Pug

Noodle and his owner Jonathan are known for their daily updates, or readings, on whether 13-year-old Noodle will have a bones or no-bones day. These updates inspire their 4.5 million followers to prioritize self-care. Tune in to hear about whether you should treat themselves and take risks or take it easy and wear no “hard pants.” If Jonathan lifts Noodle up from his dog bed and Noodle flops back onto the bed, it’s a no-bones day. If he gets up and moving, it’s going to be a good day! The pair has a picture book coming out in June.


you heard him! 🔮🦴🔮

♬ original sound - Jonathan


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