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Nursing influencers have a lot to say. Whether they’re advocating for safe staffing numbers, giving tips to nursing students to pass exams, or dancing their way through overnight shifts, these nurse influencers educate and entertain their audiences.

13 nurse influencers who have built a following on social media

Nurse Blake

One of the most well-known influencers in the nursing profession, Nurse Blake shares relatable and humorous content about nurse life with his 3 million Facebook followers. He pokes fun at certain “nurse shoes” and explains what it’s like to eat dinner with a nurse. He’s an advocate for nurses and often attends rallies to fight for safe staffing levels.


For the past few years, nurses have been on the frontlines of a pandemic. While staffing shortages and burnout are a very real thing, a group of nurses is keeping it positive. How? By dancing. Their TikTok, called NoScrubs, is full of dance videos. These influencers are willing to Get Jiggy With It to inspire their 700K followers to stay upbeat.


Starting this year off with good vibes y’all #jiggywithit

♬ Gettin' Jiggy Wit It - Will Smith

Kelsey Rowell 

Founder of Whole Life Nurse, Kelsey is a RN and career coach who is passionate about helping nurses find a job that suits them. She is the creator of several courses, including one that helps nurses make their first $1K outside of their traditional nursing career. She is a fierce advocate for mental health and work-life balance and shares tips with her 144K Instagram followers.

Crystal, the Intravenous Queen

Considered “The queen of all things IV,” Crystal teaches her 145K followers about IV techniques. As a nurse, IV insertion can be a difficult skill to perfect, but Crystal helps nurses feel more confident about the process. She hosts Q&A sessions on Instagram and teaches workshops on the topic.

Katie Duke 

Katie Duke has taken the nursing world by storm over the past couple years. Currently working as a nurse practitioner, she posts about her experience as a travel nurse, advocates for safe staffing, and shares her thoughts on workshops she attends. Katie encourages her followers to find their passion, even if they’ve made a few “bad decisions.”

Sarah Warren

Sarah Warren is an advocate for the mental health of nursing professionals and founder of Don’t Clock Out, an organization that provides a crisis support line and online mental health resources for nurses and CNAs. She also talks about pain meds, reminds nurses to renew licenses, and jokes about the sleepless life of a nurse.

Tori Meskin

A NICU nurse, blogger and podcaster, Tori shares tips on becoming a NICU nurse and raises awareness for premature birth. On her blog, Tips from Tori, she provides valuable information about nursing school, being a new nurse, and specializing as a NICU nurse. 

Clara Jones

Founder of the Asian Care Unit (ACU), Clara Jones is a gynecology nurse practitioner who previously worked as a labor and delivery nurse for four years in one of the busiest units in the country. She offers tips for nursing students, suggests comfortable footwear, and encourages people to enjoy their time off. For Clara, time off means a tee time.

Alexis Nicole

Alexis is a Level IV NICU nurse and founder of the Nurse Nook YouTube channel. She aims to educate and entertain on her channel with posts about common nursing mistakes, good after-work routines, and even chats about nursing school.

Nurse Sarah 

Nurse Sarah has over 1.8 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, Registered Nurse RN. She provides nursing school hacks and quizzes to help students pass the NCLEX. In addition to helping students, her channel is full of how-to videos that cover everything from how to measure the length of a baby to insulin drip calculations.

Sarah Gaines

Sarah Gaines, also known as the Six Figure Travel Nurse, is an experienced RN who talks about life as a nurse on the road. On Instagram, she shares the perks of being a travel nurse, what certifications are needed, pay breakdowns, and how to get holidays off.

Kayce – thebougienurse

Kayce  is a RN, travel nurse, and advocate for safe staffing conditions for all healthcare workers. She uses Instagram to talk about becoming a traveling nurse, a transition she recently made with her young toddler in tow. She talks about how to leave a traditional nursing job and what it was like taking her first traveling nursing gig across the country.

Laura Gluck 

Being a RN often leads to a busy life, but Laura Gluck shows other nurses they can have hobbies and interests outside of their nursing career. Passionate about fitness and her two dogs, Laura posts lifestyle content as well as content about taking care of your health as a nurse.


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