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The mobile game industry offers brands unique opportunities to reach a young audience. One of the best ways to reach this target audience is to connect with a mobile game influencer and coordinate a sponsored post that promotes your product.

Here’s a cheat sheet of 15 mobile game influencers to watch

Thomas Stewart

Thomas is a game developer who focuses heavily on creating mobile games. Developing games is his passion and livelihood, and he does his best to take his 1.98K subscribers into that world. Thomas shares his secrets and perspective on developing games, and a lot of information about the profession can be gleaned from his channel.

Pocket Gamer (@PocketGamer)

No matter what mobile game you play, Pocket Gamer offers reviews and news updates on handheld gaming. Sports, action/adventure, puzzle, or RPG games frequently feature in this page’s reviews.

Sean McLoughlin (jacksepticeye)

Sean, an Irish gamer, talks about new and exciting mobile games on his YouTube channel. His channel is one of the most subscribed channels in Ireland, and he’s got quite a following in the U.S., too, with 29.2M subscribers.

Mark Fischbach (Markiplier)

Markiplier has turned mobile gaming into a career. He shares his gaming skills and penchant for scarier mobile games with his 36.4M subscribers on YouTube. He’s even branched into filmmaking, with releases “The Heist” and “In Space,” the latter of which was nominated for an Emmy.

Ian Hecox (Smosh Games)

Smosh was all the rage during the early days of YouTube, and Ian was one-half of the comedy duo. These days, he is combining gaming and humor with his channel, Smosh Games. The channel invites guests to play mobile games, board games, and other fun activities.

Evan Fong (VanossGaming)

Evan is a gamer, DJ, and music producer. His YouTube following of 25.8M subscribers follow his channel for fast-paced videos narrating gameplay. He’s recently playing mobile games such as Roblox Uno. He’s also served as a creative director for Dead Realm.

Game Refinery (@GameRefinery)

Game Refinery’s motto is “We know mobile games.” This page is an authority on the latest and greatest in mobile gaming. Reviews, gameplay videos and other content surrounding mobile games keep followers up to date on the happenings in the gaming world.

Marti Escageda (El Gamer Cosplayer)

Marti leverages video game nostalgia and cosplay sketches to create truly unique content. His videos feature live-action cosplay sketches of popular video games, most of which are blasts from the past, such as Street Fight. Marti has more than 66K subscribers.

VR Link

This creator surveys the virtual reality space with updates from events that are introducing the future of gaming. Virtual reality gaming brings a whole new sense of immersion for gamers, and VR Link shows how that can be achieved through new technology.

Tiffany Garcia (@iHasCupquake)

Tiffany’s videos feature various games, and her personality shines through as she engages with nearly 7M followers. She posts about Minecraft and her dog often, and her YouTube bio says she is attracted to the “cute and dark sides” of gaming.


Lachlan is one of the most renowned gamers on YouTube, with 14.8M subscribers. His Fortnite content made him famous, and he continues creating videos that are funny, engaging, and informative about the games he plays.

Matthew Patrick

Matthew started a gaming content movement when he took to YouTube as GTLive. He’s since started another channel called Game Theorist, where he creates a sort of fan fiction about everyone’s favorite games.

ECHO Gaming

With 321K subscribers, ECHO Gaming is a new page on the scene, but he’s got the gaming world mapped out, with review videos of many categories of games. He’s sure to turn followers on to the best newly released games and give an educated opinion on what’s hot.

Ernesto Torres

Ernesto, a self-described tech geek, has built a following of 10K on Instagram thanks to his knowledge of games on several platforms, including mobile games. Ernesto updates followers on the games he enjoys and provides his opinion on gear and other tech gadgets.

Tyler Adams

Tyler often shows off his gaming setup, which is enviable, on his Instagram page. He’s achieved a following of more than 10K. Tyler’s forte is PC games, but he also offers his expertise on mobile games, especially as the Nintendo Switch has revolutionized mobile gaming.

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