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The mobile game industry offers brands unique opportunities to get in front of a young audience. One of the best ways to reach this target audience is to connect with a gaming influencer and coordinate a sponsored post that promotes your product.

Here’s a cheat sheet of 15 gamers to watch 

Mark Fischbach (Markiplier)

Markiplier has turned mobile gaming into a career. He shares his gaming skills and penchant for scarier mobile games with his 29.9 million fans on YouTube. He’s branched out and is now hyping “A Heist,” a comedy heist film that he wrote and directed.  

Sean McLoughlin (jacksepticeye)

Irish gamer Sean McLoughlin talks you through new and exciting mobile games on his YouTube channel. His channel is one of the most subscribed channels in Ireland and he’s got quite a following in the U.S., too, with 27.3 million total subscribers. 

Pocket Gamer (@PocketGamer)

No matter what mobile game you play, @PocketGamer gives you reviews and opinions on newly released games and tips on staples like Final Fantasy and Apple Arcade. If the game exists on your phone, their Twitter page has info on it. 

GEEK Digital Board Game (@iosboardgames)

Check out Geek Digital Board Game on Twitter. They have all sorts of tips and commentary on, you guessed it, board games. Games like Hex Roller and Roll for the Galaxy are mentioned on their account frequently. 

Tom Cassell (Syndicate)

For a gamer that’s into action games, Tom Cassell is your guy. He’s known for playing first-person shooter games, like “Call of Duty.” His following tips the scale at 9.7 million subscribers.

Ian Hecox (Smosh Games)

For a dose of comedy and gaming, check out Smosh Games. Run by CEO Ian Hecox, this channel has a series of hosts who review and play games with humorous commentary that fans love. 

Evan Fong (VanossGaming)

Evan Fong is a gamer, DJ, and music producer. His fans follow his VanossGaming channel on YouTube for his fast-paced videos that show narrated clips of games. He served as a creative director for “Dead Realm,” too.

Joe Albanese (@joeealbanese)

Joe Albanese, a Shake influencer and gamer, posts videos of gaming with his sister. That’s right; he posts quite a few videos with his sibling. The two play games, lip-sync, and even do dance challenges on his social channels.  

Game Refinery (@GameRefinery)

Game Refinery is worthy of a follow for gaming news and gamer interviews. You won’t find narrated videos or reviews on this channel, but it will keep you up-to-date on the happenings in the gaming world.

Marti Escageda (El Gamer Cosplay)

For a gamer who offers video game views, anime videos, and cosplay sketches, El Gamer Cosplay is a must-follow channel. Marketers can connect with him on Shake to promote their brands in his videos. 

Tiffany Garcia (@iHasCupquake)

Tiffany Garcia is a “variety gamer attracted to the cute and dark side of things.” She posts daily to her YouTube account, but you’ll find more than just mobile game reviews on her channel. She adds some personal videos and even some baking clips. 

Bradley Colburn (theRadBrad)

For basic video game walkthroughs, head over to Bradley Colburn’s YouTube channel. He’s been a gamer for years and has landed interviews with some big-name publications like Rolling Stone. He’s not as active as he once was, but fans still flock to his channel. 

Adam Montoya (@SeaNanners)

On his YouTube channel, Adam Montoya shows off his skill in games like Garry’s Mod, Minecraft, Call of Duty, and Grand Theft Auto. He’s been less active lately, but his channel is great for new gamers and marketers to check out as they learn the gaming ropes. His Twitter page is the most active. 

Lachlan Power (@Lachlan)

Australian gamer Lachlan’s go-to game is Fortnite. He’s a young gamer who’s created his own line of streetwear for his fans. Most of his followers head to his YouTube account for gaming tips, but he’s active on Instagram too. 

Matt Patrick (GTLive)

Matt Patrick could be considered an OG. He started his gaming YouTube channel back in 2016, so he has quite a bit of experience in this field. His schtick is a gaming talk show, which draws a lot of fans. Plus, you’ll find the gaming reviews alongside some personal “Try Not to Laugh” scenarios. 

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