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Born between the early 80s and late 90s, millennials are tech-savvy, independent adults who enjoy sharing their lives on social media. Since their teen years, sharing on social has been the norm, so it’s not surprising to see this cohort share lifestyle content. Whether you’re a millennial looking for relatable posts or a brand hoping to connect with this target audience, this list has something for everyone. Here are some of the top millennial lifestyle influencers on social media.

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Check out these 17 millennial lifestyle influencers:

Shoma is a digital content creator based in Long Island, New York. As a midtier influencer on Instagram, where her followers know her best as themommyspice, Shoma takes her family on a local food festival adventure and shares the top after-school treats that she keeps stocked for her kids.

Arushi Garg

Arushi is a Houston-based boy mom who’s into sharing lifestyle, travel, and DIY tips with like-minded mamas. She’s also a midtier Instagram influencer, where she’s known as thesnazzymom. For her followers, Arushi shares her traditions for creating a warm, welcoming Diwali celebration and stays active during a pickleball match with her son.

Barbie Delle

Barbie has a flair for curly hair care and romantic body fashion. On TikTok, the mega influencer shows her followers three ways to style a leggings jumpsuit and a curly hairstyle tutorial inspired by the 1980s.


Its Duggar chic. Used @MICHE Beauty Refresh spray. #1980shair #curlyhairstyle #curls

♬ Jam & Butterfly - DPR LIVE


August was born and raised in New York City. Better known on TikTok as, August flexes her cooking skills by challenging herself to cook everything in her freezer and spicing up her home-cooked meals with a jerk marinade tutorial for her followers.

Ingredients: * 2-5 scotch bonnet peppers or habanero seeds removed & chopped (see notes)  * 1 medium onion chopped  * 5 scallions chopped  * 4 cloves of garlic  * 1tsp ginger  * 3-5 sprigs of thyme  * salt  * pepper  * 4tbsp brown sugar  * 1tsp cinnamon  * 1/2tsp nutmeg  * 1tsp allspice  * 1/4cup soy sauce * 1tsp browning  * 1/3 cup white or apple cider vinegar  * juice from 1 small orange * 1tsp vegetable oil  How to: 1. Put all ingredients in a blender or food processor. Blend until it's a thick paste consistency. Store in an air tight container.  2. Use on chicken, fish, pork or anything really!  Notes: mild = use 2-3 peppers spicy = use 4-5 peppers Lemon or lime can be substituted for the orange Can be stored for up to 3 months in the fridge and 1 year in the freezer.  To make jerk bbq sauce, use 1/4 cup jerk marinade, 1/4 cup brown sugar, 1 cup ketchup, heat in saucepan, stir and cook for 15 minutes.

♬ Sittin' On Top Of The World - Burna Boy

Erin Miller

Erin is a comedic millennial who considers herself a 90s-00s historian. On TikTok, where she’s best known as overthemoonfaraway, Erin reenacts the drama of texting your crush in 2006 and pokes fun at the tanning bed obsession of the early 2000s for her 2.3 million followers.


Houston, Texas-based Natalie is a “digital life sharer” who discusses family, marriage, and being a “money mama.” She’s also a micro Instagram influencer, where she’s known as millennialmommyboss. For her followers, Natalie shares 5 financial goals for the millennial family and her recipe for the perfect tailgating snack.

Krista Lavrusik

Krista is a digital creator and a millennial mom fashionista with Gen Z style. For her 135K Instagram followers, Krista shows how to style black jeans for fall and a lineup of must-have button-downs. 


Sarah is a wife, mom, and comedy-loving millennial in the United Kingdom. She’s also a midtier influencer on TikTok, where she jokes about socializing while dropping her kids off at school and surviving the stay-at-home mom life on school holidays.


Justin considers himself to be the unofficial nostalgia king. Known to his 2.6 million Instagram followers as 90skid4lyfe, Justin considers how 90s bullies would fare today and how the most memorable songs of the decade hit differently as an adult.

Melissa Kristin

Melissa calls herself a 90s and early 2000s time traveler who’s “here to unlock millennial memories.” As a web celebrity YouTube influencer, Melissa treats her subscribers to a look at how kids teased people with freckles in the 2000s and what it’s like being an antisocial millennial on Halloween.

Madeline Mann

Madeline is a millennial businesswoman who enjoys setting others up for career success with her advice. Known on YouTube as SelfMadeMillennial, Madeline’s 336K subscribers tune in for helpful job-related tips like how to answer a potential employer’s “walk me through your resume” request and the best answer to interview questions about your weaknesses.

Keri Lumm

Keri is a funny lady who fully embraces her role as an embarrassing mom. As a midtier TikTok influencer, Keri takes her followers along as she travels to Scotland and shares a funny Christmas gift memory from the past.


Tim is a comedian who encourages his fellow millennials to “get messy” right along with him. He’s also a macro TikTok influencer, known to his followers as 100percentthattim, who pokes fun at the intensity of Gen Z relatives and millennials singing on social media for attention in the early 2000s.

Lou Pharis

Lou is a Denver-based comedian and teacher. The midtier TikTok influencer keeps his followers in stitches with his views on millennials’ devotion to their dogs and feeling old with his early 2000s music taste.

Lauren Speed-Hamilton

Lauren enjoys spreading love and positive vibes sprinkled with dance moves. She’s also a mega influencer on TikTok, where her followers flock to see her channel her inner fashionista and get ready with her for a women’s luncheon.


You can never go wrong with a powerful pant suit, a pop of red, and a @Brandon Blackwood NYC to wrap it up! 👠💄🌟 GRWM as I glam up to be empowered and inspired by amazing ladies at the @Meals On Wheels Atlanta Women’s Power Luncheon 💪🏾💁🏾‍♀️ #LaurenSpeedHamilton #MOWA #MOWALuncheon #WomenInBusiness #WomenLuncheon #BrandonBlackwoodNYC #GRWM #BossBabe #EntrepreneuHER

♬ Just A Girl - No Doubt

Stef Schuetz

Stef just wants to be your millennial ginger BFF. On TikTok, where her 350.7K followers know her better as notaregularmomimakewlmom, Stef shares how her love of 2000s hip hop has changed now that she’s a mom and resisting the urge to dance to her favorite millennial jam in public.


My teenager needs to understand that it’s impossible not to dance to @daddyyankee. The kids dont even dance at homecoming anymore and its and absolute disgrace to their elders. IB: @Kate Steinberg and @Carlos Emmanuel #millennial #millennialsoftiktok #millennialmom #daddyyankee

♬ original sound - Dimi

Isabel Clancy

Isabel is all about making fun of her early 2000s millennial past and giving a nod to nostalgia with cringe-worthy comedy skits. As a web celebrity influencer on TikTok, Isabel gives a peek into her teen shopping mall haul and thick, cakey makeup looks from the past compared to the present.   


Then and now with @Maybelline New York. Some things never change #MaybellinePartner

♬ Do It Better - Beachcrimes & Tia Tia


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