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IZEAns are sharing what their passions are through their diverse collections. Here’s a look at what some of our interests are and how we started these hobbies.

Kaila Kowalski, Manager, Workplace Culture and Communications, is a Disney enthusiast who collects pins — multiple books of them!

“I started collecting pins as a kid when my mom would take me to Disney. The collection grew because they were relatively inexpensive souvenirs and now that I’ve been an annual pass holder for seven years, I look for the pins that represent a special trip, ride, or event,” Kaila said. “I am working on a way to display them all in my house so I can always capture those memories. My favorite new pin is a Jungle Cruise pin they just released because that is my all-time favorite ride!”

Disney pin collection Kaila Kowalski

Another IZEAn, Josh Alban, our Digital Sales and Strategy Intern, collects unique buttons and non-Disney pins. Their favorites are the “grow a pair,” “weigh to go!”, and heart-shaped pins. 

“It began with my love for eclectic pieces — things that stick out to me. I love collecting pins that make me feel like they are little pieces of me,” Josh said.

Josh Alban button and pin collection

Damarius Ragoo, one of our software engineers, collects koozies, coasters, and cups from breweries he’s visited. His collection started pre-pandemic and pre-babies, when he and his wife visited breweries along the Central Florida Ale Trail. 

“Ever since then we have collected things from different breweries ranging from Canada to New Jersey, New York and Florida. If they sell beer and we have been there, then you can almost bet we have bought a souvenir for our collection.”

Damarius beer glass collection

Sean Reynolds, Senior DevOps Engineer, Ops, collects underwater photographs — and memories — gathered on his vacations. 

“With COVID-19, we didn’t have a birthday party for our daughter’s 11th birthday. To make up for it, and since she loves marine life, decided to get her scuba-certified. You need a scuba buddy, so I also got certified. We started collecting pictures of our dives.”

Sean Reynolds underwater photo

Minh Nguyen, Software Engineer, collects greenery. He has plants — many, many plants. One of his favorites is this Calathea orbifolia. He recently won the Green Thumb Award in our paper plate superlatives.

IZEA Green Thumb Award

Minh Plant Collection

Hussain Khalil, Systems Integration Specialist, is a Funko Pop collector.

“I got my first one as a birthday gift back in 2012 and liked it so much that I can’t stop buying them now.”

Hussain Funko Pops

Melissia Bruehl, Senior Director, Talent Acquisition, has an impressive book collection, with options for both adults and kids.

“I’ve loved books since I was a baby and have kept the special ones along the way. My kids are book lovers, too, so I keep the special books they loved as they outgrow them and collect others for them to grow into,” Melissa said. 

“I love visiting a good used book store, and I even searched for one on my honeymoon in Hawaii and bought a few books to bring home,” she added.

Melissia Book Collection

Mia Gonzalez-Oliva, Associate Campaign Coordinator, collects vinyl records.

“I got really into music at a young age because my dad actually owned a record store in the ‘80s and has an amazing collection,” Mia said. “Because I grew up listening to music on vinyl, it made sense for me to start a collection of my own. Over the course of seven years, I’ve amassed a collection of over 500 vinyl records! I even worked at a record store before working at IZEA, so that definitely helped me grow my collection.”

These are just some of her vinyl records.

Vinyl record collection

Campaign Manager Maggie Mayer proudly displays souvenir magnets from around the world on her refrigerator. 

“I’ve always liked souvenir magnets and one day I asked someone to bring me back a magnet — and it has snowballed to more than 90 magnets!” Maggie said.

Rachel Casselman, Customer Success Manager, SaaS, has a collection of board games, mini LEGO figurines and puzzles. She loves games because they bring out her competitive spirit.

“I was very competitive as a kid, and I always won. I got over it, though, because as it turns out, when people always lose, they don’t want to play. LOL.” Rachel wrote.

Rachel started collecting games as a teenager and has a game night every week.

Figurine collection
Board Game Collection
Board Game Collection Rachel IZEA

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