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Get ready to sharpen your pencils, color coordinate your binders and lace up your new sneaks, IZEAn’s- school is back in session! 

This year IZEA is kicking off the Back to School season by partnering with A Gift For Teaching (AGFT), Central Florida’s primary free school supplies provider! Beginning August 1st, you can help make an impact on local teachers, students and families by donating funds that go directly toward purchasing brand new school supplies. Available supplies range from books, writing implements and clothing to scissors, rulers, crayons and so much more. 

With over 70% of Central Florida students living in homes struggling to provide funds for school lunches, many families can’t afford the additional costs of school supplies children need each academic year. This is why your donation is critical in championing our local children with the right supplies they need to learn, grow, and succeed this school year!

The Mission Behind A Gift for Teaching

Beginning in 1988, A Gift for Teaching was created as a way for local businesses to recycle unused or unwanted items that would later be utilized for teachers to choose from to stock their classrooms before the upcoming school year. Since then, the non-profit has grown from its humble beginnings into a tri-county-wide distribution, serving local schools with the greatest of needs. Each day of operation, the organization has reported distributing over $65,000 worth of free supplies to the community.

With the help of volunteers and thousands of companies, AGFT has distributed over $90 million dollars worth of supplies from their teacher free stores to in-need schools, children and families. In addition, the AGFT website states, there are more that 200,000 Central Florida students living at or below the poverty level, with 17,000 living in homelessness. With your donation, we can help contribute to the mission of AGFT by helping “to improve public education by providing resources and surplus materials free to teachers for their students in need.(A Gift For Teaching)


Here’s how you can help! Simply visit our team page to fill out a quick and easy donation form. Suggested donations of $5, $10 or $25 are encouraged, however any and all donations are appreciated aiming to provide the necessary amount of supplies to Osceola and Orange County teachers and students.