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Is There Such a Thing as “One Size Fits All” Content Campaigns?

By April 19, 2015January 20th, 2021Resources

Depending on who you ask, the idea of a proper content marketing campaign ranges from a finely-tuned approach that fits virtually any business to a unique set of decisions based entirely on the organization in question. Naturally, that’s a pretty big spectrum of options to consider as you delve into what’s right for your brand. To figure out if the “one size fits all” approach has any legs to stand on, or if you need a more custom take on the process of reaching out to customers vial stellar content, let’s tackle this discussion head on and uncover the truth once and for all.

Breaking down the Cookie Cutter Methodology

While the attractive nature of taking an established plan and laying it over your content goals and ambitions definitely sounds appealing initially, Daniel Newman of Forbes magazine points out that there just isn’t much going for this method. The truth of the matter is that there is no such thing as a perfect content “formula.” If you want to really connect with your digital viewership, you’ll need to build a plan that takes into account a variety of factors.

If you’re wondering exactly why this take on the content process doesn’t work, Newman lays out several shortcomings for this approach. First off, expecting a strategy to fit every unique brand and the highly specialized audience segments that relate to these companies just isn’t logical. From here, even if the “one size fits all” approach does generate some initial success, expecting to turn this static and formulaic take on content marketing into a viable, lasting system is unrealistic considering the ever-changing nature of the needs, desires, and interests of digital consumers.

Creating a Custom, Actionable Plan

To really generate a positive response, the Content Marketing Institute’s Heidi Cohen suggests breaking the mold with some custom actionable methods. Instead of wasting time following some preordained path that may or may not help your brand relate to its target audience, spend some time building a custom plan that utilizes everything you know about these shoppers.

As you build this consumer profile, you can then connect with your team of content experts to generate quality selections that address the unique needs and desires of this group. If you’re really willing to go above and beyond, commissioning content that incorporates and involve notable names and industry influencers is a great way to differentiate your brand with one of a kind offerings that your readers or viewers won’t be able to find anywhere else on the web.

Additionally, don’t be afraid to stay flexible and evolve as your audience grows and changes. One of the biggest knocks on the static “best practice” approach is that it never addresses the reality that the people on the other side of the screen can and will take on new interests and face new problems. Obviously, adapting on the fly requires a serious amount of insight and willingness to pay attention to the details – or a willingness to work with someone who can handle this responsibility. However, sticking to a plan that’s rigid and unable to shift as needed is a great way to earn a spot in the middle of the pack within your industry.

Facing this content marketing realization regarding strategy and tactics isn’t always the easiest thing to handle. In fact, it’s downright scary if you’ve already bought into the static way of doing things. Thankfully, as soon as you let this discomfort go and start focusing on what’s best for your brand in the long term, you’ll be ready and able to install a custom plan designed exclusively for giving your audience exactly what they want.