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Commentators on YouTube are as diverse as the subjects they discuss. From politics and pop culture to scientific breakthroughs and racial injustice, almost every topic is fair game; it’s only a question of delivery.

These 10 investigative or commentary YouTube channels provide a glimpse into important topics — some with in-depth research and deep dives into the legal, historical, and financial histories of their subject matter, and others with little more than comical jabs and entertaining exposition. 

10 investigative or commentary YouTube influencers informing and entertaining

D’Angelo Wallace

Blending a mix of sarcasm, knowledge and research, D’Angelo offers up some of the most entertaining commentary on topics ranging from racism and Elon Musk appearing on “Saturday Night Live” to Dolly Parton and scams birthed from the pandemic. His 1.48 million subscribers tune in for his unique take on the world from the perspective of a 23-year-old who sees the world through a sensible lens of egalitarianism, humor and humility. Be sure to watch one of his most popular videos, which highlights a trailer for a movie about a “Karen.”  

Madison Harnish

Madison’s Cruel World Happy Mind YouTube channel is a mix of commentary and deep dives into some of the sleaziest scams, coverups and conspiracy theories. She works to expose things like Kirby vacuums, greedy televangelists and pyramid schemes. In what some may consider meta-commentary, Madison dishes on other YouTube influencers’ bad behavior, including bullying, lying, fraud, and exploitation.

Kurtis Conner

With 3.61 million YouTube subscribers, Kurtis is arguably one of the most popular comedic commentators on social media. His hysterical videos include reviews of bad movies, shameful reality TV shows, and Buzzfeed quizzes. His followers can get caught up on social and pop culture trends with funny observations, such as the “I’m Not Like Most Girls” phenomenon.

Tiffany Ferguson

Tiffany isn’t afraid to criticize the advertising industry and media, which includes other YouTube influencers — the very platform she makes money from. She loves to do research and find information to back up her findings, as well as expose fake content and call out controversial choices, especially when it involves privacy and online safety for kids in family vlogs. Her progressive views on social issues give genuine insights into important topics like the housing crisis, the politics of class, and body shaming.

Brian Tyler Cohen

Brian produces political content with interviews, deep dives, and facts that break up clouds of misinformation that affects everything from COVID-19 vaccines and religious beliefs to low teacher pay and the Texas abortion ban. His honest commentary and fact-checking helps his 1.28 million YouTube subscribers cut through the lies on important topics that might otherwise be confusing. He shares breaking news on issues of national importance, too.

Georgie Taylor aka MuneCat

Known to her 126K YouTube subscribers as “MuneCat,” Georgie produces video content on popular culture and timely trends. She covers cultural icons, such as Tony Robbins and Meghan Markle, as well as commentary and deep dives on cults, multilevel marketing scams, and TikTok pickup artists. Her entertaining and insightful commentary on religion and capitalism, climate change, and “motivational” content present a balance of thought-provoking  and laugh-out-loud narration.

Johnny Harris

When you hear that Johnny makes videos about “maps and other things,” don’t be fooled into thinking his 2.12 million YouTube subscribers are all cartographers. Although geography does play a role in many of his videos, such as “How the U.S. stole Hawaii” and “How Belgian Imperialism gave us the Covid vaccine,” there’s so much more. His commentary and knowledgeable experience help him explain otherwise confusing topics, including U.S. military bases around the world and “How to map a virus.”

Hannah Rose 

Hannah’s SmokeyGlow YouTube channel has amassed 412K subscribers thanks to her commentary on celebrity and pop culture news. You can’t argue that her videos on the evolution of fellow YouTubers — including Jeffree Star, Mr. Beast and Tati Westbrook, among others — are bravely honest, whether you agree with her opinions or not. Don’t miss her review on the Hype House


Billing herself as “an advocate for the #SmartBrownGirl,” Jouelzy offers witty commentary on culture that impacts women of color. Her 227K YouTube subscribers see content on colorism, Black feminist books and the industry of shaming Black women. Her insights into politics include defunding the police, progressive candidates and reparations and are supported by interviews with experts in their field.

Jordan Theresa

With social and political commentary on everything from gaslighting and feminism to Islamophobia and sex work, it’s easy to see why Jordan has 332K YouTube subscribers. Some of her most popular videos touch on topics like fake Instagram models and the world’s obsession with “glowing up,” and she covers the topics with honesty and a hope to help other girls and women who compare themselves in unhealthy ways to others.


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