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From comedians to rap stars, there’s no shortage of entertainment influencers on social media. Whether you’re looking for a few laughs, new tunes, the latest dance moves, or like to watch dangerous stunts, this list of entertainment influencers will cover all your bases.

15 Top Entertainment Influencers

Diana Zeineddine

When it comes to entertainment, Diana enjoys a little bit of everything, and she shares highlights with her 107K followers on Instagram. Whether filming a commercial in Los Angeles, enjoying the best of Dubai’s glamorous life, or jumping out of a plane in Las Vegas, the actress, dancer and content creator knows how to have fun. Check out her appearance at the Arab Film Festival or a shot of her getting glammed up before her role in a short film.

Bash the Entertainer

Mega-influencer Bash has 11.4M followers on TikTok. Describing himself as the CEO of happiness and smiles, his account is filled with funny and uplifting content that reflects his claim. Bash posts parody videos on trending topics, comedy Duets and clips from reality TV shows. Follow him to find out how he keeps his fans entertained.


Why is Twitter like this 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 oh my days never laughed so hard #lol #comedy #bashtheentertainer

♬ original sound - BashTheEntertainer


Los Angeles-based Vento is a content creator who makes comedic videos of mukbangs, pop culture moments and reality TV. Vento shares compilations of the worst moments of the Grammy’s and the cast of “Stranger Things” being chaotic. Vento’s editing prowess makes it easy to watch collections of funny clips in one sitting, like this one of TikTokers being cringy for five minutes straight.

Sheng Wang

Sheng’s most recent Netflix stand-up special, “Sweet and Juicy,” further propelled the comic into the limelight. The writer, who worked on scripts for the ABC show “Fresh Off the Boat,” shares content on Instagram for his 53.5K followers that reflects his sharp wit and dry but hysterical humor. He has hosted other entertainers at comedy nights and travels the country to keep people laughing.


Best known as Steve-O from MTV’s “Jackass” series, Stephen Glover loves to entertain people with his silly stunts, pranks and comedy tour. His YouTube channel has 410K subscribers, who tune in to catch segments about the meanest and nicest celebrities and interviews with actors like Frankie Muniz and rappers such as Flavor Flav. If you love casual conversations between famous people, check out his channel.

Nicholas Flannery

Not familiar with funny man Nicholas? Join the mega-influencer’s 2.7M followers on TikTok to find out how he keeps them in stitches. His sketches include parodies of movies and satirical celebrity impersonator commercials, the latter of which he still manages to turn into an ad with a promo code for his viewers. There’s funny content about video games and a “Harry Potter” clip with some adult humor.

Mfaz Mohamed Ali

Hooodjabi’s slice-of-life clips provide entertaining and outright funny content for her 3.4M followers. She’s even been featured on TV for her mega following and viral videos. Whether she’s collaborating with another TikToker or making POV clips on her own, she continues to produce videos that garner tens, hundreds or even millions of views. Be sure to catch her “Squid Game” parody to get a feel for her popular content.


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♬ original sound - mfaz✨

Soma Chhaya

Soma is an actress in “Degrassi” and now offers to coach other actors when she’s not performing. She shares secrets about being an actress with her 30.5K TikTok followers and offers tips on networking, being an extra in movies, and acting vs. overacting. If you’re interested in becoming an actor, don’t miss her video on myths in the acting industry.

Bekah Day

Bekah has amassed 525.9K followers on TikTok thanks to her creative content on forgotten celebrity scandals, clips of Hollywood’s most insane moments, and problematic reality TV stars. Her videos also touch on rappers and other famous musicians, as well as moments in which famous people abused their status. Be sure to catch her commentary on deleted celebrity tweets. 


Replying to @ariesbratz this situaion was soooo uncomfortable to watch 🫠 #OverwatchMe #andGO #trending #viral #justinbieber #celebrity #celeb #shocking #viral #fyp

♬ original sound - bekah day

David the Baker

Describing himself as “kind of a rapper” is David’s way of staying humble. You can judge for yourself in his freestyle Duets on TikTok, which his 1.5M followers seem to love. He also highlights other singers that he finds online, sometimes singing backup. He also shares his commentary on major moments in entertainment, like this video about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock.

Sugene Shin

Sugene’s TikTok platform is dedicated to “tea combined with theories,” and the combination seems to work for her 1.1M followers. She’s dished on everything from Tom Brady’s divorce, the Try Guys’ cheating scandal, and the Bella Hadid spray-on dress. Check out her content if you’re searching for commentary on the latest Hollywood dramas.

Joe Aragon

In addition to hosting a podcast about all things film, Cinema Joe entertains his 552.7K TikTok followers with lots of interesting and in-depth commentary about movies. You can find a variety of lists — such as parody films, the 10 scariest movies, and the highest-grossing movie franchises of all time. He also shares spoiler-free reviews, movies with 0% on Rotten Tomatoes, and films with a high critic score but low audience score. Check out his clip of movies that got booed at film festivals.

Nicole Quinn

Nicole covers celebrity news and gossip, general movies and TV shows, and all things Marvel, Star Wars, and Disney. She also mixes in some Hollywood fashion and music-related content.

Nick Kroll

As a voice actor, writer, stand-up comic and actor, Nick knows his way around the entertainment industry. His new Netflix stand-up special showcases his depth of writing and delivering funny content and his TikTok account reflects only a portion of his fan base, with 1.8M followers. Don’t miss his early years on stage, when the 24-year-old performed in 2002. His sketches are insanely funny and allow him to produce his pieces without censorship.


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