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About Flight Test

Originally started in a garage, Flite Test has gone from a small group of individuals interested in flight to a full Youtube channel with over a million subscribers tuning in for every video. With a goal of educating, entertaining

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How did you start?

Flite Test started in a garage wanting to make fun and inspiring content around Remote Control and it turned into a whole youtube show and online retail store around getting people into the RC Flight hobby and making crazy , DIY, family-friendly, fun content for people to enjoy! 

Where do you find inspiration?

We find inspiration from ALL OVER! From our YouTube community, other YouTube creators, and all of our upbringings and different walks of life!

What do you post about?

We post about crazy DIY RC Flight projects that are inspiring, entertaining and educational!  We try to get people into the hobby easily and with early success by using all the materials you could find at a dollar store!

What does your audience relate most to?

RC Flight/DIY CRAZY projects.

What has been your favorite experience as an Influencer:

One of our favorite experiences up to this point was when we worked with World of Warships to make a 17 foot DIY foamboard Remote Controlled Battleship that had an epic battle with RC World War Airplanes (also made out of foam) by dropped 3D printed bombs on the RC Battleship! EPIC!

What 3 things does anyone starting as an Influencer need to know?

1)Have a Goal/Vision and stick to it! Without one, you’re always going to vier of course.
2)HARD WORK and EFFORT is essential to getting any project, business or influencer platform off the ground.  Be willing to put in the time!
3)BE PASSIONATE about what you are trying to accomplish and do something you LOVE to do… if you do not, it will just become another job, no matter how much money or fame or stuff might be involved!

What is the best thing about being an influencer?

Getting to wake up everyday and inspire people through entertaining and educational content that enriches people’s lives for the better! Also, making sweet, crazy videos isn’t bad either! 😉

What’s the largest challenge you face as an influencer? How do you overcome it?

One of the largest challenges any influencer faces is making content that makes your community happy or grows your community! Sometimes, in our case, it could take 5 years to find the right “formula” for content that engages your best audience!  You just have to take the good with the bad, adjust and learn, and then take action to correct or get as close as possible to your desired content style!

Tell us about your proudest moment as an influencer?

Hitting 1 million subscribers on YouTube was an amazing accomplishment.  Huge thanks to our community for making that happen!!

If you could start all over again, what would you do differently?

Look at the big picture more. Learn from failures more and adjust accordingly.  

What factors do you take into account for what you charge with a post?

We take into account industry, budget, workload involved in a particular project, opportunity cost of that project, and reach of the video/channel.

What is the best practice for Brands looking to work with Influencers?

Be flexible and open! A lot of influencers know their community best. What they say and how they say things can make a huge difference in their community’s interaction with the brand. Having them say it “in their own words/being creative”  versus just saying words on a page is going to generate high returns for all parties involved.

How do you choose which campaigns you will and will not participate in?

Mainly we look at the brand and who they are and what they stand for.  Then we see if its family friendly enough for our audience. Lastly, we then see if the sponsor is a good fit either within an integration or a breakout segment!

What do you do to encourage authentic engagements on your sponsored posts?

Creative content and calls to action! Do not be afraid to ask the audience to engage, because sponsors/brands that you work with are making it able for influencers to provide awesome content to the community for free!  It is because of Youtube, brand deals and sponsors that most channels are able to do what they do! So, do not be ashamed to let your community know!

Where do you see the future of influencer marketing?

I see the future as BRIGHT! It is THE BEST WAY to get as many eyes on your product or brand, while also generating real, hard analytics on how people interact with a particular brand or product. Also, you have so much freedom and creativity to be able to express yourself and your brand  on YouTube, Instagram or the like… the possibilities for creativity are endless. 

Any open-ended story you’d like us to share:

Work hard, stay humble, pray for wisdom, share your experiences with people and be passionate about what you do…Those are the things that will give you the best chances to succeed at ANYTHING you do!