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From milkshakes to skincare products, here are some of our favorite influencer marketing case studies

Hidden Valley Ranch

Hidden Valley Ranch wanted to drive more awareness of its secret sauce and dry dips. The campaign was built around “The Big Game,” making it the ideal time to reach users who are looking for innovative, tasty but simple party food ideas.

IZEA collaborated with mid-tier and micro-influencers whose audiences were interested in recipes, lifestyle, and sports. Using Instagram and Pinterest, influencers shared custom recipes along with appealing photos of their creations. Then, through a partnership with Click2Cart, we provided a one-click shopping experience so the audience could purchase Hidden Valley Ranch directly. 


Looking to reach parents and millennials who want fast, affordable, but tasty meal options, Tyson wanted to push awareness of its products and increase purchases among its target audience. Its overriding goal was to encourage consumers to make it a part of their regular shopping list.

IZEA partnered with Tyson to develop a campaign that focuses on three retailers — Walmart, Publix, and Meijer — and used influencers to share recipes. Each retailer had a different meal or product to spotlight, and followers had the Click2Cart commerce option to let them buy directly from the social platform.


Hair and service brand Mayvenn teamed with IZEA an ambassador campaign that not only boosted brand awareness but empowered Black women to embrace beauty on their own terms.

The campaign’s success hinged on collabing with authentic creators who have a powerful connection with our target demographic: African-American women between the ages of 24 and 54. IZEA teamed up with creators who love to switch up their gorgeous hairstyles and have a knack for creating eye-catching content.

The result of the three-month influencer marketing campaign: Powerful and inspiring content showcasing Mayvenn’s excellent quality and position in hair and beauty.


Nylabone worked with us on an influencer marketing campaign to boost awareness about its Dura Chew line: durable chew toys that can help anxious dogs settle down.

The campaign’s goal was to show how Nylabone’s flavored Dura Chew toys can help in situations that cause stress and emotional distress in dogs, like their owners’ return to the office after being remote workers for the past couple of years.

The pups stole the show, bringing in an engagement rate of 49.05% with their adorable content. Our brand awareness campaign reached more than 1.46 million followers in August 2021 and garnered 422K engagements.

Cuddl Duds

IZEA collabed with Cuddl Duds, a clothing brand known for its soft, comfortable and stylish base layers, for a social media campaign that spotlighted how influencers wore the warm and fashionable pieces in their everyday lives.

Our goal in this campaign was to show women how they can style the pieces or gift them to loved ones — bringing traffic to the collection at Kohl’s during the holiday season. Team IZEA surpassed expectations in terms of organic and paid reach, engagement and high-quality content.

The target audience in this campaign was 24- to 54-year-old women. IZEA shipped each influencer a care package of clothing so they could showcased how they #LiveinLayers thanks to the features of the Cuddl Duds clothing items, like thumbholes, cowl necks and soft fabrics.

Guess Eyewear

With an international reach, Guess Eyewear wanted a campaign that would cover 20 countries in North and Latin America, Asia-Pacific, and Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The goal was to raise awareness of its eyewear collection.

IZEA partnered with international male and female fashion influencers to create original content from their unique location. Using Instagram Photos and Instagram Stories, the influencers were tasked with providing high-quality visual content that not only promoted the collection but would drive their followers to make a purchase. 

Go RVing

Go RVing wanted to change the perception of RVing among millennials and raise awareness about the RV lifestyle. Specifically, the brand was looking to increase diversity among RVers and wanted to focus on engaging people of color. 

IZEA coordinated a massive campaign, enlisting three influencers to discover the RV lifestyle; each spent the summer of 2019 chronicling life on the road and IZEA amplified their messaging by using 71 additional influencers to drive further social engagement. A video crew also followed each influencer to provide additional content to support the campaign.


IZEA partnered with TikTok influencers on behalf of f’real to showcase their favorite f’real flavors and customizations. The posts were mainly centered around comedy and dancing, and a custom song featuring f’real was used in content that included vlogs, skits and dance routines. Gen Z influencers who share authentic, engaging lifestyle content were hand-picked for the campaign. 

Creators showed how easy it is to choose their favorite flavors in stores and use the f’real machines to DIY their milkshakes. Their 10 videos captured 1.7M views and reached nearly 12M followers. IZEA and the creators over-delivered on impressions, video views, and click goals with this campaign.

@angelicapham How did I JUST find this out?!? #ad @therealfreal #freal ♬ Rip it, Sip it, Blend It - F'Real
@yvngflickk Yall gotta try this!😮‍💨🔥 #ad @therealfreal #freal ♬ Rip it, Sip it, Blend It - F'Real

Visit Tampa Bay 

Visit Tampa Bay collaborated with IZEA to share the local gem that is Tampa Bay with the rest of the country, encouraging travel and overnight stays to people who love great brews and delicious food. IZEA tapped four foodie and craft beer lifestyle influencers to create 19 pieces of content as they experienced Bay Crafted, a local craft beer-themed event hosted by Visit Tampa Bay. 

Content included Instagram carousel posts, Reels and stories. The Instagram Reels gathered a combined 17,030 views and a strong 32.47% engagement rate. The sponsorship campaign reached over 4.88 million followers through July and August and garnered 563K engagements.

Bondi Sands 

IZEA partnered with Bondi Sands, an Australian beauty brand, to convey the visible benefits of its Eye Spy Brightening Eye Cream and Sunny Daze Hydrating SPF 50 Moisturizer and share how they can be purchased at Boots U.K. stores. 

IZEA reached out to 51 skincare and beauty creators across the globe to showcase Bondi Sands’ brightening eye cream on TikTok for the first campaign. These influencers were sent the eye cream to film content highlighting their results, delivering 52 pieces of video content for a total reach of more than 1.2 million. The second campaign promoted both the eye cream and the moisturizer with 60 U.K. creators. Combined, the two campaigns generated a reach of over 6.8 million and 2.7 million engagements with 111 pieces of content on TikTok.

@mikaimikai_ AD: instantly brighten with Eye Spy! @Bondi Sands @Boots UK #bondisands #bondisandsskincare ♬ original sound - Mikai
@mygentleskin Next viral product! Eye Spy Eye Cream ❤️ by ad @Bondi Sands #bondisands #bondisandsskincare #skincaretiktok ♬ original sound - Joshua

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Strategy and execution from the company that launched the industry.

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influencer marketing software Managed Services


Strategy and execution from the company that launched the industry.

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Learn more about our
Managed Services offerings

influencer marketing software Managed Services


Strategy and execution from the company that launched the industry.

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Learn more about our Managed Services offerings


Strategy and execution from the company that launched the industry.

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Learn more about our Managed Services offerings